Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Me Want Cookie

A Cookie Monster Celebration

As we know, I love to throw a good kids' party. Margo is obsessed with cookie monster and she loves her music class, so together we had a fabulous cookie monster themed second birthday party, complete with the terrifically talented Miss Marcia as entertainment. 

We LOVE Miss Marcia!

 I cannot stress enough her wonderful demeanor and talent with the under 8 year old sect.
Dare I say, she is the toddler whisperer
In the nearly six years I have known her as a Kids Music Round instructor, I have NEVER seen her have an off day. 
If you're in Southern New Jersey check her out.

Marcia provided the entertainment but the rest of the party revolved around COOKIES! 
I didn't want to go full heavy on the Cookie Monster theme at first, but damn you pinterest! There are so many cute ideas out there, I couldn't help it. 

In keeping with the traditional cookie monster palette, I used a royal blue and white color scheme. Streamers in white and blue were suspended in the dining room, while miscellanous photos and cookie monster quotes found their way throughout the house. Using cookie clip art , I printed out the image on white tag board to create the happy birthday banner. 

Moira helped with the decorations too, as she created an illustration of cookie monster to add to the ambiance. 

In addition, I created a cardboard cut out letter M. Using cookie crisp cereal I hot glued the cookies. Thus creating a quite adorable and potentially edible personalized mantle decoration. I also use various pieces of scrapbook paper and printed out the letters via Microsoft word, to create another Margo banner for the living room. 


Using blue lunchbags I purchased off Amazon and black & white construction paper, I created cookie monster goodie bags. 
Inside, for the little ones, they received a Cookie Monster book I found this fall from the dollar spot at Target and a cookie monster pouch from Earth's Best Organics. For the older guests, I purchased ring pops and packs of Chip's Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. 

 The Food

We provided a delicious lunch of mac & cheese and chili for our guests lunch. But as is the star of most birthday parties, dessert was the star of the show.

Cookie dough dip was divine! Paired with Nilla wafers, OMG!
Check out the recipe from Love & a Prayer here

The star of the dessert wasn't a cookie at all, but rather, a cake, a 
Cookie Monster Cake!

Using a round cake pan, some buttercream icing, and blue food dye, I was able to create this little Cookie Monster Smash cake. I had fun with the piping bag. I also used the white frosting center from oreos to create eyes and brown mini m&ms for the pupils. 

Margo enojoyed it! 

I cannot believe my baby is two! Where did the time go? 
I will say, it has been quite the trip and I feel so very lucky to be the mom to three wonderful little ladies. 

Turning Two is So Sweet!