Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get your dance on!

I noticed when we started music class that Mo really seems to like to move to the music. Can you call it dancing? Sure - though Bry and I think most of the time it looks like she is having a bowel movement as she bobs up and down. A little while ago, her dancing added a new step. She started doing the right foot tap. Only the right foot, and I'm guessing she would only tap the foot when the music moved her.
Her dance has morphed some more. No longer do I attribute it to music class. Now the culprit appears to be Yo Gabba Gabba! I apologize ahead of time if you click the link! This show appears to be bringing toddlers and potheads together! (Watch the video on their site if you don't believe me.)
Back to my kid, check out her new do and her new dancie dance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Got Results!

Finally, almost a month since the much dreaded CT scan, we got the results. It appears the cyst is exactly what they thought it was - a benign, dermoid cyst. Not cancerous and not a barbell type that would have meant surgery to her skull. For the back story, here's The Birthmark and the Bump. I believed everything was okay, but as long as the doctor didn't call to let us know, there was that small, slim chance that he was wrong and it was bad. I can let that worry go! She's fine!
I was taken aback though, when, after telling me the good news, the pediatric plastic surgeon's assistant wanted to schedule the outpatient procedure to have it removed. The earliest appointment at the outpatient surgical center was Aug. 13.
After taking a gulp of air, I decided to tell the assistant to wait to schedule Mo. I want to talk it over more with Bry and get an opinion from my sister, the pediatrician, about doing it now versus waiting a little while. I know it has to be removed, as it can get infected, but this time, unlike the CT scan, she must be put under anesthesia and have a tube down her throat. Would it be better to just do it now or wait until she's 2 or 3?
For now, it's time to discuss and research the surgery. It's also time to be thankful that Mo's head is okay.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Story Hour- wait - Story Minutes

When I was a little girl, my mom would take my sister Jeanna and I (probably she dragged my little brother too) to the local library. Mrs. MacIntyre, a large rollie pollie woman with the kindest voice would read wonderful stories to us at the local story hour. While I really cannot remember the exact stories she would read, I do remember sitting in the library and being transfixed by it all. Some weeks we would go to story hour, some weeks we wouldn't make it. There would be kids ranging in age from 5 to babies and everything in between. Usually there were lots of books and sometimes a craft to complete. It was free and you came when you could.
Story Hour was great!
That's how I remembered it.
Fast forward to today. I am the mother of a 12 (almost 13) month old little girl. I check our local library, online of all places, to see about story hour. Apparently, the story hour of old has been retired. In it's place is an entire brochure dedicated to different age leveled story times. For 12-24 months, story hour is replaced with Baby Rock-N-Rhyme. As stated on the pamphlet, "Children 12 to 24 months and their parents can participate in this 20 minute program of songs, rhymes, and shared books". There's a program for 2-3 1/2 yr olds and then another program for 3 1/2 to 5 year olds. Okay, so it's not quite "Story Hour" but I thought happily back to my own memories of the library and so I signed Mo up. I also encouraged another mom to sign up with me.
Two weeks ago, the first class. I get there early. (for those of you who know me, I usually am late because of Bry, not me, so in the event I go somewhere without Bry I will usually be early or on time) I walk into the children's area of the library and look for the class. We are the first ones to arrive and I see a worker scurrying around.
"Excuse me," I say, "where is the Story Time meeting?".
I should note, I refuse to call it- Baby Rock-N-Rhyme. If it was being led by Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne, then yes Baby Rock-N-Rhyme would be appropriate, but a public library- c'mon!! Storytime!
She points to a small little room, "It's in there, be sure to get a nametag". She whispers in a scratchy, raspy voice.
I grab Mo's nametag. It's a plastic tag with an old index card from the old filing systems reused as a nametag. Nice, they re-use here! Point for the enviornment.
I watch as a few other moms & kids come in. Some are wheeling up in their strollers, others are carrying their children and bags.
I admit it. I size them up. Do these moms look like they're friendly? More so, do these moms look like my type of moms? Do they make eye contact and smile, or do they cling to their child?
Disappointed, the answers are: Not so much, Not really, no real eye contact or smiles, and a few cling to their children. One turns out to be a grandmom, while another looks a little, for lack of a better word- crunchy. Luckily my friend M comes in with her little girl, G. Thank God I don't have to deal with this alone.
The scratchy voiced library lady comes out with a monkey puppet sing-songing some sort of welcome song. I really can't make it out too well, as her voice is kind of rough.
I'm assuming that we are supposed to walk in with our kids to the Story Room. Mainly I assume this since I see the other moms & kids walking it. M & I and our girls head in too.
Immediately M & I look at each other. The story room is small, tight fitting especially with 10 kids and their caregivers. The raspy library lady sits in the front on a chair with the puppet, while we all sit on the floor, backs against the wall, holding our kids. She then starts some rhymes. Behind her, on the chalkboard, are various print outs of some rhymes in different fonts and sizes. I'm glad my eyes are good because I can follow along with the rhymes as we go. M isn't as lucky. She whispers to me, "where are we?". I tell her wheels on the bus and off we go. Raspy library lady procedes to sing the wheels on the bus, sitting in her chair, oblivious to the fact she is in a skirt. She's throwing her whole body into it! Luckily we've got toddlers in the room, so they're not interested in seeing her goods, but unluckily us moms (and one grandmom) aren't so lucky.
It gets better!
As raspy library lady continues, M & I converse back and forth about how much her throat will hurt by the end of the class. I want to get her some tea with lemon and honey. M hopes she rests her vocal chords for the rest of the day by not talking.
After 20 minutes, two books and repeating a few rhymes, raspy library lady turns on a CD of music, gets out a bag of scarves (why? I still don't know!)and puts out a few board books. She mentions that her voice is always like that, and it doesn't bother her. Two songs play and then everyone starts to put the books and scarves away as raspy library lady grabs them and leaves.
No Goodbye song, No Good bye to the kids. Just exit stage Right.
It was so weird. My friend, M finally takes it upon her self to introduce her and her daughter to the few other moms that have yet to escape. My turn is next. I introduce Mo and myself and I learn the other moms names (they now have escaped me) and their kiddies. (I know their names though- Shane, and Robby).
We came back this past week and at least raspy library lady introduced herself Miss Liz and this week she sang some sort of goodbye song, but really that was it.
Storytime is a lot different these days. I came home and talked to Bry about my experience of course he showed no compassion for this awkward experience.
His response, "What do you expect Jac? It's free at the library?"
I guess I expected Mo to have the same sort of happy experiences at teh library that I associate with it. We shall see if next class raspy library lady- I mean Miss Liz- actually asks our kids their names! My guess is probably not.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes there seems to be no reason.

