Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sleep...Oh How I miss you so!

I have always been a person that needs sleep. Just ask my sister about the years when I was in high school and she had the unfortunate responsibility of attempting to wake me up in time for school. It was UGLY! So, now, here I am living off of fumes. This kid was a great sleeper the first 15 days of her life. I'm talking she would sleep for 3 hours straight! I knew she was my kid. Like mama, like daughter...or so I thought! The real DIVA has emerged. She no longer likes to sleep in the pack and play. The same pack and play that she had slept in for 4 hours one night, now is the enemy. I think if she could laugh at me, she would when I attempt to place her in it at 4 am. Not that cute laugh, I'm thinking that diabolical laugh you hear from the Joker in Batman or other villians. She is totally playing me, and Bryan. She'll sleep in the Boppy pillow for an hour or two. Of course in huge, bold, caps it reads SLEEP with the circle and the line through it. Really, Boppy company? Babies aren't meant to sleep in it? Why then did you make it the perfect size and dimension for a sleeping newborn?? Why Boppy company, must you toy with us first time parents who are so sleep deprived we are willing to sleep at any and all hours? WHY? F-IT! So call the division of child services, Moira is sleeping soundly in the Boppy even though it tells you not to. I'm guessing that this is going to be the first of many ill decisions I will make a parent. BRING IT ON, after I take a nap of course!

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  1. It's now 8 months with my little Lily. Only 2 nights of continuous, uninterrupted sleep - and it's b/c my parents took Lily for the weekend ... I miss sleep too!!!


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