Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost 4 weeks!

God, I can't believe Moira has been alive already for almost 4 weeks! The time has flown by. Really, it's a fog, a haze, a blur. THe idea that May begins later this week is crazy. I guess when you're sleep deprived everything is a blur! I know I've already wrote about my lust for sleep- twice, but really that's what's kicking my butt more than anything. Mo likes to sleep in the swing. I should rephrase that, Mo LOVES to sleep in the swing. We have to physically shake her (not shaken baby shake) to wake her up from that deep slumber. Now, to the Boppy pillow- the horseshoe shape pillow that I use for feeding. She'll sleep nicely in that too. Not as soundly as the swing, but pretty comfortably. The carseat also serves as a good place for Mo to catch some ZZZ's. However, the bassinet, the only "real" bed, she will sleep at most for a total of 20 mins. WTF?!?!

Being a parent is tough. Trying to decide what decision will have the least long term negative effects this early on is a tough. Pacifier or not? Swing at night to sleep or not? Hold her in bed or not? I know years from now I'll probably look back on these "decisions" and laugh, but right now...lusting for a few hours of "good" sleep, they seem pretty damn important!

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