I was going to go into detail about a friend's battle with cancer, but sometimes less is more.
I am so sad. I feel helpless and heartbroken.
How can someone who is such a good person have to deal with a devasting illness and a grim prognosis? My mind can't wrap itself around this news.
So I ask for prayers.
Please pray for K and her family.
Please pray that her pain will lessen as the diet changes and family support work.
Please pray that she will remain strong.
Please pray that she will beat this because she deserves it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Still waiting.

I called the pediatric plastic surgeon this morning to see if they had the results from the dreaded CT scan.
It took me 15 minutes to figure out which number I was suppose to call. I called what I thought was the correct number, but after listening to the voice go over all the options- of which none were the correct one, I got a live person. After explaining who I was, why I was calling and whom I wanted to speak, she gave me another number and hung up. I called that number. At least there was no voice directory. I got a live person immediately. After explaining yet again who I was, why I was calling and whom I wanted to speak I was informed...
the doctor is on vacation...
until next week.
So basically we wait until then.
I have caught myself staring at the bump every so often. Trying to figure out what Mo will look like without it. Trying to imagine what surgery will be like when/if they remove. Finally, I have let my mind wander to the what if it is a barbell type cyst- only a few times. It scared me too much that I won't let myself think about the fact there could be, even if it's only a slim chance, a cyst inside her skull equal in size and shape as the cyst on her forehead.
I refuse to let myself worry about that possibility.
I trust the doctor when he said the chance of such a cyst is slim.
Of course I would have preferred if he said that the chance of such a cyst was non-existent, but what can I do?
So now, we wait.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because my kid is too cute,

I had to share.

Mo happy

Get this damn hat off of me!

Checking out her Bitty Baby from Gran & Grandpops

Whatcha doing in there?

