Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Post of 2010

What a year this has been! I cannot believe how quickly 12 months has gone by. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant and putting away Christmas decorations, and here I am, staring at a decorated Christmas tree waiting for the ball to drop on December 31, with two healthy and beautiful little girls asleep upstairs.
How is it that 2010 is over when I feel like it just started?
Life has a way of doing that, moving in fast forward at times.
I remember being a freshmen in high school and thinking, "Wow! I have to be in this school for four long years!" Now the idea of four years is but a blink in my life. This year I welcomed another beautiful little girl into the world and what frightens me is how quickly the time is going by. This first year of Maeve's life seems to have moved twice as fast as the first year of Mo's life. It still was only 365 days but those days moved quicker. My life has gotten fuller with the addition of this little girl, our Sunshine or Shiny as Mo affectionately calls her. There have been moments I wondered, what the f--k am I doing, as two girls screamed in unison wanting to be held or changed. But for the most part, I am happy. Bry and I still find ourselves saying "We have two children? We have two children. WE HAVE TWO CHILDREN!" and I guess that was the most memorable event of 2010 for us.
I'm not the kind of person that makes resolutions. I know I need to loose a few pounds and exercise and all that, but hey, isn't that what everyone starts the new year off with? Instead, I'm going to try and be in the moment more with my family. I need have some more alone time with Bry, and most importantly I need to make some time for myself.
So, I bid farewell to 2010. You were a great year and I will think back on you fondly as the year we became a family of four.
I welcome with open arms 2011 and wish everyone a happy and healthy year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Defense of Our Minivan

Way back before children, Bry and I imagined the life we'd live. We wished for beautiful children playing soccer in the backyard of our nice house with a decent size kitchen and yard with the medium sized mutt of a dog we'd rescue from the SPCA frolicking at our ankles while the suv was parked in the driveway. So far, we've got the kids (one of whom is obsessed with soccer), the nice (okay, potentially nice) house, the dog is on hold until all kids are out of diapers, and we had the Ford Escape in our driveway.

For a while, it was as close to perfection as we imagined, and then Bryan got in a car accident and all that changed.

He's fine, but his car- a 2004 Saturn Ion- was not. After the insurance company assessed the damages, we realized it was probably not really worth it to fix the car. After a week of debating and Internet research we decided-gulp- to get a minivan.

Somehow, someone or groups of someones decided that minivans were bad. Obviously these people did not have more then one child in a car seat at a time.

The reality of the situation is that for many the purchase of a minivan is equated with the loss of being "cool" and also the acknowledgement that one is now an adult. Driving a Porsche = luxury and decadence while driving a minivan = responsibility and reliability. Being responsible is a bad word, I guess. When you are single, the idea of needing room for car seats and a trunk large enough for a double stroller does not enter your mind. However, when you've got two kids still in diapers and car seats and strollers and all their other stuff your opinion starts to change. You long for a car that can fit all their things, the possibility of another child, and yet still have room for more then one other grown-up.

We had discussed getting a new SUV with a third row. Having seen the commericals for the Chevy Traverse, I was smitten. This could be the car that saved us from minivans. It could fit seven (or eight) comfortably. I could have room for two car seats plus all their stuff and still have more then one other adult in the car with us.

Sign me up for the Traverse.

Well, the price tag of the Traverse and every other SUV made my eyes bulge. Most start at $30,000! Factor in the fact that this was an unexpected car purchase, so our purse strings were crying- NO! NO! NO!.

Of the 40 SUVS with third rows, only 14 are under $35,000 and if you look at those, only one is under $25,000- the Dodge Journey. The third row on most of these cars involves folding down a seat. If we had two car seats attached, how easy would it be to access the third row? My guess it would be a production of epic proportions.

So price and design took us out of purchasing a SUV, leaving us with one option: the minivan.

We settled on a 2010 Kia Sedona which is by far the best bang for your buck in terms of minivans. I never thought I'd be happy about owning a minivan, but I honestly am. It has enough room for the four of us, two car seats and all that other crap, plus enough room in the back row to fit three other people comfortably. I can safely get Mo and Maeve in and out of the car when we park on street, and I look forward to possible car trips now that there is enough room for everything.

