Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snip, Snip, Snip!

I have been dragging my feet over cutting, well really trimming, Mo's hair. I was terrified that we would lose her curl if we cut off her ends. Today was the day! My mom was here with me and so I finally sucked it up and took her to the Kids Cuts salon.
When I brought up cutting her hair this morning, Mo yelled "NOOOO!" and then her response changed to "Ah, maybe tomorrow?". Instead of telling her, I decided to use the subtle art of distraction.
Me: Mo, do you want to go to Chick Fil A?
Mo: I love Chick! Grammie, get your coat, we're going to Chick Fil A!
We get in the car and Mo asks "Grammie, Do you like Chick?" They have a nice conversation about Chick while we drive to the salon. We pull into the parking lot and my mom says "Mo, Time to get your haircut!"
We both anticipate her screaming or yelling NO! Instead, she's says: "Yeah! I get haircut!"
She was awesome and in no more then ten minutes it was over!

The Final Product!

When we were finished, we did head to Chick Fil A for lunch!

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