Monday, March 31, 2008

Started maternity leave today

Okay, officially the Board of Ed. started my maternity leave last Monday, but today is the first real day of leave. The first real day where my kids are in school and I am not. :( I guess I thought I would have had the moose already, so my mind wouldn't have to think about what's going on in my classroom. Really, it's not mine anymore. I may have set up the routine and gotten things together, but it's no longer 1-S, because the S is missing!!!

Enough of me being a downer, already. I'm still big and prego. Bry and I are still trying to figure out which body parts are which as this kid continues to rule over my abdomen. Seriously, I cannot decipher what I'm feeling as there is SO MUCH of it! Still no contractions. Still no discomfort.

So what did I do today? Laundry- washed the sheets and some clothes. I did a little grocery shopping. Ben and Jerry's has a new flavor that is DIVINE- Chocolate chip cheesecake! Worth every single calorie. I just made swedish meatballs and they're in the gravy. I may be a good wife and make some Brownies for Bry. Haven't quite decided how good of a wife I am yet. Oh, yeah, I interviewed my brother, Joey for my grad class.

I really cannot procrastinate anymore. I have to interview then transcribe the interview and analyze it. Obviously with this kid coming any day I need to get it done! So, I interviewed my baby brother today about being a teacher. He is so excited and enthusiastic about his job! I hope he doesn't loose that zest because I know he enjoys himself and the kids adore him. Next stop, transcribing the interview. That is going to suck!

Friday, March 28, 2008

One day later...still pregnant.

Had an appointment today, and it appears that the Moose is enjoying it in there. His/her head is down, but not low. So, I guess he/she is not coming today or tomorrow. He/She will most likely be an April baby anyway.

I have to admit I am not uncomfortable. I have heard horror stories about not being able to sleep, or severe pain or discomfort. Luckily, I am feeling fine! I only wake up to turn over because all the extra weight causes my leg to fall asleep. My belly is nice and round and full of stretch marks, but I'm not in any discomfort....yet! I've decided to stop trying to figure out when he/she is coming! It's no use! I go back to the doc on Thursday (39 wk. 1d).

Bry's grandpop called tonight just to make sure I'm okay and there's no baby yet. My friend, Sam left the most hysterical message this morning as I was in the bathroom, believing I had gone into labor!! People you will know when the Moose is here! We've got the email list together, plus Joanne has her cell phone!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Pregnant!

I won't lie, I really thought the Moose was going to come yesterday. No, I didn't have any cramps or anything, but for some reason March 26 was in my head. I have no idea why! Seeing as it is now March 27 and I am still big and round and pregnant, obviously I was WRONG!

I waddled to class last night. Boy, some of my classmates were surprised to see me! Thank God I didn't go into labor there. That would have been quite a sight. Now, it's just a waiting game. Lower back pain- check, Tiredness- check, Feeling like a bowling ball is between my legs- check, Baby------Baby-----Not yet!

Bry asked the Moose not to come out until this weekend at the earliest since he has so much work to do. I hope this kid hasn't chosen favorites already and is listening to his daddy. I'm both scared and excited to meet him or her! Plus, there are a lot of people waiting to find out "how big big is!".

Another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we'll get some good news. Whatever that means!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...from the preggo chick!

I FEEL HUGE! As is the holiday associated with chicks and bunnies and such, I guess it's only appropriate that I too am waddling like a duckling! We are taking it easy today. I many not even shower. (Sorry Jesus, not making it to church today!)

The infant car seat fits in Bryan's car! We can have the baby now! Okay, really I'm still not ready. I have some grad work I need to take care of first!

We went to the Hamilton Farmer's Market yesterday to hit up our favorite Polish meat stand and the gourmet cheese stand. It's honestly a sight to see. All these little Polish old ladies with their hair perfect ordering their Easter ham in Polish, standing next to some tall, yuppie, overweight guy in a Boston hat w/glasses (yup, Bryan) ordering a variety of cured kielbasa, ham, sauerkraut, and pierogies for our own Easter dinner. We then waltzed over to the gourmet shop. (Yes, there is an actual gourmet shop amidst the lady hawking Avon, the shop selling "used" kitchenwares, and a few bakeries). After tasting a few cheeses, okay, I could only eat one since I'm pregnant and I can't have "raw milk cheese", we left and placed our packages in the car. On our way home, the car developed a lovely garlic smell. I then remembered we had put in the infant seat! YIKES! Our poor baby smelling all lovely and clean from the hosptial will be put into a car and a car seat reeking of GARLIC! Not the first smell you would want your child to associate with you. After airing the car out for a few hours, it's fine. Crisis averted for now!

Again, Happy Easter to all! Our last holiday as a twosome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bye bye Walnut! Hello Comfy couch!

Today was my final day of work....and I'm sad :( Emotionally it's kind of freaky to think and know that it's done. The only thing left is baby. I enjoy the verbal exchanges I have with the kids. I enjoy laughing and lunching with my girls. To know that's done, is kind of depressing. Oh how I love lunches at Rock-N-Joe, even if they are slow and forgot avocado on my sandwich. YUM!

From the body standpoint, I AM FINISHED working! I seriously feel like the kid is sitting on my lap when I'm sitting down. I told Bry last night, when she/he is here, I'm going to place her/him straight across his lower belly (I know that will be tough) and let her/him sit there for a half hour or so. If she/he kicks him, good. Then maybe he'll have some idea of how low this kid feels. I'm also starting to get that great feeling on my pubic bone. All you mommies know what I'm talking about. After talking to so many people, I know this is only the beginning. But, the end is in sight, THE END IS IN SIGHT! Baby will be here under 20 days!

