Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Splish, Splash!

We have finally outgrown the baby tub.
Seriously, we have outgrown the baby tub about 2 months ago, but I kind of refused to submit to the big bathtub, that is until today. As I was walking in our bathroom I happened to glance at the blue baby tub and then looked at Mo and realized she is too big for it. She's at the age where she wants to play in the tub and that blue tub is too tiny to play in. Needless to say, I had to give in and try out the big tub. Usually, I bathe her in the morning, after breakfast and after I shower. Usually it's a quick 1,2,3 event, but like I wrote, she's getting older, and wants to play.
This afternoon we were just lounging around and I figured, hey, why not make today the day.
I filled up the tub, added her two most favorite ducks, and then in she went.
She automatically started kicking her feet and laughing. I realized I wasn't prepared.
I left the camera downstairs.
I quick grabbed her wet, naked body and a towel and ran downstairs, grabbed the camera and plopped her back in the tub. She was so happy playing in the tub.

Things were going well, she splashed and kicked and sucked on the washrag. She whacked her ducks together and had a grand old time until she tried to stand up. I tried wrestling my wet daughter as she attempted to stand and splash. I had to wash her hair and body. What normally took 3 minutes took closer to 10 minutes and Thank God I put on a tank top because my arms were dripping wet.
I did learn something, though we need to make a run to Babies R Us to buy this:

Hopefully the kid won't move too much sitting in this seat!

I have decided to me a nice mom and save the completely nude bathing pictures for the time Moira decides to bring her first boyfriend over.


  1. I serioulsy thought that I had taken and shower last night from all of Kaiden's splashing too.
    Oh the fun of bath time in the "big tub!"

  2. I have a few naked baby pics that I am saving too. :)

    She looks like she had a blast

  3. We used those seats for a while before they refused to get into them a couple of weeks ago. They worked great!


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