Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Graders love baby showers too!

I have four days of work left.

I will not be working anymore Fridays as a child-free person.

It is CRAZY to think these weeks have zoomed by. Now, I have four days left of a job I love and less then 28 days until I pop out the Moose and become a mom. WOW!

This past Friday, my first grade lovies and their ridiculously kind parents threw me a baby shower. The kids were so cute! As I walked back into the room after lunch, they shouted "Surprise!" and started clapping. Next thing I know more than 1/2 of their moms (and 1 dad) are there to celebrate. A full sheet cake, popcorn, pretzels, apple juice, water, and chocolate lollipops later, I was sitting in the middle opening present after present. These families were so kind, giving me books, adorable outfits, toiletries, and even a ready made scrapbook! As a class, they all added their own handprints to a ducky hooded bath towel. It's so freaking cute! They also bought me a blanquilt from my good friend's sister's store They went out of their way to find out how I was decorating the nursery, and then designed it to match! I can't wait for the Moose to come and then we can monogram it! To be honest, the best gift was all the handwritten notes and cards from the students and their parents. I got a little teary reading some and laughed way to hard from one little girl who simply wrote "I hope you have a girl!".
The adorable duckie towel with their handprints

The blanket to match the nursery!

I feel so blessed,. As I drove home, I couldn't help but think that I made a difference in these kids' lives. I don't think these families would have showered me with so much had I not helped their children. This feeling was both empowering and saddening. Saddening because I know that this chapter is closing for a while at least. I love being a teacher, but I cannot fathom how being a mother will change me.

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