The anti-minivan stance is just plain silly when you think about it. Bry was so freaked out about what having a minivan meant that I really couldn't wrap my head around it. But I guess, I kind of figured it out. Buying the minivan was the last big step making us grown-ups. I guess for some people it's buying your first home, for others the birth of their first child, and for Bry it was the minivan.

We're officially grown-ups now!

We'll have to wait until we have that empty nest to get the two seater Porsche.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Dear Santa,
It's that time of year where you are inundated with requests for bicycles and dolls and electronics galore, from good and questionably good little boys and girls. The countdown is on, and a mere ten nights from now you will be filling up the sleigh with toys and heading out for the ride of the year. I have a favor though. People have asked what I want this year for Christmas and I am at a loss for tangible things. Sure, an embosser is practical, as would be a mini cupcake pan or a pair or two of pajamas, but what I want is tough. I'm not really sure how much pull you have over these things, but I want my kid potty trained for Christmas.
I would love it if she would stop kicking and screaming, oh the screaming, when I even mention sitting on the potty. I would love it if I could put one of those 15 plus pairs of character underwear sitting in the untouched drawer on her little bottom for the day. I would also love to only have to purchase one box of diapers.
I know this request is really a lot, and I'm guessing, you'll probably be unable to do it. But hey, it's the time of miracles, right? I figured I'd be stupid not to ask.
Oh yeah, I've been a good girl and all that.
p.s. I figure if you can't bring me this, the embosser is fine and I'll just ask the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas cards, Oh Christmas Cards!

I visit a number of other blogs and I repeatedly saw that Shutterfly was offering bloggers 50 free Christmas cards. I was a little hesitant at first to submit my information, but upon further review figured what did I have to lose?
I had used shutterfly a few times in the past, most memorably for our wedding thank you. I have always liked their selection of mini albums.
Now it's Christmas card time! After our fabulous photo shoot it's decision time, which fabulous pictures to use and then which holiday card too?
I know there are a lot of husbands out there that really do not have opinions over things like Christmas cards. Bry is the exception. I had made a few mock-ups with various 2 photo and 3 photo layouts. After seeing them, he had to tweak them a bit.
Will it be this card?

Or this one?

Or maybe this one?

(Obviously these cards do not contain pictures of my children!)
I will confess.
Currently in my "saved projects" folder on Shutterfly's site I have eight cards saved! I must make a decision soon, but which one? Do I go with the photos I like or the ones Bryan prefers? Which card? Not only do I have to chose the card from the awesome selection, but I also have decide which picture or pictures to use. I know whichever I choose, it will turn out great. I have a few relatives already asking when they will be getting our card, so I guess there's a little pressure there!
Thank you Shutterfly for helping to make my holiday a little brighter!

Friday, December 10, 2010


My best friend Ashley offered to take the girls Christmas photos and of course, I jumped on the offer.
Last year, illness and weather prevented us from our photo shoot, but this year nothing was going to stop us. I found an adorable sweater dress & leggings for Maeve and got a coordinating sweater for Mo. I worried that Maeve would not cooperate, or worse that she would cry and ruin it. Boy, was I wrong!
Maeve was quite the ham! I just might turn into a stage mom after seeing these pics. Maybe baby modeling or worse yet, pageants? My girl Maevie is so freaking adorable, if I don't say so myself. I feel like Ashley was really able to capture her well.

Mo was another story. She usually is quite cooperate with pictures. Usually if tell her to say "Chase Utley" instead of "cheese" you can a great pic. This didn't work! Between toys, chocolate chip cookies, and her best bud A, Mo would not look at Ash.

When it was all said and done, Ash did get two really adorable pictures of the girls together.

