Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gifts from Far, Far, Away

How lucky is my kid?
How many 17 month olds get to play with this?

This is a bobble head of the god of food and wine.

Or get to have a doll like this?

Check out these shoes:

I love them and only wish they didn't have fabric bottoms. She's already slipped and fell across our living room floors. I may ask my brother in law to send over another pair in the next size up since they just fit!
Here is Mo's newest play mat:

Move over Kai-Lan, (cartoon on Noggin), Mo has her own Chinese play mat to practice.

My mother in law brought back some great gifts from her recent visit to Taiwan to visit my brother in law and new sister in law. She didn't forget us either, besides a plethora of various snacks with barely any English writing on any, she bought us these:

Faux jade coasters.
Next year when she heads back, I think I may ask her for the real thing!

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