Thanks again Ashley for the beautiful pics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Story of the Tastykake

When I was little, my dad worked nights for Conrail.
Yes there was a time where I thought my father was an engineer. Not the type that designs things, the type that sits in the front of a train and gets to pull the whistle and wear this hat. But no, that wasn't his job. He was "Network Control", whatever that means.
Anyway, as usual, I'm off the topic.
So my dad would work 11 pm to 7 am. On our birthdays he developed his own tradition. I know some families have pancakes or french toast or eggs for breakfast. I bet a few of those out there reading this would have their mother (or father) make them their favorite breakfast for their birthday. That was not the case in our home. On his way home from work, my dad would stop at Wawa and pick up our favorite Tastykake. We then would sit at our dining room table, place a candle or two into the dessert, and sing happy birthday. Then it was off to school or to play for the day.
Each one of us had our favorite. I loved the peanut butter Kandy Kake. Unfortunately, they were often too hard and the chocolate would crack. On occasion, the candle would fall out. My brother was a fan of the krimpets, I think or was it the cupcakes. My dad and my mom really didn't care too much. My sister, however, was another story. The only Tastykake she would eat were the jelly krimpets. No cupcakes, no butterscotch icing, and no peanut butter.
As we got older, my dad left Conrail and so went his night hours. He still would get us the Tastykake for our birthday. I think sometime when I was in college, that tradition stopped with me. I'm assuming it stopped with the other members of my family too. That is, until this past January.
My dad turned sixty on January 20. I was racking my brain with some gift for him. My mom, brother, sister and I talked about throwing him a surprise party. Money was tight and so that option was put on hold until 65 or his retirement. (Whichever comes first!). I thought about getting him tickets to a Phillies game or something else related to his beloved team, but that to me wasn't too original. And then, it dawned on me as I was walking through the grocery store and saw a display.
Tastykakes would be the perfect gift! At first I was going to mail 60 actual packs of Tastykakes (Not boxes, packs). After some thought and discussion with Bryan over how ridiculously much 60 packs (that would 120 cupcakes/krimpets/kandykakes) would be. I decided to do five boxes of cupcakes.
Follow my math: Five boxes of cupcakes = 60 cupcakes
1 box = 6 packs of cupcakes, 1 pack = 2 cupcakes
I boxed up the boxes of tastykakes, with 60 candles and a little card explaining the gift.
I told my mom to have my dad open the box in the morning. Unfortunately, he didn't get the box until close to noon, but he loved the idea behind it. He was a little pissed that I spent $7.00 to ship them. But hey, it was worth it!
For Moira's first birthday, I made a point of getting her her birthday Tastykake. I ended up settling on Butterscotch krimpets.
She seemed to enjoy them!

Taking the candle out before she dives in.

So yummy she can't keep her eyes open!

Krimpet is TRASHED!

I hope to keep this tradition up with my own family now. So, if you see me at Wawa on April 1, February 18, or September 2, you know to point me in the direction of the Tastykake display.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Party, Party, Party!!

Mo's party hat which I made and she refused to wear!

