Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Great Day to Be BRAVE!

When Maeve suggested a Brave theme for her fourth birthday party, I eagerly began searching for things related to Merida and her fabulous family. Unfortunately, while Merida is still a very popular princess in my home, her popularity seems to have decreased, as the amount of Brave related accessories and gifts have dwindled.

Thankfully, between some searching on Pinterest and Amazon, I was able to gather enough materials to make this a great day to be Brave

Find my Pinterest party planning board here.

Guests followed the blue wisps down our front path, to our door where the festivities were underway.


As I mentioned, the amount of Brave related party products are limited, thus I found myself making a lot of my own.

I made the Brave sign using the Little Golden Book as inspiration. 

I found these quotes, printed them out and mounted them on scrapbook paper. They helped to add some decoration to the dining room where the majority of our celebration was held. 

Using a template I created a personalized birthday banner using shades of purple and teal.

I also found a photo of the tapestry and had that on display as well. 

Moira added her own decorations of the Queen, the triplets, the King, & Merida which we displayed for everything. 



We began by coloring photos of Merida as we waited for our guests to get together. 

Necklaces from the Crafty Corner

We each had our turn at the Crafty Carver and each made a colorful necklace. 

Pin the Arrow on the Target

Because it was winter and we were stuck inside the house, I refrained from using actual bow and arrows. Instead, I created a target and made arrows in different colored papers. A different take on pin the tail on the donkey. 

Teach Queen Merida to Fish

The next game was created by my girls. 
They really enjoy the scene in Brave where Merida teaches Queen Elinor the bear, how to fish in the river. From this inspiration, I made a toss it board, using a photo from the Brave  golden book to make Queen Elinor the bear. There were three holes punched out and then we used rainbow goldfish crackers. Each child took turns tossing the fish into holes. The children loved throwing food, and a few fish did make their way into some mouths. 

Follow the Wisps Scavenger Hunt

Since we were stuck in the house, I decided to plan a final event that was fun and gave our guests a chance to run around. I made clues instructing the kids to run from room to room, and each was tied with blue tulle. The final clue had the children run to the playroom where their favor bags were hidden. 

Birthday Cake 

I used a tutorial from here  for inspiration. I made my own butter cream, and kept one without icing for the birthday girl. It worked perfectly to hold the number 4 candle. It was huge hit amongst the parents and kids alike. However, I now have set the bar for the next birthday confectionery treat. 

All in all, this celebration was a labor of love. 
We had a fabulous time and my Maevie had the celebration of her dreams. 
Happy Birthday to my Brave little girl!