Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Got Results!

Finally, almost a month since the much dreaded CT scan, we got the results. It appears the cyst is exactly what they thought it was - a benign, dermoid cyst. Not cancerous and not a barbell type that would have meant surgery to her skull. For the back story, here's The Birthmark and the Bump. I believed everything was okay, but as long as the doctor didn't call to let us know, there was that small, slim chance that he was wrong and it was bad. I can let that worry go! She's fine!
I was taken aback though, when, after telling me the good news, the pediatric plastic surgeon's assistant wanted to schedule the outpatient procedure to have it removed. The earliest appointment at the outpatient surgical center was Aug. 13.
After taking a gulp of air, I decided to tell the assistant to wait to schedule Mo. I want to talk it over more with Bry and get an opinion from my sister, the pediatrician, about doing it now versus waiting a little while. I know it has to be removed, as it can get infected, but this time, unlike the CT scan, she must be put under anesthesia and have a tube down her throat. Would it be better to just do it now or wait until she's 2 or 3?
For now, it's time to discuss and research the surgery. It's also time to be thankful that Mo's head is okay.

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