Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not My Niche

Our elementary school is hosting a fundraising 5K run next week. For a small donation,  one receives a t-shirt, and runs 3.1 miles.

As it's the first year, our little town is abuzz.
Who's running?
Who's jogging?
Will there be a lot of entries?

After listening to various moms at pick up, I know many are ready and eager. They've got their running sneaks ready. Signs promoting the race have polka dotted yards, encouraging the public to sign up. My inbox included friendly reminder emails to register while a paper reminder found it's way into Mo's folder.

It seems that this race is a who's who of the parent association. It's time to get your run on!

I've been asked if I'll be there. I paste a fake smile on my face, and emphatically reply,  No.

See the truth is:

I do not run around the street. 
I do not run with my two feet. 
I do not run up or down.
I do not run around the town. 
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is not the sport for me.

I try and try to like it so.
I hate it, hate it, now you know. .
I will not be at this running race. 
You will not see my smiling face. 
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is not the sport for me. '

I've been told I'm missing out. 
You'll love it, my friends all shout.
Together they jog away all cute, 
As I turn away and scoot, 
I do not like to run you see.
Running is not the sport for me. 

A jogging stroller is meant for you, 
to push while jogging, who knew?
The running moms push in line, 
Easily maneuvering as I stroll behind. 
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is not the sport for me. 

I miss that bit of social life, 
Since I am not a running wife. 
Jealous that I do not have that, 
That happy time to run and chat. 
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is not the sport for me. 

Instead, I'm forced to find other places, 
To chat with friends, enjoy their faces.
No running for me, at the park, 
or early morning while it's dark.
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is not the sport for me. 

So Sunday morning when they run 
I'll be home, missing the fun. 
As a non runner, a 5K you say?
My response, is absolutely no way!
I do not like to run you see. 
Running is 
no way
no how
 the sport for me. 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Long Term Memory

Did you know once a upon a time there was a show called Rock and Roll Jeopardy

Everyone knows about Jeopardy. What is the most famous question and answer show on television? 
Now, imagine Jeopardy, but instead of topics like Operas and Famous Historians from France, topics like music from Molly Ringwald movies and Van Halen songs were the norm. 

I rocked Rock and Roll Jeopardy. For some reason I have a very unique and wide variety of pop culture references in my long term memory. In a nutshell, I seem to remember stupid stuff. 

This week Stasha and her Monday Listicles asked for Ten Things I Shouldn't Know, and so I can't help but go the pop culture route. 

1. There was a show called Rock and Roll Jeopardy

2. Stacy Ferguson AKA Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas was Stacy from Kids Incorporated, which also later starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. Mario Lopez was a background dancer too. 
My sister and I may not have been mildly obsessed with this show. 

3. Even though they both played baby Michelle on Full House, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen aren't identical twins. They are nearly identical. 

4. Debbie Gibson had a perfume called Electric Youth,- the same name as her popular song. It should be noted this perfume had a very similar to smell as burnt candle wicks. 

5.  Before Sex in the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was Annie on Broadway. 

6. When I wrote #5, I remembered that Sarah Jessica Parker can also be found starring along side Helen Hunt and Shannen Dougherty in one of my favorite '80's movies- Girls Just Want to Have Fun

7. Cyndi Lauper, who wrote and sang Girls Just Want to Have Fun also is responsible for Goonies R Good Enough,  the theme song to The Goonies. 

8.  Molly Ringwald was in the first few episodes of The Facts of Life. 

9.  When I think of soap operas, 
I think over the top, very dramatic and sexified. 
I think big city! 
However, did you know the soap opera - The Young & the Restless takes place in Genoa City WISCONSIN? 
(This one's for you mom!) 

10. I still watch episodes of Freaks & Geeks and wonder how it only lasted one season? 
The amount of talent on that show is ridiculous and speaks of a calling card for Hollywood today. 
Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, James Franco. Linda Cardellini, Busy Phillips, Judd Apatow.....

What things do you know that you shouldn't?

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Look Ma, No Hands

At eight and a half month, dear Margo seems to have lost any sense of fear, and hesitation as she began letting go and standing.

No Hands!

Not quite twenty four hours after this photo was taken, she took three steps unassisted between Bryan and I. 

I don't know if I'm ready for a walker, especially one so tiny?

At least she's cute!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The End

And so it happened.

Some how. Some way. Even though I tried with all my might to prevent it.  September is here.

I have never minded turning another year older. I've never been one to lie or hide my age. While thirty five seemed old when I was in high school, now it's nothing. Thirty five? Wow!

Usually I am up to celebrate, preferably with a yummy cake and lots of presents. I'll admit, I like being the center of attention. Sing to me at restaurant if you must. Scribble your name on a card. Even hand me some birthday balloons, and I'll gladly accept.

Happy Birthday to me!

However, this year, the thought of my birthday brings a little pit in my stomach. My birthday has always been the signal that summer is coming to an end. The time to prepare for back to school.

For nearly eight years, I spent my birthday getting my own classroom together. I'd still get those butterflies the few days g before. The anticipation, the excitement coupled with a small dose of worry over the pending school year would come to a fever pitch that first day.

Would there be any issues?
Would I be able to reach them all?
Would they learn?
Would they have fun?

That first morning, I would get into the school extra early. Adjusting my new outfit, ensuring desks were in perfect rows, pencils were sharpened, and the date meticulously written. Texts, workbooks, folders, crayons, glue sticks all brand new waiting for their owners.

The little bodies would meet me in the front of the school. Lined up ready to go, as parents stood along side. Wiping away stray tears, waving good bye feverishly as they shouted wishes of love and luck to their wide eyed children as they parade down the hall to their new classroom.

There's nothing quite like that first day of school!

Now, it's been some five years since my last first day. I'm now experiencing those jitters as I'm on the opposite side.

How did this ever happen?

On Wednesday morning, she will wake up extra early and adjust her new outfit. She will check and recheck her tote bag, ensuring it is filled with the new folders, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks her teacher has requested.

The excitement and energy will pulsate through our home as we ready Moira for her first day of Kindergarten. Amid anxiety, I will force her to eat breakfast as I choke back my own tears as we head off to school.

Instead of walking down the hall to meet my own class, I'll be on that other side.  Her teacher will emerge, as Moira joins in with her peers leaving me waving furiously goodbye. I will watch her disappear into elementary school, placing all my faith in her teacher.

I'll be left questioning:
Will there be any issues?
Will her teacher be able to reach her?
Will she learn?
Will she have fun?

How did we get here already?

Being on that other end, has given me a unique opportunity. I already know what magic is in store in the Kindergarten classroom. This June, she will be a totally different creature. It is inevitable as she will have grown and learned so much. Knowing this, I am so happy for Moira, but I can't help but inhale a bit deeper as I think about how quickly these five years have flown by.

So, Happy Birthday to me! This year amid the cake and presents, I'm hoping to savor these next few hours. While my birthday may be over, we still have one day of Summer vacation left, and then

Kindergarten, here Moira comes!