Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Champions of the World!

The Phillies won it all!
My family is estatic and I couldn't be happier. We let Mo watch some of the game 5 on Monday, but tonight since it was on later she missed them winning it all.
My dad thought I should wake her up though I don't think she'd be too happy about it.
Congratulations Phillies!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What was I thinking?

I had told Bry that I wanted to go the pumpkin farm with him so that we'll all be together for Mo to get her first pumpkin. Like a good husband, he agrees. So Sunday, after a nice brunch at our favorite diner, off we go to Dragonfly Farms. (I should mention I have only driven by Dragonfly Farms, never actually been there.)
So we pull up and it's decorated so cute! From the parking lot we see a little petting zoo, hay maze, and lots of pumpkins! GREAT!
We start walking as Bry tells me, "This is your deal! I'm just going to follow you." So off we go! I walk to the pen labeled "petting zoo".

Awww, how cute! There's an alpaca and some sheep.

Bry says: "What is that?" pointing to the alpaca.
Me: "It's an alpaca. Isn't it cute?"
Bry: "Don't alpacas spit? Seriously, do you want that dirty animal to spit in Mo's face?"
Me: "Yuck! Ah, no. Do you see any other animals?"
Bry: "There's a few goats walking around. Do you really want Mo to touch them?"
Me: "I wasn't thinking touch, more look."
Bry: "Okay, we'll let her look."

So we walk over the hay maze as the goats are walking around. Mo could care less. She's too preoccupied with my hair and ears. What was I thinking? She's only 6 1/2 months old. Like she cares about a goat.
That was the petting zoo- an alpaca, two sheep and two goats.
There's a hayride and hay maze, but again, she's 6 1/2 months old.

Bry:"This is your thing. What are we doing next?"
Me: "Uh, I don't know. Let's get some pics at least with the pumpkins."
Silly me, I forgot my kid does not sit still. I try to place her in the middle of some pumpkins and immediately she tries to pull herself up.

Bry: "What did you really think was going to happen? She's only 6 months old!"

We pick out a few sugar pumpkins. I think they're for cooking, but anyway, they're the perfect size for a 6 month old. Pay, and are on our way out when, A-HA!
PHOTO OP! We come to a wagon used for taking flats of flowers to the car.
Insert kid and pumpkins and look what you get!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A couple of necessary letters.

Dear Mo,
It is now Thurday, October 23 and you are asleep. PLEASE STAY ASLEEP! I feel so sad that Dad and I let you cry it out last night but seriously, after 6 nights of waking up at various early morning hours, mommy was stumped! Why after almost 2 months did you start waking up? Daddy and I will never know. So I beg of you, SLEEP! When Mo sleeps, Mommy sleeps and Daddy sleeps and everyone is happy!
Your Mommy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I know you usually get letters from school-age children asking to take their baby teeth away. This time, I'm asking for you to BRING on the BABY TEETH. My poor little girl is drooling, and chomping and still is a toothless wonder. While she's really adorable, I bet if those teeth come through she will be in a better mood at night, and perhaps, even go back to sleeping through the night.
Thank you,
Moira's Mommy
p.s. I defintely think you overpaid some of the kids I had in my class last year! Not to tell you what to do, but there is no way a kid should get 5 bucks for a tooth.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

AHH- Spa!

I have been friends with Ashley since the first day of high school. Since her last name started with a K and mine a L, we were in the same homeroom, separated by one guy with the last name starting with Ku. Anyway, Ash has been a constant in my life since then. We've gone through our ups and downs as any teenage girlfriends do, but alas, 16 years later we're just as close as those days in high school.
Like me, Ash turned 30 this year. She had a suggested going off to NY for an overnight trip but I'm not quite ready to leave Mo that long. (I'm thinking by next year, I'll be looking forward to that!) Instead, I planned a little surprise for us.
Unbeknownst to me, Ash has never had a massage before. We headed to Metrolpolis Spa for our massages. Can I say heaven? We enjoyed our hour long bliss while Bry watched Mo and Ash's hubby Chris watched Aiden. We then headed to one of my favorite gourmet shops for yummy sandwiches.

Bry, in the meantime, took Mo on a little daddy/daughter adventure to the Trenton Farmer's Market, where they bought rolls, cheese, and enough Polish kielbsa to feed an army.

I was a little worried that Ash wouldn't like the massage, but luckily she did. Hopefully this can be a yearly event, though I think next time we need more than just a massage. I'm thinking an entire day of beauty will suffice- massage, facial, manicure, & pedicure!

