Sunday, March 29, 2009

quiche, photo shoots, and amoxicillian

The past three days have been quite eventful.
On Thursday we had another playdate with Mo's two girlfriends L & K. As I write that sentence I realize how ridiculous I sound. It sounds like Mo decided to plan a girl's night out with her friends, like she's fifteen or something. In reality, the moms that I went to the farm (yes, the farm where I allowed Mo to eat dirt) with and I had such a nice time together we decided to get together again the following Thursday. I also guess since we all are stay-at-home moms and our little girls are all under our watchful eyes we had to bring them too.
So that's where the "quiche" comes in!
I hate to toot by own horn, but I am make a mean quiche lorrianne. Thank you American's Test Kitchen. We had lunch together while the girls played in Erinn's beautiful home. Seeing Erinn's home made me jealous.
From the moment you walked in it just felt homey. We have seen over 50 houses thus far in our great househunt of 2009 and so the idea of having a home seems so far away and having a home as nicely decorated as Erinn makes me feel even more sad. I know, eventually we shall find something.
Back to the story:
We had another wonderful playdate. The girls get along so well. Running or crawling after each other. I really hope we continue with these outings as I can honestly see them playing together and becoming good friends.
On Friday, Mo & I made the trip to PA to visit my oldest and dearest friend Ashley. She had volunteered to take Moira's first birthday photos as she is starting her own photography business. We had such a good time, well at least I had a good time. I'm not quite sure about Ash as I never really realized how crazy it can be attempting to get a nearly one year to stay still long enough for a photo! Ash had a cool pink background set up which matched her party dress. We had balloons, a foam number one, her Moira's birthday book and a personalized party hat. All that wonderful birthday stuff to entertain her and what does Mo want to play with? The balloons? Nope. The number one? No. The book- No. Mo wanted to read a Sesame Street book and play with an Elmo phone, on the opposite side of the room.
God bless all those photographers out there attempting to get photos of toddlers! I am honestly surprised Ashley had any hair left on her head after my child! Mo did do great when we put the cupcake in front of her. She loved that icing!
After the shoot, Ashley brought back her son Aiden from the babysitters and Mo & Aiden ran around like crazy people! They were chasing each other as Ash, my mom, her mom, and I were talking. I guess we weren't watching them enough because Mo took a corner too tight and hit her cheekbone right on a dining room wooden chair.
She got a shiner! (Luckily it happened AFTER the pics!)
Saturday we noticed Mo was out of sorts. Usually she is on the go from wake-up to naptime. She started to cry and was all but inconsolable. For close to an hour she went from sobbing to full blown crying. Luckily our pediatrician has Saturday afternoon hours, so we went in. Mo made it 361 days without a prescription. She had a raging ear infection in her right ear and the beginnings of one in her left. My poor baby. No wonder why she had been waking at 6:30 the past 4 days!
So as I write this on Monday- Mo is taking an early nap. I think the past few days has left her exhausted. That or she's saving her energy for Wednesday.
April 1, 2009
Her first birthday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something for me

Since Moira has been born, I have spent most of my time dedicated to her. Besides feedings, and bathing, and reading and playing, my life has changed.
I must confess, I am a gym dropout. All those good intentions I had had about taking Moira to babysitting at the gym while I worked out were pushed to the wayside when I realized between her napping, nursing, and awake schedule, I never really could get my crap together. Of course, as the months went by and I got into a routine, going to the gym was never integrated. We're trying to save for a house, so that extra money going out for nothing was such a waster. So after paying for it for nearly 7 months, I bit the bullet and cancelled the membership. Of course now, I wish I didn't.
Moira has a new routine where she naps for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day and she's down to 2 nursing sessions a day. Basically, I could have made it to the classes in the morning and put her in the babysitting now. She'd most likely would have enjoyed interacting with the other children and I might have lost a few of those pregnancy pounds that are hanging around. But, like I said. It's too late now. The membership has been cancelled and hopefully new house is right around the corner.
So like I had said, my caring for Moira has been the primary activity I took part in the past 11 months. Yes, I occasionally went out to dinner with Bryan or baked or attempted to cook, but on a pie graph, I would say the majority of the circle would be one color with the label Moira.
That is until 2 months ago. The website I frequent, the Nest, has a board dedicated to Stay-At-Home-Moms (SAHM) and I often visit that board. It has been nice to read other moms who like me are getting used to their new job as a full-time mom. There are posts that I read that feel as if I wrote them myself and the occasional post that I read thinking, what the f--k? This person should not be a parent. (I know, I judge!)
The board started a book club. Well, it's not really a book club, since it's impossible for us to all get together since it's a national board. Instead, it's more of a challenge. Basically, we set a number of books we wanted to read in the year and once a week we check in. We share what (if anything) we are reading, give book recommendations and keep a running tally.
This is something I needed. Something just for me. So far, I'm onto book ten. Not too bad. I have added a link to my Good Reads website listing the books I have read thus far in my Great Book Challenge of 2009. If you have any good book recs, I'll take them!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just like her parents

I know people brag about their kids all the time. Heck, I bet most of the people reading this think I'm exaggerating about the brilliance and physical acuity of my daughter. I get it.
No one thinks their kid is average.
Every person believes their kid is special and unique.
Well, I know most people are lying, but I can seriously say Moira's interaction with books is frightening, in a good way. At nearly a year old, she has a fascination with the written word and pictures. She will look at books by herself. She recently has taken to bringing her favorite books over to you, will climb on your lap, and waits for you to read to her. She seems to enjoy books, which makes me, as the teacher ecstatic!!
Now, I know, many young children enjoy books, but here's the kicker.
She will turn any book, regardless of how familiar she is with it, around the correctly way. If you give her a book upside down and backwards, she somehow knows to turn it around. She looks like she's reading.
Because of her affinity for books, I feel no guilt purchasing books for Moira. On another blog written by a former teacher she mentioned a book by Robert Munsch called Moira's Birthday . I was absolutely giddy when I read about it! Immediately I went on Barnes and Noble and ordered it for Mo. It arrived today and as you can see she enjoyed it!