Now it's time to make the choice, get the holiday cards ordered, addressed, and mailed.
Thanks again Ash!
Ashley Pierce Photography

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My poor Maevie.
She is quite the mobile little lady. Grant it, she doesn't quite walk independently yet. However, she has mastered the fine art of cruising and manages to get into EVERYTHING! About a month and a half ago, she made her way around the family room and spotted Mo's cup full of milk. Before anyone noticed, she had gotten it into her hands and started sipping. She reminded me of the character "Woogie" in the movie There's Something About Mary Hives popped up all over her face, one quite close to her eye and a few on her back. We headed to the pediatricians office and the doc on duty guessed it was a milk allergy. With a script for an epi-pen in hand, I headed home, left attempting to figure out what exactly my kid could eat.
I was in limbo of sorts. I knew she had some food with milk products before. She had scarfed down my meatballs a few days before; made with both eggs and ricotta cheese as ingredients and had no ill effects. She ate pasta fagoli sprinkled with parmesaen cheese and waffles and on one day, two spoonfuls of cottage cheese. Nothing happened, but she had some hives with the cheese puffs and veggie puffs from Gerber and her face had a lot of redness after a wheat teething biscuit. When she broke out in hives on her face after wrestling around with Mo after her sister had eaten peanut butter and jelly for lunch, I got scared. For the next few weeks I over analyzed every. little. morsel. of. food.
What is going on with my kid. Is she allergic to milk and eggs and peanut butter? Can she drink milk or would she need soy? Can she have a cake on her birthday? What am I going to make her for meals if milk, cheese, eggs, and wheat must be removed from her diet?
We got our answer in the form of a scratch test. We met with the pediatric allergist yesterday. After filling out the paperwork and then answering a bunch of questions from the doc, the nurse came in and explained the test. Basically, they have small concentrations of the suspected allergens in liquid form. After marking her arm with numbers corresponding to the liquid, the nurse drops small amounts of the liquids near the numbers, and then uses a small needle to create a scratch allowing the concentration to enter the broken skin.
We suspected allergies to milk, egg, wheat, and peanuts. The allergist also added walnuts and macadamia nuts to the list. After 10 minutes, hives had risen on all six sites.
After the nurse measured the hives, the doctor came in and basically explained, that yup, since Maeve had a reaction from the test it can be deduced that she has an allergy to milk AND egg AND peanuts AND apparently, tree nuts. The reaction to wheat fell on the high end of normal.
So what does that mean?
Will my kid be sitting secluded at lunch in middle school because milk might be her kryptonite?
Do I have to give up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups since she's allergic to peanuts?
Do we have to watch what she eats a little closer?
Do we have to rule out anything with milk or eggs or wheat in the ingredients?
We left with instructions to basically abstain from strapping her head to the udder of a cow or giving breakfast of wheat toast and scrambled eggs. We are to play a game of chance, per se. Since none of the reactions were severe, we can introduce things with milk or eggs as ingredients and monitor her reaction or lack of reaction. Basically no yogurt or cheese or milk or ice cream YET!
I have to take her to get a blood test to check the severity of the allergy and then if it's not too bad we will do something called a "Milk Challenge" where she'll try drinking milk in the office and we'll all see what happens in a few months! I keep going back to the statistic that 80% of kids outgrow milk allergy around age 3-5.
I had it so easy with Mo in relation to food. Basically, if I put it in front of her, she ate it. (Today is a different story, but I attribute that to being 2.5!) Now with Maeve, I've noticed I get a feeling in my stomach every time I give her something new to eat. Will those hives come back or worse? I keep reminding myself that in the whole scope of life, a milk allergy is nothing. More then anything it's going to be a pain in the ass to manage but it is manageable. If this is the worst thing we have to deal with in her childhood, then we are very lucky parents.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taken for Granted Sometimes is a Good Thing

My favorite thing about being a mom is that my daughter takes me for granted.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, someone had posted on the message board I frequent a question asking for the best thing about being a stay at home mom. Someone responded in the way above and it resonated so true for me.