Amidst the rain and windy weather yesterday, we celebrated Mo's first birthday! Of course, the weather did not cooperate as we had 21 adults, 2 toddlers and a dog in our townhouse. Yes, there was a very well behaved dog - Dolly who belongs to our dear friends Steve & Lynsay who came to celebrate with all the two legged guests.
Things were a little tight, but the food was yummy, the cupcakes- enormous, and the liquour as always flowing.
The party did start off on a little bit of a sour note. As Bryan and my friend Ashley's husband Chris went to get the food from one of our favorite resturants. If you know us in real life, you know that we LOVE good food! As I have mentioned before, I could never stomach paying full price for clothes or shoes or a purse, but dropping a hundred (or on occasion a few hundred) dollars on a meal is something we enjoy doing. So instead of slaving away in the kitchen, Bry and I decided to have the dinner catered.
Back to the story, Bry & Chris headed to the resturant as I sat here with Mo and welcomed our guests. They left a few minutes before 3, with the food due to be picked up at 3. I really thought nothing as 3:15 came and went and no Bry & Chris. Then it became 3:30, no food or guys. By 3:40 all of the guests were crammed into our tight living room and we waited. Finally a little after 3:45 they come in, barreling through to the kitchen.
Two problems:
1, the BLT pasta (bacon, lettuce, & tomato pasta) is usually made with spinach. Unfortunately my sister is HIGHLY ALLERGIC to spinach so we asked for some other green. The cook had written it down, but apparently forgot. So while Mo & I entertained our guests, Bry & Chris were sitting at the bar in the resturant drinking a great house drink waiting for the chef to re-do the pasta. That's what took so long.
Problem 2 - We had ordered clams casino. YUMMY! However in transit from car to kitchen, Bry spilled the clam juice all over himself. I'm talking down the sweater, and polo and kahki shorts and undershirt. As he went upstairs to shower, all our guests ate! I don't think anyone realized he was gone as everyone seemed to be face down on their plates.
That was our only issue the whole day- weather and clam juice! Not too bad right?
Here's a quick recap of the events:
Everyone enjoyed lunch and liquor.
Mo and Aiden entertained everyone as they ran around and shaked maracas.
Mo was actually demure with the cupcake. I thought she would trash it, but actually most of the cupcake stayed in tact. She ate a little icing and then just stared at it.
Everyone enjoyed my GINORMOUS cupcakes*.
Moira opened her gifts as Aiden helped.
Our friends and family were way too generous. Moira got some adorable outfits, her first American Girl Doll- the Bitty Baby from my parents, a Hybrid Anywhere Chair from my sister, a ball pit from Lynsay, Steve, & Dolly, a giant life size stuffed Golden Retriever from my mother-in-law, and an adorable book from Ashley, Chris, & Aiden. She made a book through Kodak Gallery of Mo's first year. It is a hardback book and has so many beautiful pictures of Moira throughout this first year. It truly is something we will treasure forever.
As my sister always says, Ashley always comes up with the most creative gifts. For my baby shower, she bought me something for each month/holiday of the year. Needless to say, I plan on stealing this idea for a few other friends/family members. For Moira's birth she had a photo she took of Mo in the hospital turned into a pencil sketch and had it framed. For Mo's baptism she bought Mo stock in Tiffany and had the slip framed.
Overall we had a wonderful day! We are so lucky to have such kind and thoughtful friends and family! We missed Uncle Casey, Uncle Bill, & a few others and hope that they can share the fun for Mo's next birthday!

This picture was technically not from the party. It was from Mo's first birthday photo shoot!

Mo & I before the party got too crazy!

*I must explain this one. I enjoy baking and so I thought I'd bake and decorate cupcakes for the party. Since places like Crumbs and Sprinkles are making jumbo cupcakes the fad, I thought to myself "Self, I can do that! How hard could it be? I went to Michael's and bought Wilton giant cupcake pans and the papers too. I had a yellow box cake mix and I was planning on making Martha Stewart's one bowl chocolate cupcake mix and her easy buttercream icing. (Unfortunately the recipe can only be found in her magazine, however she does have great recipes for other flavors!) I assumed that one cake mix would make 12 cupcakes, since the mix usually yields 24 regular cupcakes. I figured that 12 would be a reasonable estimate.
These cupcake pans are deep.
Really deep.
How deep you ask?
Deep enough that with the box of yellow cake mix I could make SIX, that's not a typo, only 6 cupcakes with the box. GULP!
Luckily I had an extra cake mix and so we had some unplanned, but yummy rainbow chip cupcakes too! I will add pics of these ginormous cupcakes once someone sends me a picture.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Real Confessions of Notwifezilla- It's about time!