Moira's just like her parents. Put a good book in front of her, and she's happy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oops...Spoke to soon.

Today is the first official day of spring and it looks like this here:

Yes, that is snow.
I guess that teaches me not to write about the lovely springlike weather before spring actually officially arrives.
Oh yes, I must remind my loyal readers today is free water ice day at Rita's. (Yes, it's water ice, as every South Jersey/Phila resident knows is the correct term!)Rita's Ice
Rita's is still yummy even if there is snow on the ground!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring has sprung (at least a little while)

When I first had Moira I had mentioned on the message board I frequent how lonely I was feeling. Another poster who lived in the same town as I suggested I attend a Mommy & baby exercise class at the local gym. I needed a reason to get out, so almost immediately after finding out about the class, I called up and enrolled.
Driving up to the gym that first day, I suddenly felt like I was getting ready for the first day of school. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was for me to be nervous. They were moms & babies- why should I be worried about it?
I lugged Mo into the room in her infant car seat, and saw a bunch of smiling faces, and I was able to exhale. Within that first five minutes, I listened to stories from other moms who had little ones like me, some about Mo's age, some a little older. Included in the group were Erinn and Josie. Each had daughters a little older than Mo, and were quick to include me in their conversation as their babies, and mine for that matter, gooed away on the mat as we did squats and lunges.
Those months since that first class, Erinn and Josie and their girls Lorelai and Kate, have been the first of Moira's girlfriends.
This past Wednesday we had our first springtime play date. Erinn had suggested we visit a farm that is an educational facility open to the public that preserves and interprets farming life and processes from the era of 1890-1910.
The Howell Living History Farm Of course, we chose this place to help facilitate to our toddlers the educational impact of farm life during the end of the 19th century. We really want our daughters to be educationally stimulated.

Just kidding.
We went because it's free and they have lots of farm animals.
The girls loved watching the animals. This is one of the 3 day old lambs.
Here is the mama lamb and her babies. Moira had fun running around. Mo also decided to eat dirt. Yup, a big old handful of dirt. Yummy, right?

I also thought it kind of looked like chocolate.
Eating the dirt was our sign that the day at the farm was over. She slept awesome in the car though. I thoroughly recommend a trip to the farm. However, just be careful when you go. It is a living farm. Erinn made the mistake of asking where the pigs were that she had seen in the fall. Our guide informed us they were now bacon and ham. Needless to say, I'm happy we didn't choose butcher day as our day to visit!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny how life changes...

once you have a kid.
Before Moira, Bry and I would go out a lot. We would think nothing of going out for dinner on Friday and Saturday night. Most Fridays we wouldn't actually leave our house until 8 or 9, and come home around 11 or later. We'd leisurely eat, drink, and talk. We'd laugh and remince and talk about our day at work.
Having a kid changes everything.
No longer do we dine out on Fridays and Saturdays. It's usually a late dinner, around 8:30, but mainly because we can't decided whether to order Chinese or pizza, and then we wait to eat until Moira is asleep.
Before Moira, we would visit friends all over the place. Spend a weekend in Maryland or Atlantic City. We were carefree and would sleep in.
The highlight now is trips to Wegmans or the seafood place. Playdates with friends at the park. Instead of cocktails at the Borgata, we're excited about cupcakes for Moira's friend Garrett's first birthday party.
While I sometimes think back longingly to those Saturday mornings I would sleep in until 10 or those little overnight trips and dinner out, I usually am snapped back into reality by my little girl tugging at my pants, wanting to be picked up. Smiling back at me with those baby blue eyes, and I realize, life is better because of her.
(Even when I'm scrubbing the spaghetti sauce off her face as she thrashes around.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Splish, Splash!

We have finally outgrown the baby tub.
Seriously, we have outgrown the baby tub about 2 months ago, but I kind of refused to submit to the big bathtub, that is until today. As I was walking in our bathroom I happened to glance at the blue baby tub and then looked at Mo and realized she is too big for it. She's at the age where she wants to play in the tub and that blue tub is too tiny to play in. Needless to say, I had to give in and try out the big tub. Usually, I bathe her in the morning, after breakfast and after I shower. Usually it's a quick 1,2,3 event, but like I wrote, she's getting older, and wants to play.
This afternoon we were just lounging around and I figured, hey, why not make today the day.
I filled up the tub, added her two most favorite ducks, and then in she went.
She automatically started kicking her feet and laughing. I realized I wasn't prepared.
I left the camera downstairs.
I quick grabbed her wet, naked body and a towel and ran downstairs, grabbed the camera and plopped her back in the tub. She was so happy playing in the tub.

Things were going well, she splashed and kicked and sucked on the washrag. She whacked her ducks together and had a grand old time until she tried to stand up. I tried wrestling my wet daughter as she attempted to stand and splash. I had to wash her hair and body. What normally took 3 minutes took closer to 10 minutes and Thank God I put on a tank top because my arms were dripping wet.
I did learn something, though we need to make a run to Babies R Us to buy this:

Hopefully the kid won't move too much sitting in this seat!

I have decided to me a nice mom and save the completely nude bathing pictures for the time Moira decides to bring her first boyfriend over.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Why does it always seem to snow in March? I thought it's the month of leprechauns and kites, but apparently it's also the time for snowpants, and shovels, at least where I live anyway.
Snow storm number two, for our dear Moira. This time as a walker it was quite amusing watching her attempt to tackle the snow that came up to her waist.

Final Score: Snow 1, Moira 0