Thursday, April 2, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

As I wrote yesterday, it was Moira's first birthday and it was memorable, but not in the warm fuzzy way. More in the craptastic, I hope never to repeat it, kind of day. I expected her first birthday to be different, but what can we do?
Today we had an appointment with the pediatrician. Yesterday between her morning nap and her 3 1/2 hour nap ON me, I noticed she had what looked like a pimple on her lip. I then tried to forcefed her yogurt. Currently, she is on day 5 of her amoxicillan prescription for her first ear infection. The pediatrician recommended we give her a daily yogurt for the acidopholus and to prevent yeast infections. (Yummy, I know). So, I'm in the kitchen, trying every different way I can think of to get my kid to eat the yogurt. I notice something in her mouth. I look closer at her tongue for a second.
Yup, there's something on it.
Something the size of small pea.
I call the pediatrician's office. They have a phone nurse. Basically, you leave a message "with your child's name, birthdate, and phone number and we will get back to you in a moment". I define moment as under 30 minutes. APparently, to them a moment is just under an hour and 35 mins. As I was holding Mo during her 3 1/2 hour nap, almost falling asleep myself, they call back. The nurse "thinks" it might be a fever blister. She tells me some antedote about how you can get them when you kiss, and how her and her husband get them, apparently because they kiss, but neither of her children have ever had one. As I listened to this wacko nurse tell me this story, I tried to imagine who Mo had been kissing.
Then I remembered, she's not a promiscuous teenager whacked with hormones, she's a one year old! She doesn't kiss anyone!!! Her defintion of kiss is lean in w/open mouth and attempt to suck your cheek.
I diagress, but the fever blister nurse thankfully finishes her story and offers me an appointment today.
9:45 we walk in (okay it was really 9:48, we were 3 mins late!).
9:50 Mo starts playing with the toys
9:51 Mo attempts to untie some other mom's shoe
9:58 Other mom & child go into office
10:04 Mo makes her way to the "healthy kid area" and gets two different compliments are her silver mary janes.
10:10 Have a nice conversation with the two receptionists about pregnancy cravings and cheeseburgers. (I craved cheeseburgers from Outback during my pregnancy!)
10:14 Still sitting, Mo starts to get antsy
10:25 Another sick kid comes in with his mom. Mom hands kid Nintendo DS.
10:26 Mo walks over to 5 yr. old sick kid and attempts to swipe said DS.
10:26:30 I grab my kid and apologize for sick kid with DS and mom.
10:28-10:38 Mo's getting crabby and starts whiny crying.
10:39 FINALLY, they take us in, weigh her 21 lb. 10 oz, and take her temp-no fever
10:41 Nurse Practitioner(NP) comes in w/Student First student checks out her breathing, mouth and ears. NP comes in a does the same. She's basically looking at the bump on her tongue and thinks it might be that Mo bite herself.
10:42 Picture this: I'm sitting in a chair. Mo is on my lap faced forward. I have one arm braced around her body, holding both her arms close to her sides. My other arm is around her head. NP is attempting to use the wooden stick and light to check Mo's throat. My kids starts screaming and spitting. Nice, huh?
10:43 It's not a bite. It's Coxsackie virus! Yum!
No wonder why my baby was so miserable. She has little white blisters on the back of her throat. Since it's a virus, there's nothing short of Motrium that we can do about it.
Considering all that happened with her, she is a much better mood today. Bry & I decided to have a re-do today of her birthday. We never got a chance to sing to her yesterday nor did she eat the Tastykake. We're doing it tonight! Plus, I think I might have to persuade Bry to stop at Rita's and get some water ice for her. I think that cool ice would feel good on her throat.
I do have a few pictures to share from yesterday, taken about 10 minutes after the Motrin kicked in. Her Birthday Mail

Fun in the wagon.
Her wagon and the balloons from Grandmom!

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  1. ick. I hate the doctors many germs for the kiddos to share.
    Glad that you got "fever blister nurse" to get you a real appointment and didn't just go with her diagnosis. Hee hee.
    Oh, and keep up with the probiotics if you can while she is on the antibiotic. There are some over the counter powders for kiddos (Florastor Kids) that you can buy and sprinkle in their drink or on their food.
    Kaiden has had a nasty stomach bug for a couple weeks and we just found out from doing a stool sample that he has some bacteria in his tract because of taking an antibiotic. It's pretty common. So, now we are dealing with trying to clear that up too!


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