Monday, April 14, 2008

A Reflection on Pictures

When someone has a new baby, everyone brings their cameras! It's a known fact, everyone wants their picture taken with the adorable new baby.

Moira has been alive just short of two weeks. Our home has been bombarded with various guest hoping to see the new baby. We have never had so many people here...NEVER!. So far, she has had her picture taken by Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, parents, hospital photographers, and friends. She has been passed around cuddled and coddled, as they shoot their flashes off at the adorable baby. Grandmom and Mo, Grandpop and Mo, Uncle Joey & Mo, etc... I too have had my camera out taking photo after photo of my beautiful daughter and these special people, but do you know who I have forgotten??? MYSELF! I have over 175 pictures on my digital camera since Moira has been born and I think there are all of 3 photos of my daughter and I!!! If you count the green from my sweatshirt or the teal from the hoodie in the hospital, then maybe that number goes up to 8. THAT's IT! I guess that's something I have learned as a parent. I am no longer important to photograph, I am simply the person behind the camera.
Maybe I should get Bryan to take some shot of the two of us together. (Mind you, there are at least 15 pics of Mo and Bry!)

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