Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad - Good, Baby - Good, Life - Good!

My dad is home now recovering from his surgery. While she hasn't admitted it to me yet, I think my mom is already ready for Dad to return back to work and go back to their regularly scheduled life.
Things here are otherwise good.
The baby is a kicking fiend! I know you aren't suppose to compare kids, especially before they exit utero, but he or she is giving Mo a run for the money. Every little kick and movement gets me excited to meet this new little person, but not until after the holidays!
Mama don't want no 2009 baby!
We started our music class again but this time because of the new house, we're at a different location. Which means we have a different teacher and a whole group of different faces. I should also mention that now our class it at a local Temple instead of a dance studio. I have always considered myself to be rather open minded. I have friends of various colors, creeds, and orientations, but I had never been to a Temple before. I admit, I usually get a little anxiety before new classes. What will the other moms be like? Will Mo stick out because she's too loud? too tall? too rambunctious? Well, the anticipation before this class also included my worry over how to navigate a Temple. Will we be the only Gentiles?
I've been in churches and chapels before and usually if there was a class it was in the basement or community center. I had an idea of the location of the class but didn't really realize how large it was until we pulled up. CRAP! It is huge! Not only is it a temple but a community center, pre-school, and more all rolled up in one. I even found out today that there's a store inside! We definitely don't have stores in Catholic churches!
Anyway, I slowly undo the car seat to get Mo out of the car while perusing the parking lot for other women with children. Hopefully I think, I can find someone else who has been there and can point me in the direction of the Promised Land (I kid!)- the room for music.
Apparently I'm early so I walk to a pair of doors that I hope is the main entrance when I spy a mom getting her child out of the car. I switch directions to ask her if I'm on the right way when out sprints this petite woman wearing black workout capris, a black v-neck t-shirt with "Kids Music Round" emblazoned on the front, and a microphone in her ear which made me immediately think of this:
I have visions for a split second of toddlers Voguing around a Temple.
Our new teacher is very different from our former teacher. I would compare them as Modest Madonna with her ear microphone and amp to a folksy Joni Mitchell type. Night and Day!
We enjoyed our class and I love seeing Mo move to the music. I met a few moms and hopefully can make a few friends for both Mo and I along the way.
Like I said, it's all good so far!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a ...

healthy baby!
We had our level two ultrasound this past Monday and everything is where it needs to be for baby 2. Just like his or her older sister, his/her legs and arms are measuring ahead and the head circumference is on the larger side too!
We decided that again we will keep the gender of baby 2 a surprise until he or she joins us in January.
Here's a picture of the profile.

Feel free to make your guesses in our baby pool. Again, rewards will be given to the person who guesses the closest!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to the world baby Blaise!

No, baby 2 is not here yet!
My brother in law and his wife in Taiwan called us yesterday with the great news that our first nephew, Blaise Xavier was born, after only 3 pushes total! He weighed in at 5 lbs. 9 oz. and is 19.5 in long. We have only seen one picture so far, and to be honest, I see my brother in law in Blaise already! Also, it seems like he and Mo have the same nose.
We look forward to meeting Aunt Cynthia and cousin Blaise in the future, but until then, we'll just have to spoil him from the other side of the world and send it via air mail.
Congratulations again Casey and Cynthia and welcome to the family baby Blaise!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on my dad!

We got good news yesterday!
After a full body scan on Tuesday, the doctor was happy to report that the cancer is only in the prostate! This means he will not need chemotherapy or radiation. With the removal of the organ and a little rest he should be back to his old self in no time!
Thank you for any prayers or vibes for my family.

My dad should be back playing with Mo soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Baby Names

A nifty little baby related blog I follow posted about top baby names. I figure, why not join in, especially since baby two obviously needs to be named something. Thank you to That's What She Said for introducing me to Wordle.
My Top Ten:
Wordle: Untitled

Wordle: Untitled

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good News, Good News, Bad News

Good News:
I hit the 20 wk mark on Thursday. I am exactly half-way through pregnancy number 2. Moms of two or more, have told me that the second pregnancy (and other subsequent ones) go much faster then the first, and really, they've seemed to be right. So far, things have been good. I've had similar symptoms with this round as I did with Moira. Basically, lots of indigestion and a heavy addiction to Tums. Beyond that, it's been grand, yes I said grand. My belly is getting a little bigger and I'm having a bit more trouble getting up from the couch, but beyond that, I'm feeling great!

