Friday, February 19, 2010

Small Victories

We made it out of the house this week...twice!
Grant it, both times I had help with the girls, my dad on Monday and my mom on Wednesday, but any way you look at it, it was an accomplishment.
I honestly never thought about the weather when I found out that Maeve was due in January. For some reason the idea of snow, let alone blizzards and feet of snow outside for weeks, never entered my mind. Perhaps that's because we live in New Jersey not Colorado or because like most second (or third) time around mom's to be, I frankly didn't have time to think about anything besides kid 1.
Back to our outings this week, I figured that since my dad was here, and Mo loves her Pop, we would make our first outing a real adventure. We headed to the Discovery Children's Museum on Monday, yes President's Day. I made sure to nurse Maeve right before we left and like a champ she basically slept the whole time we were there, of course except for the nursing session I had in the family bathroom and diaper change, but then she just went right back to sleep. Mo had a ball with Pop. Again, spending the majority of time in the kitchen area with my dad falling behind her. I think it was my dad though who had the best time in the sporting area with the mini-Flyers rink. He taught Mo had to swing a stick and hit the puck. After a few hand over hand assists, she mastered it and was swatting the puck like a champ!
On Wednesday my mom joined Mo, Maeve, and I at music class. Again, Maeve slept through the entire class while Mo was back to her old antics dancing and shaking her butt as Miss Sandy played her guitar.
I think that in a few weeks or when all the snow finally melts, I hopefully will be able to manage the two by myself, but until then, Thank God for my parents and their flexible schedules.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard Photo Fun!

Maeve's First Snowfall- Umm... really I guess we should reword that as Maeve's first Blizzard!

The view of our house and street. Thank God for our next-door neighbor who has a snow plow attachment to his riding mower and our other neighbor with the snow blower.

We have spent the past week basically trapped inside our house. Mo has watched WAY too much television and I think we all, even three week old Maeve, are going stir crazy. We defintely will be leaving the house soon, if not for them, for my sanity.
We did have some fun with the camera.

Again, spring starts March 20....Maeve's two month old birthday, YIPPEE!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Snow!

We have over two feet of the white stuff right now.
It took Bryan over four hours to shovel/scrap/sweep it off our cars, porch, driveway, and walkway. He did all this while I tackled the demands of an almost three week old and a 22 month old.
Unfortunately the forecast is predicting more snow on Wednesday.
Does God have some joke in on me?
I mentioned earlier in a post that I don't mind the snow now that Mo is old enough to enjoy playing in it.
I lied...I take that comment back.
Having two kids stuck inside sucks!
Mo lasted all of 7 minutes in the blizzard like conditions today before coming in red as a tomato.

I miss being able to leave the house.
I miss grass.
I miss the sun.
I miss having space for my kid to run.
Spring doesn't start until March 20, that's only 42 days.