Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What day is it again???

It's so weird to look at my calendar and think there's really nothing I "HAVE" to do. (Except that paper for grad class, which is "DUE"). Lynsay came over today and brought cheesecake from the cheescake Factory. YUMMY! Adam's cheesecake whatever that is includes peanut butter, and chocolate chips and cheescake and every morsel was delicious. I guess I should start watching what I'm eating more. I guess, I am to an effect, I'm watching the food enter my mouth. Me WATCHING food as I eat it.

I also realized that since my schedule is 100% dedicated to Moira, I have no real reason to know or for that matter, even care which day of the week it is. Having Bryan home this whole week only adds to the confusion. I keep waking up thinking it's Saturday since Bryan is still sleeping, but I'm wrong. Today is Wednesday. The reason I even care to know this is related to television. Today is Wednesday which means 10 O'Clock, BRAVO Top Chef! YES!

Well, I think 6 O'clock is the perfect time for a nap with my baby. Again, how cute is she?

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