Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a moment....

is all I seem to have these days.
I know someday soon I'll look back on these crazy days and think back fondly, maybe even longingly for the moments where my girls were babies. Now, in the throws of this, it's chaos at best. Teething and tantrums and toilets- OH MY! Napping at different times in the day, which often works out to one waking as the other just falls asleep. Me time- Ha? What's that?
In a few months, Maeve will have mastered the art of walking while Mo will discover that her baby sister can be her best playmate. Until then, I am in constant action preventing baby from pulling, biting, climbing, and stealing while calming the complaints of a 2.5 yr old.
I am thankful but tired, so tired!
There are blog posts floating around in my head waiting to be written and I have even started two which I hope to finish soon. Until then a quick snapshot of my favorite girls!

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