Mo has just started to develop an attachment to Bry. When he's working she often asks when he is coming home and often says "I sad. I miss my dad." She will tell anyone who asks that "Daddy works" and often in the morning she tells him, "Dad, get a shower. You go to work." She stops whatever she is doing the moment he walks in the door to welcome him home. Often yelling before the keys have even been removed from the lock, "Hi Dad! I miss you".
I have never gotten that from her.
To Mo, I am her constant. I don't leave in the morning. I don't even know if Mo thinks I shower? I'm usually the first face she sees when she wakes up and the last voice she hears before nap time. I'm always around. I provide the routine and structure. I give out most of the rewards and conversely, most of the punishments. When she needs a hug, or band aid or cup of juice, it's mommy she finds.
It's me at music class or the library or the grocery store pushing the huge ass shopping cart with the car in the front. It's me who can understand "Mo-ese" and translate to whomever she is speaking. It's me who changes yet another dirty diaper, or spilled sippy of milk or grass stained jean. When we go to the park, it's "Mommy" that Mo calls out and my eyes she looks to meet.
By taking me for granted, I know Mo feels safe and secure. She has her own little world where I am always available for her and only her, (okay, she has to share me with her sister.) Right now, this is my role in our family. I'm the one who stays home and is with the kids all the time.
She expects me to always be around. I guess you could say, she takes me for granted.
Do you know what?
That's okay with me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This year I feel so very blessed,
To have a home that is a mess.
The turkey's been eaten and food packed away,
It's almost time for the next holiday.
It's amazing how quickly the time goes by,
It seriously seems like a blink of an eye.
We shared the holiday with family so dear,
And won't do it again for another year.
A house filled with family makes me smile,
Even if they're here for a short while.

Last year we started a new traditon the night before Thanksgiving. We did it again this year, but this time with two helpers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lunchtime with the Union

I have mentioned before that Mo's has a crazy imagination and an affinity for the Philadelphia Union soccer team. Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I'm a little silly and it appears that this trait has been passed down to my child.

As she picked up a banana from the fruit bowl, the following occurred:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Story Time

I don't remember if it was Bryan or I that started making up stories for Mo before she goes to sleep, but now it has become a ritual. The teacher in me is saying "Self- you know how important it is to read books aloud to your child. Phonemic awareness can begin this early!" The mom in me squashes that voice when I hear Mo say "Pretil Please! Pretil Please! Story?"
Just like any kid (or adult for that matter) Mo is egocentric. She thinks the world revolves around her and so she loves her bedtime stories because she is the main character. I have found myself telling her stories about playing soccer with the kids in the neighborhood. She really likes that one, especially as she scores the GOOOOOAAALLLL at the end! There have been stories about finding one blue flower after walking in the forest with Maeve for days and days and days. I have made hot air balloons land in our backyard and then fly off taking the whole family to the Phillies game, and have made Mo fly down to see Mickey Mouse in Disneyworld by herself and return home the same day in time for dinner. Mo sometimes will stop me and say "No, no, no Mom. I want a soccer story today." or she'll say "I think a Princess one." I keep hoping that these stories are sending her off to a happy and blissful slumber.
I also am now able to threaten losing "the story" if she doesn't go for her nap or starts misbehaving. I have taken it away once..kind of, when she refused to lay down for her nap. As I closed the door immediately I heard sobs of "No mommy. I sorry. I want my story please! I sorry. I sorry. I sorry." broke my heart. I did go back in and she apologized immediately. Now the act of me walking to the door during those nap time feuds is enough motivation. She loves these stories enough to climb into bed when "I not tired mom" just to listen to them.
Two has been a difficult year. She refuses to use the potty and sometimes her temper tantrums leave me wondering if I should laugh or cry. These bedtime moments, however are completely the best parenting moments I have had thus far. Watching her face as I make up the details and the smile when I say "And they lived happily ever after, the end!"
Who would have thought that the moments before nap time and bedtime could be so magical?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Peek into the Future

