Monday, December 24, 2012

Just in Time

Here she is, 
just in time for Christmas. 
Margo Elizabeth
December 15, 2012
8 lbs. 20.75 in. 

Big sisters Mo & Maeve are just as smitten as their parents with their little sister. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 
Birth story to follow. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nearly Popped

It's not Monday.
Nor is it a listicle day.
Today's as I hit week 37 of pregnancy I am inspired.

Perhaps it's the kid the size of a winter melon growing in my womb that has brought forth this need to share?
What the hell is a winter melon and why is it in my uterus? 

However, regardless of the inspiration, these last few days a top ten list emerged:

9 Things that Currently Suck 

1. Santa doesn't take a holiday. 
Fact: December 25 is Christmas. 
The day isn't going to change just because I'm officially due the next day. Mama's had to get her shop and wrap on hella early this year to ensure that all this crap is done. Yes, in an ideal world Daddy could have done it all, but really is that fair? 

2. Daylight Savings BLOWS!
The past few days the weather has been lovely. The girls could have most definitely spent hours playing outside after nap time, however there was one major obstacle in this adventure. 
What the hell? Why is it so dark so early? 
Instead, we're stuck in the house because it's too damn dark. 

3. Getting Dressed in the Morning
37 weeks pregnant + long torso = NO CLOTHES that FIT!
Inevitably, without fail, every day, the bottom of my belly hangs out, kind of like Chunk from Goonies. I guess I should just break out in the Truffle Shuffle, because things will be getting worse before it gets better, as I still have 2 weeks left until this kid comes. 
Thanks Bry for letting me raid your t-shirt collection for sleeping. 

4. My Body
Stretchmarks, swollen ankles, and indigestion - Oh my!
Throw in frequent trips to the bathroom and a daily dependence on Tums and that pretty much sums it up. 
My body is all kinds of messed up. 

5. DMV
Imagine this: One is 37 weeks pregnant when she realizes, "oh my! My license is due to expire the end of the month., the same month I will be having kid three. Crap, I need to get my 6 points together for identification and whoa!
Do I need to get a new photo?
I need to get a new photo? 
My bloated, 37 week pregnant face is now enshrined for the next 4 years on my driving license. 
Jokes on me!

6. Answers
No. I am not having twins. 
No. I'm not about to have the baby today. 
No. We don't know what we're having. 
No. We're not hoping for a boy this time around. 
No. My husband won't be upset if it's a girl. 
Yes. I'm sure I know my due date. 

Yes, you are an idiot. 
I also wonder how you even figured out how to reproduce with your significant other. 
If only I could respond to people this way. 

7.  Indigestion
I already wrote about my dependence on Tums, but indigestion is also killing me, 
or at least my dining options. 

I miss you everything bagels. 
I'm sorry I had to skip out on you, dear grilled onion soup. 
Mexican, Chinese, & spices in general -  Love you and hope to taste you soon. 
Oh grease! Oh flavorful food! Oh yummy food! 
I so miss you, and can't wait to taste you soon. 

8. Non Stress Tests
What a pain in the ass? They suck when the only real reason your doctor seems to give for you having to have them is, well, you've gotten fat! No high blood pressure. No advanced maternal age. No high or low amniotic fluid level. No protein in my urine. 
Just seems I got a little to chubby this time around, and so weekly trips to the NST straps I go. 
For the record: I've gained pretty much the same amount as I did with Maeve. 

9. Sleep
The first trimester kicked my ass. I couldn't get enough sleep, and thankfully Mo still napped. Now I've hit the third trimester wall. I sleep crappy at night. I can't get comfortable. I wake up repeatedly to pee and because i have to roll over as all the weight crushes my hip bones.  I need to nap during the day. One problem: Mo doesn't nap too much anymore. 
Thank you DVR, On Demand, Scooby Doo, and Electric Company for giving me 26 minutes of nap time. 

1 Thing That Really Doesn't 

I am so thankful for my friend D due on January 1 with her third child as well. 
Having a friend who is going through exactly the same thing during the same time has been a Godsend.
I can bitch. 
I can moan. 
I can complain and
 feel zero guilt because she's going through the same thing.
I do hope she does not get too skinny too fast after this next kid is born. I know it isn't a competition, but I can't have her looking too good too soon, while I look like a hot mess. 

So that's it, a bunch of the bad and a little of the good. Before the month ends they'll be another member of this family, Christmas will have come and gone, and we'll enter into another calendar year. Until then, I wait and rest and try to get things in order. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why love me?

"Mom, I'm a really good runner girl." says Mo. Her confidence boldly exemplified in each and every word. 

