Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My wardrobe is horrible.
I spend most of my days in old t-shirts and stained/faded yoga capris. Mainly my reason for such a lack of style is the fact my kid can and will spit up at any moment and she does not give a care if I'm in my J.Crew dress or my t-shirt from swim team ten years ago.
I know how I look....
I just wonder how long the excuse, "I just had a baby" is good for? I mean, seriously, four months is really not that long of a time, but when I see my neighbors and the other moms wearing actual nice clothes, I do get jealous. Reality then kicks in as Maeve spits up on me and I realize that I'm glad it's on the t and not my polo.
I guess I have the rest of my life to wear nice(r) things.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

God Bless Maeve!

I feel so lucky to have married someone who is actually a local at the beach! Not only is it a beach, he grew up just minutes away from picturesque Cape May. Way back in 2005, Bry and I married at St. Agnes Church in Cape May and then over fourth of July weekend in 2008, we went back to that same church to have Moira baptized there. Brother Bob officiated both events, and now, 2010 we again made the trek back down the shore with our family and very closest friends to baptize Maeve at the very same place. We had a beautiful day, aside from the spit up all over the gown. (Thank God it's white!) I know it probably was a pain in the ass for everyone besides my mother in law to make the trek from their respective homes, but I am so very grateful!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and when you have a relatively new baby, it's just like any other day. I could lament on the whole "whoa is me!" I didn't get to sleep in or spend the day at the spa. But really, it wasn't too big of a deal. What the hell do I really need from the tangible sense? I don't need any jewelry right now. The SAHM (stay at home mom) wardrobe really would look strange with a diamond tennis bracelet or strand of pearls. I don't really *do* tech stuff- so no ipad, itouch, or blackberry. The joke in my family is that I have the Zach Morris phone from Saved By the Bell, because I don't text and may be one of the few people in America who never have. Clothes are a touchy subject right now, as my mama pouch seems to be a little looser then before Maeve and while Spanx are a Godsend, there's no way I'm wearing them daily, plus again the SAHM wardrobe is pretty much t-shirts, jeans, & sweats, why would I need nice clothes.
I know my dear husband feels bad about yesterday. He has always loved to surprise me with little gifts, but this year we didn't have the funds or the time and guess what? It's fine!
The best memory I have from Mother's Day this year is our little walk to the local ice cream shop/coffee shop. I have to BRIBE Mo to get in the stroller most days, as she would prefer to draw on our front walk with chalk or blow bubbles. So, I have made the mistake of introducing her to the great frozen concoction known as water ice. The past few weeks the weather has been unseasonably warm, perfect for water ice! For a mere $1.75, I get my kid to chill in the stroller for upwards of an hour and then get to cool off with either Mango or Cherry deliciousness.
So back to yesterday, my favorite part was not ordering Chinese for dinner or taking an extra 10 minutes in the shower, but strapping both kids into the stroller and Bry ditching the yard work for twenty minutes to walk to the Ice Cream Shop.
Unfortunately it was closed, and Mo was pissed, but I did get to spend some time with my three favorite people.
I am so lucky.

By the way, to stop the crying and pouting, Bry made a little trip to the other ice cream shop once we got home for some mango ice for Mo and some chocolate ice for me!

Life is sweet and to all the other mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll, baby, Roll!

At approximately three months, one week, and two days, Maeve decided to roll!
I'm really not too good at keeping up with the milestones, I have to admit. I don't give my kids enough credit most of the time. Last week, we were outside. I had the play mat out on the grass and Maeve rolled over not once but twice. Obviously Bry and I are cut from the same cloth, as we both said that it must have been because we were on a slight incline. This past Saturday, though, there was no debating it. As Bry was taking Mo up for the night, I put Maeve on the play mat as I went to the bathroom. When I returned, she was completely on her stomach and propping herself up with her arms.

Way to go Kiddo!
Next stop, sitting up and with that, hopefully an end to the God forsaken spitting up! Mama would love to wear the same shirt all day!