Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Peek into the Future

Bry's cousin Kellie was married yesterday. She was a beautiful bride and every time I saw her new husband he was beaming. The reception gave Bry and I a chance for a night out- kids free.(Thanks Mom!) There's nothing quite like an open bar to make two grown-ups giddy.
Kellie is the oldest of three girls, all fairly close in age. Her two sisters served as her maid and matron of honor, and each took turns toasting the happy couple. As I listened to Jaime & Katy talk about growing up with their older sister, sharing stories of "borrowing" clothes and cars and make up, I got a little teary. Of course I couldn't help but think back to my own wedding day and the toast my sister gave as my maid of honor. Who else but Jeanna would quote Wedding Crashers in a wedding toast? My sister and I have always been close and I still consider her my best friend. When Bry and I were planning our wedding, there was no doubt who would be my maid of honor. It would be my little sister, of course!
I then thought of my own two girls. I know, they're both still in diapers and we should probably get Maeve off the boob, talking, and both through school before we worry about weddings, but for a moment as I watched the three sisters, I got a little emotional. I was thinking about the likelihood that in the future this scene will be ours.
I hope that someday I can be sitting at the table with the glass of champagne in my hand listening to Mo toast Maeve and her future spouse and vice versa. What stories will they tell? Will there be a tear in their eye as they see their sister off to wedded bliss? What will I be wearing? (Really, I wonder?)
There's something special about the relationship sisters have. It's like nothing in the world and I am so grateful for my own sister and that my girls have each other. Not only will they each others closets to share, but they will each other as playmates, companions, confidants, rivals, and allies. Mo and Maeve will be able to complain to each other about their parents and friends and school. They'll fight and if they're anything like Jeanna and I, make each other cry, but in the end, they'll hopefully consider each other their closest friend. I hope that when it's Mo or Maeve's big day, they'll be like me and think of no other person then their sister to stand beside them.

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. ~Margaret Mead

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