"You are." I reply. "You are quite fast."

"I know." she continues. "I'm faster than Maeve, faster than all the kids in my class. I'm super fast". 

"You are my love, yes you are". I respond. 

Where did that self assurance go? 

When did I become so self conscious about my weight? my intelligence? me?

I know I am not alone here.

I think this week Mrs. M from The Bonny Bard challenged us Listicle makers to create a list all about ourselves, a moment to brag, to shout from the mountains, to submit:

10 Reasons I Am Great

1. I can throw a good party.

2. My vast knowledge of random things often surprises those around me.

3. I am strong- literally and figuratively.

4. I hide behind the guise of adulthood, but have the humor level of a twelve year old boy.

5. My glass is half full.

6. I can parallel park a minivan with ease.

7. I grow, birth, and raise pretty damn awesome kids.

8. I make conversation easy.

9. I love fully, deeply, and completely.

10.  I remember...always. 

I've got a challenge for you, dear reader.

I want you to think about yourself. Really take some time, and think about who you are, what you do, and why you love yourself?

Now share, put it out there.
Be it here, a journal, a facebook message.

Why are you great?

I dare you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

By Any Other Name would Smell as Sweet....

It's Monday, Listicle day!

This week, there were two options provided by Jessica over at Jessee's Spot.

Option 1:  Share your ten favorite photos on your phone.
Option 2:  Share ten names you considered for your child(ren).

Clearly, those that know me well know that Option 1 is utterly and completely out for me. I'm not a techie person. For years, my family joked my cell phone in 2009, could be a dead ringer for the one used by Zach Morris from Saved the Bell.

I don't have an Iphone.

I only learned to text about 16 months ago...
at the insistence of my parents.

My wish list does not include any technology related items. It's not something that I have any interest.

On the contrary, I am a Name Nerd.

Certifiably obsessed with names, to the point I am regular on a message board devoted to this topic.

I like different, not made up names, and for some reason seem to gravitate to those of Irish/Gaelic roots. Lucky for me, Bryan likes most of what I like, and even suggested we use some Gaelic spellings. I convinced Bry that since we live in the States, using Méadhbh would only be problematic, and so he agreed to go with Maeve. I still do have a softspot for Aoife, Saoirse, & Mairead.  Click for pronunciation.

My love for names has always been strong. I remember coming up with elaborate names for my dolls. Prior to being engaged, Bry and I discussed future names for our kids, and imagine my surprise when I discovered sites like Nameberry, Behind the Name, and Nymbler where like minded name nerds can research and share  opinions.  

I love names, and so this second option is fabulous! 

Of course, I will not be sharing our potential names for the future member of our family, but I will however share my ten favorite guilty pleasures names in no particular order. Names I really love, but honestly could never use for various reasons. 

My Ten Guilty Pleasure Names

1. Summer
Having a last name that begins with the letter S, it really seems that any girls name which begins with the letter S does not pair well. In short, the girl sounds like a porn star or stripper. (Believe it or not I googled porn starts that begin with S and there are a lot!) Not the long term job prospect one hopes for their little pink bundle of joy. 
Summer Sanders does appear to be the exception. 

2. Gemma
I truly love this name. However, again a certain adult industry has taken it as it's own. 
Damn you!

3. Seamus
This boy's name, phonetically spelled "Shay-Mus" looks too close to semen, or at least in the eyes of Bry, and thus it's voided from our name list. 

4. Clementine
Because I love my kid, I could never subject her to a lifetime of "Oh my darling, Oh my darling" choruses echoing her every move. I love it but alas will never use it. 

5. Maximus
Isn't this a cool name? It screams warrior! Gladiator! Solider! Power!
However, again paired with our very German last name it lends itself to feel kind of wrong, almost Nazi inspired. Thus, this name is forever banned from our list. 

6. Dashiell
Another boy's name that I believe sounds very smart, intellegent, and powerful. I think the nickname Dash is fun and cute, and based off my naming patterns, Dashiell fits pretty well. 
However, Bryan disagrees, and only can think of this: 

7. Merida
Yup, the same name as the princess from Brave. 
I know. I know. I know. 
Can't do it, but seriously, doesn't Moira, Maeve, & Merida flow pretty well together? 

