Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something for me

Since Moira has been born, I have spent most of my time dedicated to her. Besides feedings, and bathing, and reading and playing, my life has changed.
I must confess, I am a gym dropout. All those good intentions I had had about taking Moira to babysitting at the gym while I worked out were pushed to the wayside when I realized between her napping, nursing, and awake schedule, I never really could get my crap together. Of course, as the months went by and I got into a routine, going to the gym was never integrated. We're trying to save for a house, so that extra money going out for nothing was such a waster. So after paying for it for nearly 7 months, I bit the bullet and cancelled the membership. Of course now, I wish I didn't.
Moira has a new routine where she naps for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day and she's down to 2 nursing sessions a day. Basically, I could have made it to the classes in the morning and put her in the babysitting now. She'd most likely would have enjoyed interacting with the other children and I might have lost a few of those pregnancy pounds that are hanging around. But, like I said. It's too late now. The membership has been cancelled and hopefully new house is right around the corner.
So like I had said, my caring for Moira has been the primary activity I took part in the past 11 months. Yes, I occasionally went out to dinner with Bryan or baked or attempted to cook, but on a pie graph, I would say the majority of the circle would be one color with the label Moira.
That is until 2 months ago. The website I frequent, the Nest, has a board dedicated to Stay-At-Home-Moms (SAHM) and I often visit that board. It has been nice to read other moms who like me are getting used to their new job as a full-time mom. There are posts that I read that feel as if I wrote them myself and the occasional post that I read thinking, what the f--k? This person should not be a parent. (I know, I judge!)
The board started a book club. Well, it's not really a book club, since it's impossible for us to all get together since it's a national board. Instead, it's more of a challenge. Basically, we set a number of books we wanted to read in the year and once a week we check in. We share what (if anything) we are reading, give book recommendations and keep a running tally.
This is something I needed. Something just for me. So far, I'm onto book ten. Not too bad. I have added a link to my Good Reads website listing the books I have read thus far in my Great Book Challenge of 2009. If you have any good book recs, I'll take them!

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  1. omg that's GREAT that you're doing that! I've never gone to either of those boards on the nest but I'm going to now. I'm SO with you on that pie chart. It's hard, no way around it.


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