Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Suit!

Do you need a laugh?
Guess what I found this afternoon when I THOUGHT Mo was napping in her room?
Well she was still there, just completely stark naked!

I had put Mo down for her nap around 1 like usual. Sometimes she likes to sing or talk to herself before she falls asleep, and so I thought that was what was going on today. After about a half hour I heard her crying and yelling "Mom". I went up and found her completely naked standing in the crib saying "I pooped, I pooped".

She had taken ALL her clothes off and tossed them over the side of the crib and then had taken off the dirty diaper and was standing waiting for me, only her in her birthday suit and pigtails!

I guess I should be lucky that she is a little OCD like her daddy, because I have heard horror stories of kids removing their diapers. She kept everything in it's place (so to speak).

I did exhibit restraint on the mommy front. I was so tempted to leave her in the crib for a moment to grab the camera and capture that picture for all of eternity, but I held back. This will, however, make a great story someday, especially when she has a boy over.

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