8. Millie
I know it's not that different of a name, but I am a fan of formal first names with the option of a nicknames. It falls into the "M" girl name, and even Mo has suggested Millie as a name in the event her future sibling is a little girl. The problem I have with Millie is for me, Millie sounds too cutesy. Some may chose to use it as a stand alone first name, but for me it doesn't work.  I have searched. High and low, I have researched for an acceptable (to me) formal first name where Millie could be used for a nickname, and I've found nothing I like.
Mildred - nope
Millicent - no way
Amelia - too popular
Camille - too stuffy
Camilla - not really my style
Emily - way too popular

9. Fiona
Bry and I are bigger people.
There's potential for our children to follow in our footsteps and be in the taller, athletic (or chubby) category.
Let's be honest here, some kids can be cruel. Based on genetics alone, should we risk it?
Do we really need to set up a daughter with the potential for this comparison?
I think not. 
So Fiona, while lovely, has been cast off to my Guilty Pleasure list. 

10. Grace
Once upon a time, I loved the simplicity of this name. It was lovely, had classic ties, and a beautiful meaning. 

And then I started teaching. 

This name is forever banished to the guilty pleasure list because I know I cannot ever forget my association to this name and the little spitfire attached. 
For the record: Christopher, Nicholas, & Ryan have been set off to similar fates. Maeve, however, got her name after a rather positive association with a Maeve my final year of teaching. I still refer to that student as "The original Maeve". 

I know I am not alone here. Calling all you other name nerds!
What are you guilty pleasure names? 
Are there names that have been ruined for you? 
Feel free to share!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thrice Blessed

I have mentioned that this pregnancy I feel like  all my time is consumed with Moira & Maeve. Their respective busy lives have left me little time to dote on this future member of the family. The guilt comes in waves, often replacing the thought "Oh shit, we're having another baby!" with the "I need to get the Christmas shopping done and wrapped as soon as possible" between play dates, preschool drop off, and story hour at the library.

My mind is all over the place, and I needed something to help. 

Leave it to my good friend Ashley and my sister Jeanna to reel me in and focus for an afternoon!

Three Saturdays ago, they surprised me with a Sprinkle.

Not quite the full on, over the top affair that usually goes with one's baby shower. Instead, a few of my closest friends and family members met at our house and surprised me as I returned from a shopping trip to IKEA. Some delicious food, yummy cake, and good conversation followed.

Baby's First Christmas outfit

The kiddos 

Chocolate chip & Blueberry Velvet cakes

Rudolph hat for newborn photo

The best compliment I received later from a friend was that this shower was the best, mainly because there were no silly games, a few guests of which we all got along, little drama, and really really good food!

I do believe though, however there were a few guests who left with this on the brain. 

Photography courtesy of Ashley Pierce Photography

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As with most pregnancies, one often has cravings.


This kid just might turn out green, as Avocados have been a staple in my daily diet since week 6. Smashed, cubed, with carrots or sweet potato chips, or yummy in quesadillas, I have not been able to get enough!

As luck would have it, I recently was introduced to the wonderful website called "House Party", and imagine my excitement when searching the various party themes to discover one sponsored by "Avocados from Mexico"!

Eagerly, I submitted my application and to my surprise, I was selected as a party hostess.

Initially, my plan was to host a play date with a number of my friends and their children, where Avocados were the central theme. Unfortunately, between the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, another Nor'easter, and some residual effects from my Sprinkle. (To be blogged about soon!), I postponed the play date.

Rescheduled for this week, unfortunately the number of guests was smaller, however, it left more avocado for me! The four adults and combined 7 children (plus two on the way) enjoyed two kinds of gucamole, avocado, tomato & black bean salad, and delicious mini sandwiches of turkey, bacon, & avocado mayo. I will admit, it was one of the tastiest playdates around!

It was a hit, as the young and older alike had their fill of tasty Avocados, and I won't lie, baby #3 enjoyed every single bit, while hanging out in utero.

Recipe inspired by Bryan
2 avocados, 1 half red onion minced, juice of one half of lime, 1 T cumin, salt & pepper to taste

Recipe Inspiration

Check out my Pinterest Inspiration Board,  HERE because Avocados Truly are Amazing!

This post was in response to my House Party sponsered by Avocados from Mexico. While I received compensation for the purchase of avocados, all opinions, images, and responses are my own. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Learning Curve

I'm here.
Still big as a turkey on Thanksgiving, eagerly anticipating the birth of this next kiddo in under five weeks!

I've been a bit preoccupied, attempting to get my Christmas shopping done, purchasing those things I need for baby, and trying to catch up on my sleep now. Not easy in my current state of hugeness, nor as Mo and now Maeve too, fight me to nap.

With that, I must admit, I must offer thanks to PBS, Sprout, Nick JR, and Disney Junior. Those 26 minutes of uninterrupted sleep I can get while Mo hangs out in bed next to me are bliss.

