Friday, February 3, 2012

You Are Our Sunshine

Nicknames are a funny thing.
The general public seems to be split into those who prefer and those who don't. 

We fall strongly on the nickname side.

With Moira, I will confess Bry and I intended to call her Mo from the start. An adorable nickname we thought would fit our little lady. 

With the birth of Maeve, we weren't quite sure where the nickname would go. Singing to her as an newborn, I would whisper "Maevie Baby" into her ear. Always smiling and having a rather happy disposition, we took to calling her our Sunshine. Mo, nearly two when her new sister arrived, had some difficulty with Sunshine; from that Shiny and Shine. Before long, Shiny, Shine, & Sunshine became the norm for our Maevie baby. 

When planning her second birthday party, choosing a theme was simple:

Using yellow, pink, & orange  as inspiration, streamers and other decorations overtook the dining room and became the perfect place for our Sunshine party celebration.  In honor of our birthday girl's love of music, Miss Marcia from Kids Music Round came to play and entertain our guests after a lunch of pizza, grapes, hummus, pita, and carrots. Dessert was chocolate covered pretzels, jelly belly jelly beans, lemon bars, and a sunshine cupcake cake. Before they left, goodie bags were dispersed as everyone received their own microphone, sunglasses, lollipop, and sunshine necklace.

Oh Happy Day link

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Ashley Pierce Photography

Overall it was the perfect Sunshiny Celebration for our Shiny Baby Maevie as she turned two!


  1. Wow! You did a great job with the decorations! Awesome photos too :)

  2. Perfect!! She really is a little sunshine.

  3. Your party looks AMAZING!!! And I love the sunshine theme!!


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