Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Pregnant!

I won't lie, I really thought the Moose was going to come yesterday. No, I didn't have any cramps or anything, but for some reason March 26 was in my head. I have no idea why! Seeing as it is now March 27 and I am still big and round and pregnant, obviously I was WRONG!

I waddled to class last night. Boy, some of my classmates were surprised to see me! Thank God I didn't go into labor there. That would have been quite a sight. Now, it's just a waiting game. Lower back pain- check, Tiredness- check, Feeling like a bowling ball is between my legs- check, Baby------Baby-----Not yet!

Bry asked the Moose not to come out until this weekend at the earliest since he has so much work to do. I hope this kid hasn't chosen favorites already and is listening to his daddy. I'm both scared and excited to meet him or her! Plus, there are a lot of people waiting to find out "how big big is!".

Another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we'll get some good news. Whatever that means!

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