It's Listicle time! I'm getting back on that train just in time for this week's list suggested by Kerstin over at Auer Life, We're instructed to come up with Ten Things we've learned thus far in 2012. Stasha, our maven de Listicles has become quite the runner girl and her list reflects just that! I will admit, running is something in my head I imagined to be the perfect exercise, but in actuality, every single time I have tried, I have despised it.

As I'm on the cusp of motherhood yet again, I feel that my list should reflect just that.

Ten Things I have Learned about Motherhood in 2012

1. Before I had children, I knew everything. 
Now that I'm a mom twice, nearly thrice over, I realize I hardly know anything. 

2. For a while, I thought I needed to take Moira to a child psychologist, and then in speaking to other parents of four year olds I realized displaying characteristics of multiple personality disorder is the norm. 

3. Potty training is hell, especially poop training. 

4. Anyone that says nap time is overrated, sucks plain and simple and is probably not sleep deprived. 

5. Hearing your child repeat verbatim, "Fuck" in appropriate context does bring an usual amount of pride mixed with horror. It also brings about the realization that she learned it from you and helps curb the cursing habit. 

6. Television is not the devil. 
Caillou just might be. 

7. Never underestimate the power of a bribe. 

8. Sisterhood is amazing!
It reminds me of my own childhood fondly, and makes me grateful that the girls have each other. 

9. It's okay to ask for help,
 to admit defeat, 
to hide in the kitchen or bathroom, 
to need to step away from the chaos, 
or to have days where bedtime cannot come soon enough. 
I will say it's a whole helluva lot easier to deal though when there's the option of drowning one's sorrow in wine, beer, or liquor. Ben & Jerry's doesn't quite offer the same amount of kick.  

10. Having a good partner makes this whole ride that much more enjoyable. 
On that note, thanks Bry for everything and always being able to make me laugh. 

What have you learned this year? 
Link up with Stasha and her Monday Listicles

Thursday, November 8, 2012


When I was pregnant with Moira, I think one could have described me as obsessed. Between the message boards, the baby books, and weekly email reminders, I was absorbed in every little happening, and relaying the information to anyone who would listen.

I was wrapped up in the joy of pregnancy. From the stretch marks to kick counts, and everything in between, that first pregnancy was a most memorable experience.

After discovering I was pregnant, my good friend Sami had a small gift for me. She introduced me to the wonderful world known as the Baby Bargains Book.

Unfamiliar with this book and respective website?
Basically, every item, brand, and style on the market for any or all product related to baby is reviewed both with letter grade and synopsis, and then compiled into book form. Unlike Consumer Reports which offers it's assessments on it's own testing, Baby Bargains relies on input from real people, in addition to outside sources.

Bry became a man neurotic about the registry, scouring the book, updating and changing our online registry for Babies R Us, based on new information he discovered at all hours of the day and night.  I would sneak a peak, wanting to see if things were being purchased and I'd discover items added or missing or changed.

During my pregnancy with Maeve, I felt like I had a nice balance between expectant mama and little more experienced mom. Moira was just under two when I had Maeve, so the entire baby process was still fresh in my mind. She still regularly napped leaving me time to relish being pregnant. I posted on two under two message boards. I worried about the balance of having two so close in age, and obsessed from the buying standpoint over finding the perfect double stroller*.
*I did. The Bumbleride Indie Twin in seagrass green and aqua. 

While I was consumed most of the time with Moira, I still found time to enjoy that pregnancy.

And now here I am, thirty three weeks pregnant with kid #3, and I'm guilty.

Between school, play dates, potty training, holidays, and the like, I have no time.

Already this kid is ignored.

I made a weak attempt at a registry, in between making dinner and officiating a living room brawl over a ukulele. I go to my OB appointments, eagerly waiting to hear the cadence of his or her heartbeat, while dishing out goldfish crackers, fruit bars, and insisting the stirrups and flexible light are not drums and a microphone. I sit hoping to savor the moment he or she moves around my belly, and then must readjust as the two and half year old asks, "Hold me Mama" and takes up the little room I have left in my lap.

I feel guilty because I haven't been consumed with pregnancy.

Apparently this week the kid is the size of a durian.
Courtesy of the Bump

A durian? 
Had to read up on that one, and my brother in law in Taiwan explained, via Facebook, that this funky fruit is popular in Asia and can be compared to creamy smelly cheese in flavor and consistency. 

So kid #3 is about the size of this smelly ass fruit, and I had no idea.