Bry's cousin Kellie was married yesterday. She was a beautiful bride and every time I saw her new husband he was beaming. The reception gave Bry and I a chance for a night out- kids free.(Thanks Mom!) There's nothing quite like an open bar to make two grown-ups giddy.
Kellie is the oldest of three girls, all fairly close in age. Her two sisters served as her maid and matron of honor, and each took turns toasting the happy couple. As I listened to Jaime & Katy talk about growing up with their older sister, sharing stories of "borrowing" clothes and cars and make up, I got a little teary. Of course I couldn't help but think back to my own wedding day and the toast my sister gave as my maid of honor. Who else but Jeanna would quote Wedding Crashers in a wedding toast? My sister and I have always been close and I still consider her my best friend. When Bry and I were planning our wedding, there was no doubt who would be my maid of honor. It would be my little sister, of course!
I then thought of my own two girls. I know, they're both still in diapers and we should probably get Maeve off the boob, talking, and both through school before we worry about weddings, but for a moment as I watched the three sisters, I got a little emotional. I was thinking about the likelihood that in the future this scene will be ours.
I hope that someday I can be sitting at the table with the glass of champagne in my hand listening to Mo toast Maeve and her future spouse and vice versa. What stories will they tell? Will there be a tear in their eye as they see their sister off to wedded bliss? What will I be wearing? (Really, I wonder?)
There's something special about the relationship sisters have. It's like nothing in the world and I am so grateful for my own sister and that my girls have each other. Not only will they each others closets to share, but they will each other as playmates, companions, confidants, rivals, and allies. Mo and Maeve will be able to complain to each other about their parents and friends and school. They'll fight and if they're anything like Jeanna and I, make each other cry, but in the end, they'll hopefully consider each other their closest friend. I hope that when it's Mo or Maeve's big day, they'll be like me and think of no other person then their sister to stand beside them.

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. ~Margaret Mead

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What are we really saying?

I must confess.
I love(d) school.
I enjoy learning and reading and even writing.
I got my Masters in education a month and a half after Mo and have yet to really use the degree for monetary gains, however I do find myself reflecting a lot on the things I learned now as a parent.
I had a wonderful professor in graduate school who challenged me to think. She offered extensive opportunities to read viewpoints from across the spectrum in dealing with race, ethnicity, and gender. She was a tough grader but made her students push themselves. I liked her, I liked what she stood for, and I liked the way she made me excel.
I find myself often thinking about my gender studies now as a mom of two little girls. We debated in class the idea of nature versus nurture. How much does a parent affect their child in terms of identity? How much do they explicitly do? How much do they unknowingly push gender roles on their child?
Heavy, I know, but I find myself thinking about this often.
I have been told by quite a few people that "little girls are easy when they're younger, but a pain once they're in high school." Bry has even joked that once our girls hit their teens he's going to start drinking.
Why do teenage girls or rather my girls as teens already have a stigma attached?
They don't have to be difficult. They don't have to emotional, or do they? Will my girls succumb to peer pressure and think they're too fat or not pretty enough? What can I do to try and prevent them from becoming that girl?
I don't know but I sure as hell am going to try my best to raise strong, independent girls.
Bryan often tells Mo she's beautiful and I agree. However, I don't stop there. I tell her that she's strong and smart too and that she is capable of doing anything she wants as long as she works hard.
Will this make a difference in who she becomes?
I hope so.
I mentioned it before in this post about my feelings of conflict over whether I am being a good female role model for Mo & Maeve.
While I am still conflicted at times, I do realize that being home with them all the time gives me a really unique perspective. Raising little girls is difficult. I am first hand witness as they interact in different situations with a different types of people. I am trying to help navigate the world with them. They come in contact with a variety of messages throughout the day both from me and from their environment- media, peers, television. All these things play a part in molding their personalities.
Maeve is still too little, however I can see Mo's personality more. One she is comfortable she is outgoing. She plays and speaks and uses her manners as best as she can remember. She goes out of her way to talk to other kids and adults and often will make sure Maeve is okay too. I am proud and hopeful that I am giving her the right foundation for later in life. So that Mo will remain not only beautiful, but strong and smart and kind.
If my professor were to ask me today about the roles of nature versus nurture and the role of parents in child development, I would definitely posit that nurture plays a greater role then nature in determining success. I believe it's not my DNA that is hopefully creating a great kid, it's my daily interactions with her that make the bigger difference.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snip, Snip, Snip!