As I was driving to my parents' house today, I was thinking about this blog. I was thinking how the title is "confessions of notwifezilla" and really, I haven't confessed anything. I have basically given more of a play by play of events that have occurred in certain situations or uploaded pictures and labeled them.
Have I really confessed anything?
Well, with that, I thought what could I confess? What secrets have I withheld? What do I need to share?
I came up with the idea to make a list.
I am a list person. I have little pads of paper left over from Bry's old job and on these pads I create lists. Lists of groceries, people who need thank you cards, addresses, lists of photos to order, etc. etc.
A list is really me.
I was going to go with the great "Good things about being a mom" but then I figured I might as well go both ways. The good and then bad things people don't tell you about being a mom.
So here it goes. Let me know what you think.
1. Labor and delivery are nothing like the movies. Whatever you think you'd want to happen, it won't come close.
2. Having a c-section actually has some perks. Good drugs, less bleeding post-partum, and your kid doesn't have a cone shaped head.
3. Recovery from a c-section is different for everyone. For me, it wasn't too bad thanks to the Oxycontin and walking. I did learn not to mix Oxycontin and orange juice on a empty stomach.
4. People will have an opinion on every little thing you do/want to do/ don't want to do, usually with conversation beginning "if I was you I'd...", or "I'm not telling you what to do but...".
5. In response to number 4, it's easier just to nod and then do whatever you want anyway.
6. Most of those things you say you'll never do with a newborn, you end up doing anyway. After saying I didn't want Moira to have a pacifier, I caved within 48 hours after she used my nipple as one. I also think I would have co-slept more if Bry wasn't terrified that he would roll over and crush her in his sleep.
7. For me at least, breastfeeding was easier in my mind then the upkeep of bottles. I also didn't pump so basically Bry got a free ride the first year. I intend to make him work it off the rest of Mo's life.
8. The first three weeks or so, I honestly believed Mo would be an only child. Every time I saw a family on t.v. with more then one child, I wondered how these people did it. Don't get me started on the Duggars!
9. I was jealous the first few weeks Bryan went back to work and I was here. I was incredibly lonely and sick of being covered in spit-up. Now, I'm glad I don't have to dress up and be out the door.
10. There are some moms who claim they enjoy the first six weeks of their newborns life. I think these women are full of crap. The first six weeks sucks! If someone told me I could be pregnant for 12 months and then have a 3 month old baby, I would jump all over that proposition.
11. Hormones are a bitch. God bless my husband and family for putting up with me those first 3 months.
12. Mo is a year old and I let her watch television... a lot of television. The tv is always on here. I consider Bry and I to be smart and successful people and at first I felt guilty for keeping the tv on, but then I realized other moms were doing it too. Mo loves Jack's Big Music Show, Blue's Clues, Sesame Street, Little Bill, and Jeopardy. That is not a typo- Mo loves her some Alex Trebeck!
13. Meeting other moms is totally like the first day of high school in the cafeteria at lunch time. Walking into a new class or group, I usually feel that sick to my stomach feeling. I seriously practice my introduction in my head on the way in.
14. Not everyone agrees with my idea of motherhood and that's fine. I have friends that co-sleep, bottle feed, have children without bedtimes, and don't let their children watch television. I've learned to keep my (big) mouth shut unless they ask for advice.
15. I'm new at this mom thing. I figure by kid 4-5 I should be good.
16. Just kidding about 4 or 5 kids.
17. When things are really rough here I remember that fifteen year old girls are having babies and raising them, therefore I, a 30 year old with a Master's degree in education living in suburbia, can handle Mo.
18. Mo really is as awesome as I describe her.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing In the Puddles

We were suppose to head to my sister's house today. Unfortunately Bry's car wouldn't make it past 20 mphs, so we were stuck at home. Since I have such a wonderful family, my mom and brother as well as my sister came to us! They drove through the rain and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together in our cramped townhouse.
Once the rain subsided and my brother and mom were getting ready to go, my brother decided to take Moira outside. Of course, I thought nothing of it. I figured he just wanted to play with her a bit on the walkway.
I didn't realize she was barefoot.
I also didn't realize he was teaching her how to jump in the puddles,
in barefeet,
in our parking lot!

Uncle Joe-Joe teaching Mo how to jump in the puddles.

Mommy ruining the fun!

I guess you can tell my brother has no children of his own.

The Reason Behind the Gift

As you can see below (hopefully) is a slideshow. For Moira's birthday I decided to do something special. I figured how many toys or dresses does she really need? I used a great site called Scrapblog, which saved me a decent amount of money on paper, and other scrapbooking accessories. At first I was going to make a scrapbook, then it morphed into a month by month book, and then, somehow it became an alphabet book. Moira is obsessed with Chicka Chicka ABC right now, and so I hope that an alphabet book about her and for her will be right up her ally.
I just ordered the hard copy today, so hopefully it turns out okay.

Moira's Birthday Gift

Let's see if this works. Apparently the other window just kept "reloading"!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sigh of relief.