He or she is also doing the following in utero, or at least, this is what the professionals are saying:

your baby at 33 weeks
  • He's keeping his eyes open while awake.
  • He's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.
  • His bones are hardening.
  • And he going through (more) major brain development -- that's one smart baby

Facts courtesy of the Bump. 

Good to know that he or she is almost ready to join us. Maybe I should get a little more prepared? 

Perhaps buy some diapers, pull out the infant car seat, and do some loads of laundry? Maybe I should pack the bag for the hospital? Get a going home outfit. Figure out how to get to the maternity section of the hospital. Things that are kind of important in the scope of birthing a baby. 

Does this make me a bad mom? 

Well, I believe the answer is no, and yes. 

I'm a good mom. 

I honestly believe that. I am a good mom to the two children residing outside of my body. This pregnancy has not kept us from having a life outside our home. We still head out almost daily to places like the zoo, Sesame Place, and trips to the park. My girls lives have not stopped because mommy's put on a few pounds. I move a bit slower, and can't hold them as much, but we're still out and about.  

I will confess, however, that I'm not too sure how I'm measuring up as a mama to be for this new kid? 

Once he or she is here, I know that things will be different. Our lives as we know them will change, and hopefully for the better as this new little one comes. 

However, for now, I'm going to try and find a bit of a balance. This will be our last baby, and so this is my last time being pregnant. Even with the indigestion, frequent trips to the bathroom, and stretchmarks, I will be doing my best to savor it, whenever I have time to that is. 

Family photo from Boo at the Zoo

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The After

It's October 31, Halloween.
The costumes are ready.
The candy has barely been touched.

However this year, our neighborhood will remain quiet.

Halloween has been postponed until Monday, November 5.

I live in New Jersey.

Add this to the list of things Hurricane Sandy has stolen.

Poverty Beach, Cape May NJ
Courtesy of Exit Zero

We are a state that has it all: gorgeous shoreline, cute suburbs, access to major cities, farms filled with fresh produce,  and one of the most diverse populations.

While many across the U.S. may joke of us, I honestly believe it's out of ignorance.

My New Jersey is a great state.
It boasts colorful scenery.
It's people are smart, dynamic, and strong.
We work hard.
We play hard.
We care.

Our beaches are beloved.

Treasures, I dare say, that many outsiders flock during the summer months. Sand and surf, warm sun on one's shoulders.  There is a place for everyone along our shoreline- couples, families, singles, gay, straight, old, young.

We have a beach for you.

At least, we did before Sandy.

In my little suburban town, we have been very lucky. A good hour from the shoreline, we weren't hit nearly as bad as anticipated. Our street went unscathed. With the exception of a few flickers, power never was lost. No trees or branches down. There were no major catastrophes. My friend eight blocks away still waits for the two trees and wires which have taken residence in the middle of her street to be removed so her power can be restored, but she is seems to be the exception.

School is back in session.
Mail has been delivered.
I just watched as public works tossed large sticks, branches, and other debris from our neighbor's yard into their truck for removal.
Life is attempting to go back to normal,
but how can we?

Not when we can't help but survey the damage that has occurred to these places we love.

Entire communities have been destroyed.

Boardwalks completely swept away.
Sand and water overtaking house after house.
Flooding forcing evacuation.

The storm is over, but it's aftermath is here.

It's real.

South Inlet section of Atlantic City, NJ
Edward Lea, Press of Atlantic City
Halloween is postponed for us this year as many in my State wait.

The Pier at Seaside Heights NJ
Fox 5
Not for trick or treaters or candy, but for the return of power. They wait for permission to return to their houses to survey their homes. They wait for insurance company calls, and promises of money to rebuild.
They wait for the hum of the refrigerator, the flicker of lights, the buzz of the television.

They wait for life to go on as usual, but have no time line as to how this can or will happen.

This Halloween will be like no other, as we in New Jersey recover from hurricane Sandy.

Wondering what you can do to help? 

Donate money here

Do you need assistance? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's bedtime yesterday evening. As I follow Moira into her bedroom, thoughts of Halloween enter my mind. With our first costume necessary event this Friday, I mentally prepare my "to do list" in those few footsteps from her door to her bed. As she cuddles underneath her blanket pulling her stuffed Build a Bear closer, my mind wanders to Maeve's costume.

Recently obsessed with all things purple, twirly, and girlie, it really should have been no surprise that she would want to dress as Rapunzel. After scouring the web for the best deal, I remembered Target. Not the Halloween section, but rather the Princess aisle. Unlike the $39.99 version of Rapunzel with extra puffy sleeves and wig, I scored the $20 dress made for dressing up. It's a little less fussy than it's more expensive counterpart, but for a two and half year old, it's practically perfect.

