Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things about me!

This list was copied from facebook. Basically it's 25 facts about me. I apologize if I bore you, though I think I'm a fairly interesting person.

1. I need sleep, at least 8 hours to function appropriately.
2. I prefer beer to wine.
3. My list of real friends is relatively small.
4. I don't like talking on the phone too much.
5. I don't text.
6. My favorite colors are green & orange.
7. I have brown eyes, my hubby has green and somehow our daughter ended up with baby blue.
8. I am scared of snakes.
9. Someday my wealth of useless pop culture references will make me a lot of money.
10. I have not and plan not to dress my child(ren) in disney or winnie the pooh until the absolutely beg me.
11. I love summertime especially down the shore.
12. I quote lines from movies all the time.
13. Peanut butter Kandykakes are my favorite tastykakes.
14. I haven't dyed my hair in 5 years after almost 10 years of dyeing it every color of the rainbow.
15. I like learning, I liked school.
16. I want to go back for my doctorate in education but I'm scared.
17. I cannot for the life of me roast a chicken. I always undercook it or f-it up somehow.
18. I don't like to wear make-up.
19. I have a hard time spending money on clothes, but think nothing of spending A LOT on a good dinner out.
20. I wanted to have a child before 30 and lo and behold it came true.
21. I spent most of my adolescence in a bathing suit. Thank you PAY!
22. I have not found a flavor of ice cream I haven't liked.
23. My sister inspires me. She is the hardest working person I know.
24. Having Moira was both the happiest and scariest experience of my life.
25. My parents are great role models and I feel blessed to have them as my parents and Moira's grandparents.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ahh...snow day?

Why would my phone ring at 6:20 in the morning?
Apparently I am still on my school's automated snow list. What a great way to wake up! I attempted to fall back asleep but I heard Mo in her room. After trying to fall back asleep her babbling turned into whiny crying. Crap! My kid who had been sleeping until 7:30-8 has spent the past two days waking up before 6:30!
Mama aint happy!
Bry babbles something about getting her. Yeah, okay. You'll rise from your quasi-comatose state to entertain our nearly 10 month old??? I got up, changed her diaper and headed down to the couch.
I have a bad mom confession.
I let Moira watch television. Probably too much for a nearly 10 month old. But from 7-8 am Noggin airs two episodes of Blue's Clues. Blue's Clues, the only program my possibly ADHD nearly toddler will sit and watch. The gods who run Noggin are my heroes. I plop on the couch, change that, I lie on the couch w/my blanket and my head on the pillow as Mo sits mesmorized watching the big blue dog.
This is no what happened today. Mainly because at 6:40, Blue's Clues is not on. Instead, I nursed her and somehow after, managed to get her to fall back asleep! YES! Which means, I too got to fall back asleep with my baby on my chest until nearly 9 o'clock.
Since it's Wednesday, we go to music class. Yes, I am now a mom who takes her child to music class. I have a "scheduled child". Not to be confused with an "over-scheduled" child. We'll save that until Kindergarten. But, I digress. As Bry cleared off the car, I asked him how he thought the roads looked. Not too bad, was his response. I checked my email and the music class website. Nothing. I guess music is a go!
I showered then bathed Mo. I dressed her warmly in an adorable little polka dot sweater that I personally would wear if it was in my size. I throw on my cute brown boots and coat. I plan to start the car before I put Mo in. As I walk out to the car, I slide a little on the slush. That should have been enough for me to say "Self, don't go to music today!". But no, I'll just change into my snow boots.
Back out, car on, get kid, insert kid into carseat, and off we go!
Bry was right. The roads aren't too bad. I hear Mo singing in the back. She must know it's Wednesday, music day. After our nearly 10 min trip, I pull up to the strip mall where our class is and
it's dark.
No music class today.
I wish someone would have told me.
I guess when school's cancelled that should be the warning that a pre-school music class would be closed. Oh well.
We head home just in time for Mo to go down for her nap and here I now sit. In front of the computer listening to the sound of the plows.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New year, New Toys.

If you have read this blog before, then you know I enjoy adding little videos of my gal in action. We've got a good one today!
This is a two parter of sorts. The first part we see Moira enjoying our window sheers. She is so funny now and looks to play with them all the time. I apologize for my little obscenity!
Part two: my mother-in-law purchased Moira this new toy. Now usually I am not a fan of these type of things, but watching my little one dance along makes it somewhat bearable. Needless to say, I have thanked her and also asked her to refrain from purchasing her anymore. One is more than enough!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have a new website to obsess over. Imagine awesome recipes combined with beautiful photos of the finished product. It's great!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Snow!

It is cold!
FRIGID outside.
We woke this morning to the white stuff falling from the sky. Big flakes falling from the sky. Enough to cover the car and the ground. Enough to keep Mo and I from going to Mama & Me class. :( Of course the snow stopped at 10:35. Class started at 10:30. Instead I bundled the baby up and introduced her to snow.
Enjoy the following montage:

Just like her mama, the kid is trying to get away from the cold!

Mama sits the kid up. Obviously, she is thrilled with the weather. Just look at that face!

Yes, it's another sitting in the snow pic!

She's had enough of this crap! Photo shoot done!

She thought she was done, until she fell over. I'm thinking of A Christmas Story. "Ralphie,Ralphie! help me up! Help me up!"

Yes, I was a mean mom. I laughed, took two pics of my crying baby sprawled out in the snow in her snowsuit before I picked her up.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 Months!

Due to her teeth issues it took us a few days to get her 9 month photo shoot, but alas, we got it done...err...kind of.

At least we got one good shot:

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Ramblings....

Happy New Year!!
Guess what the new year brought to our dear Mo - the emergence of a front tooth!
Okay, really it's still underneath the gum, but the bump is huge. Poor Mo is in some serious pain. She has hardly eaten anything the past 2 days, and doesn't seem to be her usual happy self. Thank God for baby tylenol and a little ambesol too! That amebsol might come in handy in other places, as Moira has decided to use her teeth now when nursing. You can only imagine my surprise when that happened TWICE today. Baby better learn quickly that Mama's not down for that! I'm nervous for what might happen when that front tooth comes through. (GULP!)
Beyond the tooth, we did some shopping today care of Kohl's and their Kohl's bucks. Honestly I know they give you those bucks over the holiday shopping season to get you back in the store, and they always have everything on sale. This means people like me, who rarely purchase things at full price, feel validated for buying things they don't really need. While she didn't really need new sneakers, how could I really pass up this deal?
LIst price- 29.99, got them for half-off!
Who could pass up that sale? Plus, since she's always on the move she needs some running shoes!