Happy Birthday Ash!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Her Newest Antics

I wonder if people think I am exaggerating when I tell them what Mo is capable of doing. She is only months old, but already sits up sturdily and plays with her toys. She's figured out how to pull herself up in her crib and now on the coffee table. A few days ago we discovered that she can crawl. She needs motivation.

Motivation comes in the form of a remote control.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip to Nowhere

This past Saturday, we had planned to take the train up to NYC to see our good friends Steve &Lynsay. We were so excited! Really, what could go wrong?!?

We woke up Saturday morning in relatively good spirits. We put Mo in a cute little polka-dot outfit and her new vest, got the diaper bag good & packed and headed to the train station. We planned to stop at Dunkin Donuts on our way there, but we were running late, so we nixed that plan. This should have been the warning.
FYI- Jackie + No breakfast = Moody Bi-atch!
We get to the train station and while Bryan gets the tickets from the machine, Mo & I stroll into the little cafe' to pick up drinks & muffins. We figure we'll just eat them on the train. As I'm walking to the cafe' I notice that all the entrances to the tracks are closed. Hmmm, that seems weird. Anyway, back to the muffins & drinks, and then we meet Bry outside the store. For some strange reason, transit officers are making everyone walk to the same stairwell. Again, this should be a sign that things aren't going well, but alas, we continue. Mo sits in her stroller, staring at all the strange people and things. She's doing awesome! The train arrives, and Bry, and I awkwardly get the kid, the diaper bag, and the folded down stroller ready to board the train.
We forgot about boarding the train.
We forgot about walking through the aisles...
of a Saturday early afternoon train
filled to capacity
with a kid
a diaper bag
and Bryan carrying a stroller!
I suggest you imagine Mr. Incredible attempting to do this feat, because honestly, that's who Bry looked like navigating car after filled car with the stroller attempting NOT to injury any poor bystander.
We finally find a seat, a two seat not three. I look longingly at the man sitting alone in the two seater in the handicapped section, (There's more leg room there!) Luckily, he meets eyes with me and offers to switch seats!
Maybe this train thing isn't too bad of an idea...wait. Mr. Incredible, I mean Bry and I get cozy in the two seater. I'm smushed up against the window with kid in my arms and Bry literally tosses the stroller onto the overhead. I think, "I'm so freaking hot and I can't take my coat off because we're squeezed in here. Plus, I've got Mo on my lap. I'll just grin and bear it". Bry looks at me, sweat on his brow and says, "Jac, we really didn't think this through!". Cue Mo to start "talking". Really, to us it's cute, but to the rest of the train, I can imagine it sounds like a baby on the verge of crying. CRAP!
Again, Bry says, "We didn't think this through!" Is it getting hotter in here?, I think. She's on the verge of actually crying. I look at my watch, only 68 more minutes until we get to NYC-
PENN STATION... with Mr. Incredible....and a baby....and a stroller...and a diaper bag... WE DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH!
And then a cab with Mr. Incredible...and a baby...and a stroller...and a diaper bag...WE DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH!
We make it two stops, and then get off, check for the next train, get some Dunkin Donuts, call and apologize immensely to Steve & Lynsay and head back home. Mo crys on the train home for a few minutes before she passes out! Luckily, the train back home is far less crowded and so Mr. Incredible & I are able to get a 3 seater.
We decided when we actual go to visit Steve & Lynsay next time we'll just drive the car, so Mr. Incredible...the kid...the stroller...the diaper bag...and the mom can all be comfortable.
Steve, Lynsay, we're sorry we missed you! Hopefully we can make up to see the new place before the holidays! Love you both!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Six Months Already!

It is now October first which means Moira is 6 months old, and she is getting to be so much fun! She is sleeping through the night, sitting up and playing with her toys on the floor, and has begun to get up on all fours. We're waiting for her to figure out that she has to move her arm AND legs to crawl. She is so amazing! Early on, when Mo was a few days old, I remember my mom saying that hands down six month old was her favorite period of "babyhood" and I see why. She is giggling and actually gets excited when she sees Bry or I. Her eyes get so focused on new things, that it's funny. People comment on how serious she can be, because she stares so intensely. She's trying to figure things out, and I love that! She's super interested in eating and has tried to steal our forks or glasses from us and will watch us like a hawk as we eat. We were bad last week, and I let her chew on my pizza crust. (Jeanna, it was hard and she hardly got anything from it!)

I almost forgot, today is Bryan and my "dating" anniversary. We've been together for twelve years! (give or take a few days) Can you believe it? Only 6 days until our official wedding anniversary.