A little over six months ago, on her own intitative, Maeve asked for big girl panties and started with little fanfare or effort peeing on the toilet. It was quite a different experience than her older sister who's rebellion toward all things toileting took us to the week after her third birthday when the threat of "no preschool or soccer" finally motivating Moira to give up diapers permanently. Maeve starting using the potty and waking dry from naps and bedtime in what seemed like overnight.

However, things aren't that simple.

We are in poo hell here.

Pear juice.
Fiber gummy bites.
Purchases of children laxatives.

All in an effort to get her to go.

Screw the panties. We just want her to go, as we encountered a nearly five day span where she held it. That was not fun for any of us.

What to do? What to do?

Like any good parent out there,
we tried praise.
We tried stickers,
and little toys.

Mo has done her own version of a song and dance in a failed attempt to encourage her little sister.
"Don't you want to be a big kid like me?" she asks.

Maeve deadpans, "Nope. I little kid."

I'll admit it, we're at the bribery stage now.
What can we do to get this kid to use the toilet?

A-ha! Halloween!
With the purchase of the Rapunzel costume: Motivation!

Bry and I thought we had this parenting problem tackled. We'll get the dress. Tell her she can't wear it and go trick or treating unless she starts going on the potty and all our problems solved.

In theory, this is a great plan.

Reality, I'm dealing with a two and half year old.
All bets are off.

Holding that lovely purple dress, dancing it in front of Maeve's face, I begin, "If you want to be Rapunzel for Halloween you need to poop on the potty. Okay babes?"

"Nope. I no like Rapunzel. I be bad guy now and I poop in my diapy".

"You don't want to be Rapunzel? You don't want to wear this beautiful dress? This purple twirly dress that is so lovely?" I plead.

"No. I no poop in potty. I little kid." she insists.

Obviously, not the result I intend.

Alas, the dress disappears for a bit, out of sight in the purple room- a.k.a. our guest/dumping room.

This happened at the beginning of the month, and so over the past few weeks, I have on occasion, taken the dress out, paraded it in front of Maeve only to encounter the same response.

"I no poop on the potty. I no be Rapunzel. I little."

This takes us to last night, in Moira's room.

We are currently clearing out that Purple room to transform it into Maeve's big girl room. There have been various bags of trash, clothes, and miscellaneous items hidden in white garbage bags. Taken to the curb, consignment and family members.

For a brief moment last night, the thought I mistakenly placed that Rapunzel costume in a rogue bag entered my mind.

"Mo, I need to go check something out" I said, leaving her in her bed as I checked the nearly empty purple room for the Rapunzel dress. Opening the closet, I find the various toys I have hidden, a few extra blankets, and the blow up mattress, but no dress.

Returning to Mo's room, I open her closet, hoping the dress is hanging.

It is not.

"Whatcha looking for Mama?" she asks.

"I can't find Maevie's Rapunzel costume." I mutter between sorting through various clothing. "I haven't seen it anywhere."

"I know where it is." she says calmly.

"Uh? What did you say?"

Climbing out of her bed, she takes the few steps across her room to the dresser. A small space remains between the wall and the side of the dresser, where some stray frames needing to be hung reside. Reaching over the framed pieces, she pulls out the purple, twirly dress.

"Here it is." she says. "I hid it from Maevie. She not want to poop on the potty, so she not get Rapunzel dress."

Looks like someone has taken on the role of mother in this moment.

Thanking her for looking out for her little sister, I remind her that it's my job as mommy to take things away from Maeve when needed. I explain that while I'll need some help with this new baby, I'm still the one in the charge.

I think she gets it.
I hope she gets it.

Giving her a huge hug, her big blue eyes look up to me and she says, "You know Mama, I poop on the potty, 'cause I a big kid. I get to be Jessie for Halloween and you don't have to take away my costume, right? Because I listen and do what's right? Right?"

"I know, Mo." I respond. "I know you're my big kid". I give her one more big hug, and stick her favorite teddy bear under her arm. "I know."

The dress has been found. Halloween is just over a week away and our path to pooping on the potty has not changed. I guess Maeve's stubborn nature is stronger than my resolve, as I can't help but let her dress as her beloved Rapunzel for Halloween.

But at least, I know that if I need an enforcer, there's always Moira!

Monday, October 15, 2012

What's changed?

I look at pictures from when I was younger, and think, "damn, why did I waste time thinking I was fat?"

