Sunday, April 25, 2010


A story in pictures:

Apparently my child has found her inner Freddy Kreuger. This weekend she has been literally CLAWING at her forehead. She has pretty bad dry skin (possibly eczema) and I *think* this may be why she is attacking herself. Take note of the final picture, I have been liberally applying Aquaphor ointment to her forehead and then I finally put a pair of too small socks on her hands to prevent her from any further damage. Her baptism is scheduled for Saturday the eighth, and so I'm hoping for some divine intervention between now and then that she stops scratching and the scrapes go away. While her godmother, Ash, got her an adorable bonnet, I don't want to have to keep pulling it down that day to cover the damage up!

My poor baby!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mo's Birthday jamboree!

Photos by my bestest friend Ashley, music & entertainment by the famous Miss Marcia, and cupcakes by the heavenly Kiahna & Leon of Trendy Sweets.
Happy Birthday Mo!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a Random Lunchtime

Having two kids is hard.

Having two kids under two years apart is really hard.

There I said it!

Most days are a blur at best. Between nursing sessions and cleaning up spit up, (My kids really are spit up machines for the first few months!) to laundry and walks the days seem to fly by. We (Mo, Maeve, & I) still make it to the grocery store once a week and music together twice a week. That is until 5 O'clock, when I start counting down the hours and then minutes until Bry comes home.
I took a minute, though, the other day just to enjoy my girls during lunch. Maeve really loves the bumbo seat, THANK GOD! and so during mealtime she seems content just watching as Mo and I eat.

Every so often I catch myself thinking about whst our lunches will be like in a few months, when Maeve actually eats or even further in the future when there will be the three of us chatting about our day and a huge smile comes onto my face.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A New Easter Tradition

The past two years Easter has been basically just another day. This year however, having a two year old, we needed to celebrate. The Easter bunny stopped by in the morning hiding eggs throughout the living room and dining room. Mo enjoyed it for about two minutes. That was the time it took her to figure out that the plastic eggs could be opened and there was jelly beans inside! I think next year, I'll have to put candy that needs to be unwrapped inside as she was super quick to pop them into her mouth.
After our Easter egg hunt and baths, Oh and feeding Maeve, we headed down to visit my mother in law down the shore. Maeve decided about five minutes into the trip that she wasn't happy and started to cry and then scream. She fell asleep about ten minutes later only to wake up about ten minutes away from our final destination. Mo has become immune to Maeve's crying. Usually she just will stick her thumb in her mouth and either look out the window or listen to her music. Yes, her music- since we started music class Mo's CDs have commandeered our radio.
After filling Maevie up at Grandmom's we headed to the boardwalk!

It was what I hope to be a new tradition, celebrating Easter down the shore. Hopefully we can continue to have weather as nice this Easter every year. Plus, I think it can only get better! Our ride home was hellish at best, remember how I wrote that Maeve cried on and off on the way there? Well, she decided to scream 3/4 of the way home! NICE!
I'm thinking next year, it will be far easier to calm her down when I can toss her a sippy cup and some crackers instead of having to find a place to whip out the boob!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I cannot believe my baby is two! She isn't technically my baby anymore, as Maeve has taken over that seat, but I really wonder, where did these past two years go? There were moments, okay the first few months, that seemed to drag on endlessly, but it seems like once she turned six months the time flew by.
This year we were blessed with beautiful weather and a healthy child.
To celebrate this day we decided to head to the Philadelphia zoo. This was the first time Bry and I took out both the girls for any extended period of time and also the first time we took our new wheels out too. We thought a Thursday would be an off time to visit, but I guess being Holy Thursday and having spectacular weather, we weren't the only one to decide to visit. The zoo was swamped!
Our goal was to get to the zoo before eleven. We weren't that much off, as we pulled into our quasi-space in the parking lot (Bry made his own space since it was so crowded!) at eleven thirty. Mo was so excited and how could I blame her? The zoo is a lot different then how I remembered it from my own childhood. It seems like they have really tried to make each habitat resemble the animals' natural habitat more then the former cages/bars etc... that was the zoo in the eighties.

Somehow, Mo has developed a fascination with alligators. I seriously have no clue where this came from, especially, as my own family can attest, I had a serious fear of reptiles throughout my childhood. My parents would literally drag me into the reptile house at the zoo growing up while my child, cannot get enough of the alligators who go "snap!".
We made it until a little after three when the breakdown occurred. Not too bad, in my humble opinion. She lost it in the aforementioned reptile house near her beloved alligators. We exited through the door with the stairs, carried up the stroller and pushed through the massive crowds that had gathered and made the trek to the car. Within two minutes of her return to the stroller, she was out!
We made it home in time to feed Maeve, yet again. (I managed to find a quasi-secluded spot to nurse her at the zoo.) We also saved her presents for then.
Once I figure out how to upload Mo's photos, I'll be sure to share those. So far, she's taken quite a few pics of her own face and the floor.
Here's my girl
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April 1, 2009

April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lovie girl!