Good News:
My brother and is fiance hit the one year mark until their wedding. The official clock has started, as September 10, 2010 will be here soon. Hopefully my pre-pregnancy body will be making it to that party. Nothing a little spanx and a good pair of heels can't cover!

Bad News
My dad has prostate cancer.
My dad has cancer and it sucks! Just last year we dealt with the unexpected death of my uncle from lung cancer, and then earlier this year my good friend Kathie lost her battle with breast cancer and now my dad.
I am a daddy's girl. I have always been. My mom loves to tell the story about how when I was little, like 2 or 3, I used nap late so that I could be up when my dad got home from working the 3-11 shift. I would sit on the couch with him drinking orange juice as he would drink his screwdrivers. I talk to my mom every day, I think there's something special between a mother and a daughter, especially when you have a child, but my dad has a very special place in my heart.
He went into the doctor's office anticipating this diagnosis. Both his father and older brother had it, so he just assumed he did too. Lucky for us, the numbers are low, the biopsies only show 3 spots out of 12, and the doctor gives him good odds that with only surgery to remove the organ, he will be fine. He goes next week for a body scan to ensure that it hasn't spread.
I'm not letting myself think anything else.
He will be fine.
I know it.
So if you're reading this send out a special prayer to my dad tonight.
Oh, and if you don't pray, just offer out any healing vibes you can to him.

Mo and Grandpops at the Phillies

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gifts from Far, Far, Away

How lucky is my kid?
How many 17 month olds get to play with this?

This is a bobble head of the god of food and wine.

Or get to have a doll like this?

Check out these shoes:

I love them and only wish they didn't have fabric bottoms. She's already slipped and fell across our living room floors. I may ask my brother in law to send over another pair in the next size up since they just fit!
Here is Mo's newest play mat:

Move over Kai-Lan, (cartoon on Noggin), Mo has her own Chinese play mat to practice.

My mother in law brought back some great gifts from her recent visit to Taiwan to visit my brother in law and new sister in law. She didn't forget us either, besides a plethora of various snacks with barely any English writing on any, she bought us these:

Faux jade coasters.
Next year when she heads back, I think I may ask her for the real thing!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer went out with a BANG!

I have mentioned previously about our new hometown and the eerie similarities it seems to share with Pleasantville. Bry is not handy but after years of hard labor under the watchful eye of his father, he feels comfortable and confident in his ability to garden. I think that's why he is putting so much time and energy into the removal of the EVIL IVY and all the other brush that is keeping our front yard from looking like the picturesque yard it can be.
Again, our weekend was spent with Bry shoveling, and digging, and sawing pieces of overgrown hedges and digging for rogue roots near our front patio. Mo and I spent a lot of time on the front porch. She in her new $3 car my parents picked up at a yard sale while I just watched it all.
I bring up the Pleasantville comment, because as we... I mean Bry... was working our neighbors from across the street invited us over to their backyard, where we met another set of neighbors and their children. We relaxed as the kids played in their nicely manicured backyard. Mo loved their swing set and was able to climb up the slide to the top in no time flat. Of course, being the ever cautious parent, I made Bry grab her off. She loved the grass, the "big kid" toys, and playing with the kids.
We were there for nearly an hour and half when it happened.
Out of no where, she went to try and run towards the stairs to the house. Somehow she lost her footing and BANG, she hit her forehead, and face straight on with the metal handrail. Immediately it turned black and blue and swelled up. She spent all of five minutes crying on me, thrashed when we tried unsuccessfully to put ice on it, and ultimately found Dora play mats to be more exciting.
This is what she looked like at dinner that night:

Today, three days later, it's still a nice purple shade. Of course, leave it to my kid to make summer go out in a bang!