Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bye bye Walnut! Hello Comfy couch!

Today was my final day of work....and I'm sad :( Emotionally it's kind of freaky to think and know that it's done. The only thing left is baby. I enjoy the verbal exchanges I have with the kids. I enjoy laughing and lunching with my girls. To know that's done, is kind of depressing. Oh how I love lunches at Rock-N-Joe, even if they are slow and forgot avocado on my sandwich. YUM!

From the body standpoint, I AM FINISHED working! I seriously feel like the kid is sitting on my lap when I'm sitting down. I told Bry last night, when she/he is here, I'm going to place her/him straight across his lower belly (I know that will be tough) and let her/him sit there for a half hour or so. If she/he kicks him, good. Then maybe he'll have some idea of how low this kid feels. I'm also starting to get that great feeling on my pubic bone. All you mommies know what I'm talking about. After talking to so many people, I know this is only the beginning. But, the end is in sight, THE END IS IN SIGHT! Baby will be here under 20 days!

I've already been asked what I'm planning on doing now that I'm on maternity leave so here is the plan:

1- Sit on couch and watch DVR'd shows I haven't seen yet and various daytime t.v. Bring on TLC, BRAVO, and the new Price is Right!

2- Get a much needed pedicure! My toesies so need it right now. Plus I'm not sure if the pedi police check out the hospital

3- Make some returns/ shop a little. We only got a few doubles of outfits. Plus we got so many adorable onesies but no bottoms! Kohl's is having a sale tomorrow and I need to make some returns to Baby Gap...that might be a dangerous place for me :)

4- Sleep! (Enough Said!)

5- Research and write a paper for class. Yeah, I know, I know. I totally cannot procrastinate on this one. I know once the Moose is here, my mind will be elsewhere.

6- Catch up on the internet. I live for all that gossip!

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  1. OMG! Congratulations! I had Lily at 37 weeks so ... I'm not one to bank on going the full 40 weeks ... good luck and tell your hubby I said hi :)


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