Monday, October 11, 2010


Amongst my friends on facebook I came across "Vicky Bell's blog post and was both touched and inspired as I read her words in response to the recent suicides. I know my girls are still babies, but time goes by quickly and before I know it they will be out in that big bad world. What will I say to my daughters? Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Dear Mo & Maeve,
Life is not easy all the time.
There will be moments where you may make a decision that you regret. You will hurt people you love. You will say something you cannot take back. You will do something you know you shouldn't and have regrets over it. You will fear the repercussions of your actions and dread the consequences. You will value the opinions of others over your own and then wonder what motivated you to do so. You will fight with me, your father, and each other. You will make friends and people who you think are friends. People will surprise you and some will let you down.
Life is the sum of all these moments and experiences. It isn't always easy or pretty or happy, but just know it will get better.
There may be a moment where you are uncomfortable talking to me and that is okay. I hope that you have the know with all to find someone to talk. There will be moments where you think you have let me down, and I want you to know, I will always love you. I may disapprove of your actions but nothing you ever do or say will stop me from loving you.
The best things I have in my life are not things at all, the best things are you two. Moira and Maeve I love you with all of my heart and feel so lucky to be your mom.

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