Honestly though, it's crazy looking back at old photos and generally reminiscing about life before adulthood, and by "Adulthood" I mean the time before mortgages, children, & droopy boobs. Stasha over at the Good Life's weekly meme Monday Listicles gives us an opportunity to brainstorm and list. This week it was Christine, over at Random Reflectionz asked us to list up Ten Ways you are either the same or different than your younger self.

Inspired by this list, I have decided to branch off a bit, and offer the following.

Ten Words Whose Definitions Have Changed Over the Years

1. Friday Night

Evening begins around ten p.m. and includes multiple alcoholic drinks, suggestive dancing, and a wardrobe that accentuates curves and boobs.

Pizza or take out, pajamas, and passing out into a bowl of ice cream while sprawled on the sofa while watching Fringe. After maintaining one is not exhausted, one succumbs to the comfort bed before eleven o'clock news theme has finished.

2. Sleeping Late

Making it to McDonald's in time for breakfast is a victory. More likely than not, brunch at the local bagel shop before noon is the norm.

7:30 am M-F
And because it's the weekend, 7 am.

3. Hair

Stylish cut and highlights to add depth and dimension to one's hair. Daily blow out and style, a must.

Cut to slim the face, and color to hide the grays. Blow out when necessary, to the point the kids ask, "Whatcha do to your hair mama?"

4. Dining Out

8:30 reservation, party of two, cocktails, appetizers, entrees, desserts with after dinner drinks. A hefty price tag and a three hour meal.

If we're lucky, 6:30 party of four, bread and crackers to hold over the two while their chicken fingers and grilled cheese is being prepared, while Mom & Dad play rocks, paper, scissors to decide who gets to drink!
That of course, is the scenario if we're not eating at a diner or Panera.

5. Halloween

A time to be a slutty school girl a la Britney Spears, sexy nurse, or sport some other inappropriately short and almost indecent costume, while attending a Halloween party with others in inappropriately nearly indecent costumes, engaging in keg stands, jello shots, and beer pong.

Staring in disbelief as one's four year old points to inappropriately, nearly indecent Halloween costume in catalog and maintains that that is the costume of her choice this year. Celebrating the change to Jessie from Toy Story, while putting off the anxiety that will come with Halloween costume shopping with a tween.

6. Working Out

Arriving at the gym after work, to attend various classes with favorite teacher at whichever time listed on the schedule.

Does running up the stairs count?
Because attempting to make it to a class at the gym that doesn't interfere with school pick up/drop off, meal time or nap time, is next to impossible.

7. Birthdays

A time to drink and party and eat some cake!

Screw the party, give me the cake!

8. Fertility

Two Words: The Pill


9. Minivan

I'll never.

Insert Hallelujah chorus here: 

How does one with children live without it?

10. My Body

I need to loose a few pounds.
I think I'm attractive some days.
Thank God, my boobs are looking good.

I need to loose a lot of weight after this next kid pops out.
It's amazing what a shower, a little make up, and a blow out can do for one's appearance.
God, my boobs are enormous right now!

What's changed or stayed the same for you over the years?
Link up!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pay it Forward

This weekend should have been lovely, as we celebrated seven years of wedded bliss yesterday. Unfortunately, our purse strings have been tightened yet again, as some unexpected purchases have come our way. Three flat tires- of which two needed to be replaced, one clogged toilet, and a broken cable box all within in the past forty-eight hours, what else, I ask, can or will go wrong?

Oh yeah, from November 7 on, I will be spending an hour or so a week hanging out in the maternal fetal medicine specialist for non-stress tests.

Don't get stressed out over it, right?

I know you're jealous.

Stasha has asked us to list Ten Compliments today. It's hard my friends, when I feel like there's so much crap going on, but I am an optimist.

My glass is perpetually half full, so I will find ten.

I will.
I will.

1. AAA- you are a lifesaver! I am so thankful for your quick response, and you are worth every penny. That mechanic you sent over was a master of changing tires in no time flat. Amen!

2. The Electric Company - So while you have introduced Mo & Maeve to the fine art of rap, you also have taught them some very great lessons in emergent literacy and reading.

3. Local Diner- I must thank you for the fabulously delicious bacon, Swiss, & tomato omelette your kitchen perfected this morning. It's nearly five o'clock, and I am still satisfied. Yum!

4. My Mom - Your knack for scouring the racks at consignment stores is second to none. Thank you for finding those faux Uggs for Maeve and the new sneakers for Mo. Two less items on my fall to buy list.

5. Moira - Thank you for deciding to nap today. Mama needed the time alone. Yes, it was to watch the trainwreck that is Breaking Amish,  but it was nice to watch a show during daylight hours without a kid over my shoulder. Plus, I know the rest was much needed.

