Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing In the Puddles

We were suppose to head to my sister's house today. Unfortunately Bry's car wouldn't make it past 20 mphs, so we were stuck at home. Since I have such a wonderful family, my mom and brother as well as my sister came to us! They drove through the rain and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together in our cramped townhouse.
Once the rain subsided and my brother and mom were getting ready to go, my brother decided to take Moira outside. Of course, I thought nothing of it. I figured he just wanted to play with her a bit on the walkway.
I didn't realize she was barefoot.
I also didn't realize he was teaching her how to jump in the puddles,
in barefeet,
in our parking lot!

Uncle Joe-Joe teaching Mo how to jump in the puddles.

Mommy ruining the fun!

I guess you can tell my brother has no children of his own.

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  1. It's something that men do. Hubs let Kaiden out in the backyard...which is all rocks...with just socks on. That was until I freaked out and now have a "nobody is allowed outside without shoes on" rule.
    Men?! Will they ever "get it?" :)


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