I've already been asked what I'm planning on doing now that I'm on maternity leave so here is the plan:

1- Sit on couch and watch DVR'd shows I haven't seen yet and various daytime t.v. Bring on TLC, BRAVO, and the new Price is Right!

2- Get a much needed pedicure! My toesies so need it right now. Plus I'm not sure if the pedi police check out the hospital

3- Make some returns/ shop a little. We only got a few doubles of outfits. Plus we got so many adorable onesies but no bottoms! Kohl's is having a sale tomorrow and I need to make some returns to Baby Gap...that might be a dangerous place for me :)

4- Sleep! (Enough Said!)

5- Research and write a paper for class. Yeah, I know, I know. I totally cannot procrastinate on this one. I know once the Moose is here, my mind will be elsewhere.

6- Catch up on the internet. I live for all that gossip!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How much longer???

I went for my 37 week appt. today. My weight stayed the same- YEAH! Makes me wonder if the Moose is sucking all calories, hence my decrease in energy and increase in tiredness. Maybe I should eat more??

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I'm leaving those kids for an actual kid of my own. Who am I and how did I get here? Seriously. August seems like forever ago. Ahhh...August! Our once in a lifetime trip to St. Barth's....HEAVEN! When we were away I was only 7/8 weeks pregnant. The Moose was a bean. I had no idea how large my stomach was going to be. Honestly though, for what it's worth, it hasn't been bad. I'd almost say I like being pregnant. It's awesome not having to worry about sucking it in all the time. I also love listening to my friends who started Weight Watchers, and then diving into my bagel w/full fat cream cheese or ice cream. YUM!

We toured the hospital on Saturday. I'm so glad this next trip to the hospital will be for a good reason. They are really strict about visitors limits. Only 2 visitors at a time. I wonder how that is going to go w/my mom, dad, and Bry's mom??? We already decided the two moms get to be the first visitors. However, if I know my dad, if anyone can weasel their way in somewhere, it's him. I won't be surprised if he shows up in a doctor's coat!!! He is stoked to be a grandpop!

For some reason March 26 sticks out as B-Day! I guess we have a week to see if my mommy brain is already working. Meanwhile, Bry is hoping the kid stays in post-Due Date! He has so much work to procrastinate...I mean finish. Can you honestly imagine how freaking huge this kid would be if I go late??? Someone call Guiness for their book of World Records!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Graders love baby showers too!

I have four days of work left.

I will not be working anymore Fridays as a child-free person.

It is CRAZY to think these weeks have zoomed by. Now, I have four days left of a job I love and less then 28 days until I pop out the Moose and become a mom. WOW!

This past Friday, my first grade lovies and their ridiculously kind parents threw me a baby shower. The kids were so cute! As I walked back into the room after lunch, they shouted "Surprise!" and started clapping. Next thing I know more than 1/2 of their moms (and 1 dad) are there to celebrate. A full sheet cake, popcorn, pretzels, apple juice, water, and chocolate lollipops later, I was sitting in the middle opening present after present. These families were so kind, giving me books, adorable outfits, toiletries, and even a ready made scrapbook! As a class, they all added their own handprints to a ducky hooded bath towel. It's so freaking cute! They also bought me a blanquilt from my good friend's sister's store They went out of their way to find out how I was decorating the nursery, and then designed it to match! I can't wait for the Moose to come and then we can monogram it! To be honest, the best gift was all the handwritten notes and cards from the students and their parents. I got a little teary reading some and laughed way to hard from one little girl who simply wrote "I hope you have a girl!".
The adorable duckie towel with their handprints

The blanket to match the nursery!

I feel so blessed,. As I drove home, I couldn't help but think that I made a difference in these kids' lives. I don't think these families would have showered me with so much had I not helped their children. This feeling was both empowering and saddening. Saddening because I know that this chapter is closing for a while at least. I love being a teacher, but I cannot fathom how being a mother will change me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The showers continue!

My coworkers are awesome! Really, I work with some of the most generous and nicest individuals on the planet. They surprised me with a baby shower today.(Okay, I'll be honest. I figured it out around 9:30, but I played along at lunch!) Not only was a great majority of the teaching staff present, but also a few retirees made the trek to celebrate with me.

Not only did they get me some much needed gift cards to Babies R Us, but they also got me a gift card for spa finder!!! I can only imagine in a few months how much I am going to need that. Papa Schroeder will be on his own one Saturday so I can relax!

The best part in my humble opinion was the large collection of books. It is a tradition in my school for first time moms to receive a library. Everyone that attended gave a book of their choosing! The Moose now has a huge library, with such great titles as Where the Wild Things are and I will love you forever. To be honest, I am most touched with the gift of books. A few friends wrote dedications or little notes inside the cover. I know as I read these books to my child, I will think of them and their generosity.

Not many people have the opportunity to work in a place and do a job that they truly love. For the past 7 years, I have worked in this building. I have built very solid friendships with so many of my coworkers and parents of former students as well. I come to work almost daily excited to teach and work with my first graders. I find bliss in my job. As my work countdown has dwindled to single digits (9 days), I'm starting to feel sad. I will be leaving this place, these people, this routine for a completely new world. I know as soon as the Moose is born, motherhood and the feelings that go with it will come. I don't want to sound like I'm not excited about pending motherhood, but until baby is here and my mind is filled with different thoughts, when I think of work,my students, my co-workers, and friends, I feel sad.