I don't know how else to explain it.
I can breathe a little easier now as Moira's CT scan is over. As I wrote about in my entry The Birthmark and the Bump Moira has what the plastic surgeon believes to be a dermoid cyst on her upper right forehead. We had an appointment at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP)this past Friday morning for a CT scan.
When we first met with the plastic surgeon, he mentioned a CT scan and casually mentioned that Moira would be sedated for the scan. He explained how it would be a low dose of medication and basically she would be in a light sleep, mainly because she could not lie still without it. From that appointment until this past Wednesday, I have been silently freaking out inside about the potential of Mo being sedated.
I know people, even children, are sedated day in and day out, for scans, and surgeries and all different medical procedures with little to no fanfare. I know in the logical part of my brain that this is true.
But in mommy brain, I was freaking out. What if she had a reaction? How would she handle the meds? What would she be like after? Would we lose a day or a couple of days as she rebounded from the after-effects? How would I handle her going under?
All that worry was for naught. My first glimpse of a different option came on Wednesday when a nurse called and let me know they could try doing the scan WITHOUT sedating her. Of course, my heart lifted as she mentioned the words without sedation. The problem, however, would be that she would need to be sleeping for them to preform the CT scan.
Yeah, that might happen! My kid who is literally running from sun up to sun down, would be able to sleep through a CT scan. HAH!
On Friday morning, just as I jumped out of the shower and was about to bathe Moira, the phone rang. It was a nurse, Ryan, (yes, a male nurse) who was in charge of the CT scheduling. He again reminded me that they could try to do the scan without sedation if she was asleep. His advice- keep her awake. Sit in the back of the car for the hour and 15 min. trip and keep her awake.
We got to CHoP and spent a little over an hour and a half in the waiting room. Mo was a champ! She played and talked to other kids. We only ran into one hurdle. When Bry was checking in, we found out that the plastic surgeon's office did not send in the script. After a delay of about a half-hour, we were called in and right around 11she started to get a little antsy. We went into the prep room, met (the male nurse) Ryan, and waited for our turn. As I held Mo in my arms she started her "sleepy song". When she's tired she actually sings to herself to sleep. It's more of a hum, but it seems to be our indicator that she is on her way to dreamland. So she started humming and before Bry could remove his sweater, she was out!!! Ryan happened to walk by just as she nodded off and upon seeing that, he decided to get us into the CT scan STAT!
He took a blanket and I passed off my sleeping baby to him. We walked to the CT scan room, all the while I'm praying and hoping and wishing that she stays asleep. As they brought up a gurney from the ER for another child needing a CT scan, Ryan explained he was going in the lab to sit and we'd be next.
I continued to pray- stay asleep. STAY ASLEEP!
We were up. Bry and I put on the protecting aprons as Ryan successfully got Moira onto the examining table.
She didn't move or make a sound, even as they strapped her onto the table.
The other nurse explained that it would take about 10 minutes and off the went. Bry and I looked at each other and we both thought the same thing.
She'd be up in a minute.
We were wrong, as we watched the seconds tick on the clock, she slept. She slept through the entire 20 minutes she was on the table. Just as they undid the Velcro her eyes shot open and she looked menacely at the nurse. When she saw me she gave me a great big smile and I sighed a big sigh of relief.
She did the scan without sedation! I basically skipped out of there. Mo was famished and ate nearly an entire banana before we made it out of the parking lot.
The scan is over. I can breathe easy.
Now we have to wait for the results.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

