Monday, March 8, 2010

New Wheels

The things one gets excited over when one is expecting another baby seems to vary person to person. I know plenty of people, who eagerly go on shopping sprees when they discover baby two will be the opposite gender, or spend hours perusing the Internet looking for new bedding and accessories for the second one's nursery.
Not me, it wasn't decorating a nursery again- we decided to keep the same gender neutral space, nor was it picking clothes or names. We had the clothes from Mo and the name was picked out for both a girl and a boy not soon after Mo was born. (That conversation went something like "If we ever have another girl, I think Maeve would be perfect to go with Mo. What do you think, Bry?" "Sounds good Jac".
So this pregnancy, I became obsessed with finding the best double stroller out there to meet our needs.
This time around we live in an actual neighborhood with old sidewalks that are buckling and have tree stumps growing around them. I really loved Moira's single stroller. We did spend a pretty penny on it, well not really because we had a bunch of gift certificates to Babies R Us and so we used them to buy it.
It worked wonderfully for us, keeping Mo comfortable during trips to the beach and the mall and the outlets.
This time though, we needed something with more support. I searched high and low. Went on message boards, and checked out sites reading reviews and then I found it....
The Bumbleride Indie Twin!

Finally just last Sunday we were able to take our beauty out for a ride and it's FABULOUS! I'm seriously in love with this new stroller. Besides it's adorable color, it pushes like a dream. I can't wait to push the girls around the zoo, boardwalk, mall, and our neighborhood in it!

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