Monday, March 31, 2008

Started maternity leave today

Okay, officially the Board of Ed. started my maternity leave last Monday, but today is the first real day of leave. The first real day where my kids are in school and I am not. :( I guess I thought I would have had the moose already, so my mind wouldn't have to think about what's going on in my classroom. Really, it's not mine anymore. I may have set up the routine and gotten things together, but it's no longer 1-S, because the S is missing!!!

Enough of me being a downer, already. I'm still big and prego. Bry and I are still trying to figure out which body parts are which as this kid continues to rule over my abdomen. Seriously, I cannot decipher what I'm feeling as there is SO MUCH of it! Still no contractions. Still no discomfort.

So what did I do today? Laundry- washed the sheets and some clothes. I did a little grocery shopping. Ben and Jerry's has a new flavor that is DIVINE- Chocolate chip cheesecake! Worth every single calorie. I just made swedish meatballs and they're in the gravy. I may be a good wife and make some Brownies for Bry. Haven't quite decided how good of a wife I am yet. Oh, yeah, I interviewed my brother, Joey for my grad class.

I really cannot procrastinate anymore. I have to interview then transcribe the interview and analyze it. Obviously with this kid coming any day I need to get it done! So, I interviewed my baby brother today about being a teacher. He is so excited and enthusiastic about his job! I hope he doesn't loose that zest because I know he enjoys himself and the kids adore him. Next stop, transcribing the interview. That is going to suck!

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