Friday, March 28, 2008

One day later...still pregnant.

Had an appointment today, and it appears that the Moose is enjoying it in there. His/her head is down, but not low. So, I guess he/she is not coming today or tomorrow. He/She will most likely be an April baby anyway.

I have to admit I am not uncomfortable. I have heard horror stories about not being able to sleep, or severe pain or discomfort. Luckily, I am feeling fine! I only wake up to turn over because all the extra weight causes my leg to fall asleep. My belly is nice and round and full of stretch marks, but I'm not in any discomfort....yet! I've decided to stop trying to figure out when he/she is coming! It's no use! I go back to the doc on Thursday (39 wk. 1d).

Bry's grandpop called tonight just to make sure I'm okay and there's no baby yet. My friend, Sam left the most hysterical message this morning as I was in the bathroom, believing I had gone into labor!! People you will know when the Moose is here! We've got the email list together, plus Joanne has her cell phone!!!!

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