6. My Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor -While you did give me some news I'd rather not have heard regarding the non-stress test, I must commend you on your standard of care. I honestly trust this office- the doctors, the nurses, and the staff more so than any other I have ever met with in the course of my life. Plus today, with open arms you welcomed my two little loves into the ultrasound room as they gazed at their future brother or sister.

7. Tastykake - One word: Kandykakes! How practically perfect those delicious treats are.

8. Maeve- Thank you for your eternally sunshiny personality. Picking you up after each nap, with a smile on your face reminds me how silly in the scope of the world are these "problems".

9. Stasha & her Listicle Crew- Without this motivation, I would have been wallowing in my problems today. Taking this moment to look on the sunnier side has made me that much more thankful.

10. Bryan - I must offer my thanks for unclogging said toilet, for sitting at the tire place for close to five hours waiting for both cars to be fixed, and finally for offering to put the girls the bed. Thank you for taking care of us, and happy seven (or sixteen)!

Who or what deserves your thanks or compliments today?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I need this Autumn...

Friday, December 21 is the first day of winter.

Fall started one week ago last Saturday.

I have one season to get myself together.

How fitting that this week Stasha over at the Good Life has asked us to list our Autumn must haves. I do believe that my list will be quite different from many this season. As I check the ticker, I'm looking at under 86 days until baby three joins the mix.

That's 86 days to get my proverbial shit together.

Holy shit, it's less than 86 days until another baby will join the mix, and so I present,

Top Ten Autumn Must Haves 
Ten Things I need to get done before delivery 

1. Maeve's Big Girl Room 
A mom can dream, right?
This just might be the biggest thing on our to do list, I mean actually after birthing this next child. Maeve has comfortably been taking residence in the nursery since she was two months old. At nearly two and three quarters, she still loves her crib. 
She loves the damn crib to the point we have to do some bribing to get her out. 
Our nursery is gender neutral, as we've never found out with any of our pregnancies, so moving baby three in  there requires little change, however Maeve's future big girl room is currently a catchall containing an old double bed, a bunch of framed prints, a wobbly side table, a few pieces of broken furniture, and various clothes and toys strewn over, under, and around said pieces. 
My Sunshine needs a few things. Only a bed, mattress, dresser, book shelf, curtains, and a new paint job. 
Plus, I need to clean out two closets. Check out my pinterest board here. 
Oy Vey! 

2. Take & Pass the Glucose Screening test
Who doesn't like Tang flavored syrupy drinks? 
Hopefully by the end of this week, this will be water under the bridge. 

3. Celebrate our anniversary 
October 7, 2005
Seven years ago I married my best friend. 
What doesn't say happy anniversary better than swim lessons and most likely a dinner at Panera with the girls? 

4. Halloween 
Time for costumes & candy!
God, I love Halloween. 
no really, I do!

5. Thanksgiving

I do believe we're looking at the eighth year Bryan will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our respective families. This tradition has been something he both loves and despises. 
Overall , it's about family...and the food!

6. Christmas Shopping
This kid's due date is December 26. 
I'm having a repeat c-section most likely a week before that date. 
Do you know what that means? 
There's no way I will be able to do anything related to Christmas gift giving after about December 19.
That means I need to make my own list, check it twice, shop til I drop, and then wrap like a mother.  

7. Christmas Decorating

I could take it easy this season. 
I could skimp on the decorations, 
screw the cookies, 
and go light on the lights, 
that's not the way I roll. 
I'll be baking probably the night before c-section day. 
Those stockings will be hung by the mantel with care, 
and I know I'll be helping Bry staple the lights on the front porch. 

8. Get a pedicure and prenatal massage
Let's not lie, pregnancy does a number on one's body. My feet are starting to swell and this extra weight I'm carrying predominantly all in front is putting some strain on my back. I need to check the calendar, schedule the day, and relax. 

9. Buy the baby some new stuff

When I was pregnant with Moira, I do believe my baby registry had over one hundred items. I needed or thought I needed a whole lot of stuff. In the end, I do believe a lot of my must haves, ended up being whatevers. 
This time around my list is small:
crib sheets
changing pad base
play mat
pack and play 
and my one bigger ticket item:

10. Enjoy the following:
*sleeping through the night
*having my boobs to myself

*spending good quality time with Moira & Maeve
*dinner out with Bryan alone like grown ups
*did I mention sleeping through the night? 

What does your list for Autumn look like?
What are your must haves?
Link up with Stasha and her Monday Listicles.