I have been dragging my feet over cutting, well really trimming, Mo's hair. I was terrified that we would lose her curl if we cut off her ends. Today was the day! My mom was here with me and so I finally sucked it up and took her to the Kids Cuts salon.
When I brought up cutting her hair this morning, Mo yelled "NOOOO!" and then her response changed to "Ah, maybe tomorrow?". Instead of telling her, I decided to use the subtle art of distraction.
Me: Mo, do you want to go to Chick Fil A?
Mo: I love Chick! Grammie, get your coat, we're going to Chick Fil A!
We get in the car and Mo asks "Grammie, Do you like Chick?" They have a nice conversation about Chick while we drive to the salon. We pull into the parking lot and my mom says "Mo, Time to get your haircut!"
We both anticipate her screaming or yelling NO! Instead, she's says: "Yeah! I get haircut!"
She was awesome and in no more then ten minutes it was over!

The Final Product!

When we were finished, we did head to Chick Fil A for lunch!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazy Baby!

This little girl is getting quite brave recently! I've found her in all sorts of potentially troubling positions. Should I really be surprised though?

I find myself constantly saying "No Maevie!" "Be careful Maeve!" or "You can't climb on that Maeve". Even Mo has tried to intervene unsuccessfully. She is still wondering why Maeve would not sit still in Time-Out when Mo put her in it!
She is one crazy happy baby and I wouldn't want her any other way!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Hangover

The months of searching for the perfect costume led us to two absolutely adorable macaroni penguins. I only know they are macaroni penguins because a few people mentioned that to us in one of the few trick or treating outings we took part in this Halloween season.
To say we got our monies worth with the costumes would be an understatement.
First, we took part in the Boo at the Zoo event with our dear friends Ash & Chris and their kiddies. My sister Jeanna joined us as we went trick or treating amongst the monkeys, zebras, and of course, the penguins. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday then wearing an animal costume with the real animals?
The four kids really enjoyed themselves and I do believe the grown ups had fun too.

Our next outing in costume was actually pretty lame. Our town is quite small and the downtown, fairly weak. While some surrounding towns have flourishing monthly activities and Farmers' Markets, our town more or less whimpers. I noticed a flier in September posted in a few stores windows about the Halloween festivities. The flier promised trick or treating with the businesses, hayride, pumpkins, and a Halloween parade with awards for costumes. Awesome, I think. I spend the next few weeks pumping up the event to MO."And we'll get to go on a hayride, and get a pumpkin! You'll probably see a bunch of costumes too!" I tell her.
Activities were slated from 4-7. At 5 that day, Bry made it home early as I was getting the girls ready to walk down. Around 5:30 we load the girls into the double stroller and walk to downtown. We find one of the most anti climatic events of my life. It was so sad! I of course ever the optimist, grab Mo's fin and bring her into the first store. The few workers swoon over the penguin costume and give her a few pieces of candy. The next store- closed. The next one, Bry is unsure if it's open or closed so we skip it. We go into the local pizza place where we actually wait in line behind someone ordering their dinner, as Mo keeps yelling "Trick or Treat!".
A half hour later, we have made it through the few stores that are participating, discover the hayride is nothing more the truck pulling a U-Haul with hay on it, and notice the Halloween judging is still close to an hour away. Bry and I decide to buy pizza and call it a night.
We make up for that dismal affair when we wear our costumes for the third time. Ash told me last year about trick or treating at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets located a few miles from my parents house.
These outlets should seriously give pointers to my town. Not only did they have a list of participating stores (though placing them in alphabetically order instead of location order was strange), but in each window of those stores they had a jack o'lantern taped. Thus Mo & her buddy A were able to virtually navigate the outlets by themselves. (Props to the store CAbi for well planned goodie bags with lots of candy, coupons, and personalized ribbon and huge thumbs down to the Carter's Store. Seriously, it's a kids store. I cannot fathom which person in management thought it was a good idea NOT to particiapte.) After an hour, the cold weather had chilled us and their baskets were filled. What a great way to spend the Friday before Halloween!
Halloween was a great, long, beautiful day!
After waiting for Maeve to wake from her nap, my parents and Bry's mom came over. We had a nice lunch of pasta e fagioli and/or stew. We bundled the girls up in their costumes and off we went!
Mo totally got it this year. Maybe it was her age, or most likely she understood trick or treating because we had already taken part in it three times before the big day. She was a total pro- holding my hand, knocking on doors or ringing doorbells, yelling "Trick or Treat", and then more likely then not reaching into the candy bowls before the home owner could speak. She would comment to other kids passing by saying "Oh, nice pirate!" or "Ahhh, scary monster!" She was a hoot!
Maeve, in the meantime, spent the first part of our walking trip fastened into the stroller. I think she tolerated the costume well for two reasons. 1. It kept her warm. 2. She was too preoccupied with all the other kids to be bothered.
Eventually though, after a little over an hour, Mo hit her wall. She asked to go home and play with Pops.
Bry and I could have stayed out all day! We loved it, but all that walking combined with no nap, made one tired penguin!
By then Maeve was over the stroller too and wanted to be held. We walked our two little penguins back to our house, one on Bryan's shoulders, the other on my hip, as one filled plastic orange jack o'lantern sat in the double stroller seat.
We survived our first Halloween as parents of two!
Our respective parents headed home not long after we returned. Mo passed out in bed not soon as her head hit the pillow, and Maeve took her second nap of the day too.
Bry and I looked at each other as we sat on the couch and agreed, we were both exhausted too!

