Monday, April 20, 2009

Still waiting.

I called the pediatric plastic surgeon this morning to see if they had the results from the dreaded CT scan.
It took me 15 minutes to figure out which number I was suppose to call. I called what I thought was the correct number, but after listening to the voice go over all the options- of which none were the correct one, I got a live person. After explaining who I was, why I was calling and whom I wanted to speak, she gave me another number and hung up. I called that number. At least there was no voice directory. I got a live person immediately. After explaining yet again who I was, why I was calling and whom I wanted to speak I was informed...
the doctor is on vacation...
until next week.
So basically we wait until then.
I have caught myself staring at the bump every so often. Trying to figure out what Mo will look like without it. Trying to imagine what surgery will be like when/if they remove. Finally, I have let my mind wander to the what if it is a barbell type cyst- only a few times. It scared me too much that I won't let myself think about the fact there could be, even if it's only a slim chance, a cyst inside her skull equal in size and shape as the cyst on her forehead.
I refuse to let myself worry about that possibility.
I trust the doctor when he said the chance of such a cyst is slim.
Of course I would have preferred if he said that the chance of such a cyst was non-existent, but what can I do?
So now, we wait.

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