Friday, March 7, 2008

The showers continue!

My coworkers are awesome! Really, I work with some of the most generous and nicest individuals on the planet. They surprised me with a baby shower today.(Okay, I'll be honest. I figured it out around 9:30, but I played along at lunch!) Not only was a great majority of the teaching staff present, but also a few retirees made the trek to celebrate with me.

Not only did they get me some much needed gift cards to Babies R Us, but they also got me a gift card for spa finder!!! I can only imagine in a few months how much I am going to need that. Papa Schroeder will be on his own one Saturday so I can relax!

The best part in my humble opinion was the large collection of books. It is a tradition in my school for first time moms to receive a library. Everyone that attended gave a book of their choosing! The Moose now has a huge library, with such great titles as Where the Wild Things are and I will love you forever. To be honest, I am most touched with the gift of books. A few friends wrote dedications or little notes inside the cover. I know as I read these books to my child, I will think of them and their generosity.

Not many people have the opportunity to work in a place and do a job that they truly love. For the past 7 years, I have worked in this building. I have built very solid friendships with so many of my coworkers and parents of former students as well. I come to work almost daily excited to teach and work with my first graders. I find bliss in my job. As my work countdown has dwindled to single digits (9 days), I'm starting to feel sad. I will be leaving this place, these people, this routine for a completely new world. I know as soon as the Moose is born, motherhood and the feelings that go with it will come. I don't want to sound like I'm not excited about pending motherhood, but until baby is here and my mind is filled with different thoughts, when I think of work,my students, my co-workers, and friends, I feel sad.

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