Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...from the preggo chick!

I FEEL HUGE! As is the holiday associated with chicks and bunnies and such, I guess it's only appropriate that I too am waddling like a duckling! We are taking it easy today. I many not even shower. (Sorry Jesus, not making it to church today!)

The infant car seat fits in Bryan's car! We can have the baby now! Okay, really I'm still not ready. I have some grad work I need to take care of first!

We went to the Hamilton Farmer's Market yesterday to hit up our favorite Polish meat stand and the gourmet cheese stand. It's honestly a sight to see. All these little Polish old ladies with their hair perfect ordering their Easter ham in Polish, standing next to some tall, yuppie, overweight guy in a Boston hat w/glasses (yup, Bryan) ordering a variety of cured kielbasa, ham, sauerkraut, and pierogies for our own Easter dinner. We then waltzed over to the gourmet shop. (Yes, there is an actual gourmet shop amidst the lady hawking Avon, the shop selling "used" kitchenwares, and a few bakeries). After tasting a few cheeses, okay, I could only eat one since I'm pregnant and I can't have "raw milk cheese", we left and placed our packages in the car. On our way home, the car developed a lovely garlic smell. I then remembered we had put in the infant seat! YIKES! Our poor baby smelling all lovely and clean from the hosptial will be put into a car and a car seat reeking of GARLIC! Not the first smell you would want your child to associate with you. After airing the car out for a few hours, it's fine. Crisis averted for now!

Again, Happy Easter to all! Our last holiday as a twosome!

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