I think we are going to try and take a picture at this house every year. Their front path is perfect for photos
Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 finished! Mo has already started talking about her costume for next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


In our home, Mo is no longer Mo. Most of the day she goes by the name "Fred". Why Fred, you ask? Because Fred (or Freddie for her), is her favorite player on the Philadelphia Union Soccer Team. This season was their inaugural year and we scored season tickets. We were looking for something family friendly and my friends, Major League Soccer is definitely the way to go. Over this season, Mo wore her jersey with pride and watched wide eyed as her favorite players kicked, saved, and scored. She would cup her hands around her mouth and yell "Go Fred-Die". "Go LeToux" and would sing along with the cheers: "C'mon U" and my personal favorite "Phil-A-Delph-Ia" clap clap clap clap clap. She absolutely loves it so much she wants to wear her jersey almost every day.

Mo's alter ego- Fred Don't you see the resemblance?

Mo's imagination has recently taken over the majority of her play and soccer seems to be her favorite topic. She will boss whomever is over- my mom or dad or sister or mother in law- up into the play room where they will be play soccer. She is "Fred" while the other person is either "Sebastien Le Toux" pronounced Lay-Two or "Danny Mwanga". She makes you play the goalkeeper as she shoots and scores between the entrance to her play kitchen. If she scores she yells "GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!"at the top of her lungs and throws herself on the floor just like the players typically do when they score.
I am loving this.
I had always hoped that my girls would be into sports over ballerinas and princesses and for now, I have my way. I know there may come a time that she'll want to trade in the soccer ball for the tutu, and like any good mom, I'll suck it up, but until then
"Way to go Fred!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a moment....

is all I seem to have these days.
I know someday soon I'll look back on these crazy days and think back fondly, maybe even longingly for the moments where my girls were babies. Now, in the throws of this, it's chaos at best. Teething and tantrums and toilets- OH MY! Napping at different times in the day, which often works out to one waking as the other just falls asleep. Me time- Ha? What's that?
In a few months, Maeve will have mastered the art of walking while Mo will discover that her baby sister can be her best playmate. Until then, I am in constant action preventing baby from pulling, biting, climbing, and stealing while calming the complaints of a 2.5 yr old.
I am thankful but tired, so tired!
There are blog posts floating around in my head waiting to be written and I have even started two which I hope to finish soon. Until then a quick snapshot of my favorite girls!