As I wrote yesterday, it was Moira's first birthday and it was memorable, but not in the warm fuzzy way. More in the craptastic, I hope never to repeat it, kind of day. I expected her first birthday to be different, but what can we do?
Today we had an appointment with the pediatrician. Yesterday between her morning nap and her 3 1/2 hour nap ON me, I noticed she had what looked like a pimple on her lip. I then tried to forcefed her yogurt. Currently, she is on day 5 of her amoxicillan prescription for her first ear infection. The pediatrician recommended we give her a daily yogurt for the acidopholus and to prevent yeast infections. (Yummy, I know). So, I'm in the kitchen, trying every different way I can think of to get my kid to eat the yogurt. I notice something in her mouth. I look closer at her tongue for a second.
Yup, there's something on it.
Something the size of small pea.
I call the pediatrician's office. They have a phone nurse. Basically, you leave a message "with your child's name, birthdate, and phone number and we will get back to you in a moment". I define moment as under 30 minutes. APparently, to them a moment is just under an hour and 35 mins. As I was holding Mo during her 3 1/2 hour nap, almost falling asleep myself, they call back. The nurse "thinks" it might be a fever blister. She tells me some antedote about how you can get them when you kiss, and how her and her husband get them, apparently because they kiss, but neither of her children have ever had one. As I listened to this wacko nurse tell me this story, I tried to imagine who Mo had been kissing.
Then I remembered, she's not a promiscuous teenager whacked with hormones, she's a one year old! She doesn't kiss anyone!!! Her defintion of kiss is lean in w/open mouth and attempt to suck your cheek.
I diagress, but the fever blister nurse thankfully finishes her story and offers me an appointment today.
9:45 we walk in (okay it was really 9:48, we were 3 mins late!).
9:50 Mo starts playing with the toys
9:51 Mo attempts to untie some other mom's shoe
9:58 Other mom & child go into office
10:04 Mo makes her way to the "healthy kid area" and gets two different compliments are her silver mary janes.
10:10 Have a nice conversation with the two receptionists about pregnancy cravings and cheeseburgers. (I craved cheeseburgers from Outback during my pregnancy!)
10:14 Still sitting, Mo starts to get antsy
10:25 Another sick kid comes in with his mom. Mom hands kid Nintendo DS.
10:26 Mo walks over to 5 yr. old sick kid and attempts to swipe said DS.
10:26:30 I grab my kid and apologize for sick kid with DS and mom.
10:28-10:38 Mo's getting crabby and starts whiny crying.
10:39 FINALLY, they take us in, weigh her 21 lb. 10 oz, and take her temp-no fever
10:41 Nurse Practitioner(NP) comes in w/Student First student checks out her breathing, mouth and ears. NP comes in a does the same. She's basically looking at the bump on her tongue and thinks it might be that Mo bite herself.
10:42 Picture this: I'm sitting in a chair. Mo is on my lap faced forward. I have one arm braced around her body, holding both her arms close to her sides. My other arm is around her head. NP is attempting to use the wooden stick and light to check Mo's throat. My kids starts screaming and spitting. Nice, huh?
10:43 It's not a bite. It's Coxsackie virus! Yum!
No wonder why my baby was so miserable. She has little white blisters on the back of her throat. Since it's a virus, there's nothing short of Motrium that we can do about it.
Considering all that happened with her, she is a much better mood today. Bry & I decided to have a re-do today of her birthday. We never got a chance to sing to her yesterday nor did she eat the Tastykake. We're doing it tonight! Plus, I think I might have to persuade Bry to stop at Rita's and get some water ice for her. I think that cool ice would feel good on her throat.
I do have a few pictures to share from yesterday, taken about 10 minutes after the Motrin kicked in. Her Birthday Mail

Fun in the wagon.
Her wagon and the balloons from Grandmom!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy First Birthday Moira!

Dear Moira,
I had thought your first birthday would be some magical day. I thought you'd wake up at 7:30, like usual with a glimmer in your eye and a huge smile on your face. I thought your dad would get up before the alarm and join us downstairs as we sang to you as you got your ceremonial breakfast tastykake. I also thought after that wholesome breakfast, we'd bring you into the family room and give you your gift- a radio flyer red wagon.
As they say Moira, things don't always go as planned. It's now 10:30 on your birthday and you are napping. Yes, you're napping this early because you decided to wake up just about every hour on the hour last night. Daddy took care of you from midnight until 1:30 and then you slept for about 2 hours. Once 3:30 came along, I was on duty. Just you and me on the couch in the family room, red radio flyer wagon waiting. Those 3 hours on the couch tossing and turning with you were in no way anything I had expected for your birthday. I especially did not expect you to start crying every moment I tried to put you back in the crib, when I thought you were asleep. Yes all 6 times!!
So as you nap, I debate whether to wake you up for Music class. I also have the opportunity to write you this birthday letter. You have been the best surprise of my life. You are the most fascintating creature I have ever met. Every day you amaze me with your personality and actions. I feel so blessed to be your mommy and look forward to many more, hopefully happier birthdays. Your daddy always joked that he wanted a dog, but I know you are the best thing, next to me, that has happened to him too.

The Tastykake is still waiting for you, whenever you do wake-up.