Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad - Good, Baby - Good, Life - Good!

My dad is home now recovering from his surgery. While she hasn't admitted it to me yet, I think my mom is already ready for Dad to return back to work and go back to their regularly scheduled life.
Things here are otherwise good.
The baby is a kicking fiend! I know you aren't suppose to compare kids, especially before they exit utero, but he or she is giving Mo a run for the money. Every little kick and movement gets me excited to meet this new little person, but not until after the holidays!
Mama don't want no 2009 baby!
We started our music class again but this time because of the new house, we're at a different location. Which means we have a different teacher and a whole group of different faces. I should also mention that now our class it at a local Temple instead of a dance studio. I have always considered myself to be rather open minded. I have friends of various colors, creeds, and orientations, but I had never been to a Temple before. I admit, I usually get a little anxiety before new classes. What will the other moms be like? Will Mo stick out because she's too loud? too tall? too rambunctious? Well, the anticipation before this class also included my worry over how to navigate a Temple. Will we be the only Gentiles?
I've been in churches and chapels before and usually if there was a class it was in the basement or community center. I had an idea of the location of the class but didn't really realize how large it was until we pulled up. CRAP! It is huge! Not only is it a temple but a community center, pre-school, and more all rolled up in one. I even found out today that there's a store inside! We definitely don't have stores in Catholic churches!
Anyway, I slowly undo the car seat to get Mo out of the car while perusing the parking lot for other women with children. Hopefully I think, I can find someone else who has been there and can point me in the direction of the Promised Land (I kid!)- the room for music.
Apparently I'm early so I walk to a pair of doors that I hope is the main entrance when I spy a mom getting her child out of the car. I switch directions to ask her if I'm on the right way when out sprints this petite woman wearing black workout capris, a black v-neck t-shirt with "Kids Music Round" emblazoned on the front, and a microphone in her ear which made me immediately think of this:
I have visions for a split second of toddlers Voguing around a Temple.
Our new teacher is very different from our former teacher. I would compare them as Modest Madonna with her ear microphone and amp to a folksy Joni Mitchell type. Night and Day!
We enjoyed our class and I love seeing Mo move to the music. I met a few moms and hopefully can make a few friends for both Mo and I along the way.
Like I said, it's all good so far!


  1. When you were 6 years old your Feet First class was in a Temple on Starr Street in P-ville. You absolutely loved that class!

  2. Mini Madonna! yikes!!!
    Glad your dad is doing well!!


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