Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birth Story- Short version

April 1, 2008

5:30 am - labor pains start- 10 min. apart

7:45 am - call doc, she says wait until 5/6 minutes to come to hospital

10:45 am - make the 50 min drive to hospital, contractions coming about 3 min. apart

11 am - 2:30 pm- remain in triage area being monitored, do I stay or go home? Contractions still 3 min. apart, Dialated 1 cm.

2:45 pm - Dr. doesn't like what he sees, decides to admit me

3:30 pm - After laboring on bed w/o meds for 4 1/2 hrs every 3 minutes w/o being able to walk, leap at the chance for an epidural!


3:45 pm - Break bag of water, meconium present- not good!

3:45- 9:15 pm- Continue to remain in labor w/epidural. OB doc and resident notice inconsistencies w/baby's heartrate. C-Section mentioned as possibility. Head stimulating occurs every 30 minutes. (Read more about this in the Long version!)

9:15 pm - Baby's heartrate drops then comes back up. Progress: 5/6 cm. Potential risk to baby increases, OB decides for c-section

9:20 pm- Sister breaks out in hives, Husband puts on brave face, as tears stream down my face as I'm rolled into OR

9:20- ON SURREAL!!!!

9:49 pm- Moira Ann is born via c-section weighing 8lbs. She is 20 1/2 inches long, and has a set of pipes on her. The moose really isn't too big of a moose after all, though she is strong as anything. Mommy and Daddy are immediately smitten!

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  1. yeah! congrats on your little one! april 1st no less ... welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood...



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