Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taken for Granted Sometimes is a Good Thing

My favorite thing about being a mom is that my daughter takes me for granted.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, someone had posted on the message board I frequent a question asking for the best thing about being a stay at home mom. Someone responded in the way above and it resonated so true for me.

Mo has just started to develop an attachment to Bry. When he's working she often asks when he is coming home and often says "I sad. I miss my dad." She will tell anyone who asks that "Daddy works" and often in the morning she tells him, "Dad, get a shower. You go to work." She stops whatever she is doing the moment he walks in the door to welcome him home. Often yelling before the keys have even been removed from the lock, "Hi Dad! I miss you".
I have never gotten that from her.
To Mo, I am her constant. I don't leave in the morning. I don't even know if Mo thinks I shower? I'm usually the first face she sees when she wakes up and the last voice she hears before nap time. I'm always around. I provide the routine and structure. I give out most of the rewards and conversely, most of the punishments. When she needs a hug, or band aid or cup of juice, it's mommy she finds.
It's me at music class or the library or the grocery store pushing the huge ass shopping cart with the car in the front. It's me who can understand "Mo-ese" and translate to whomever she is speaking. It's me who changes yet another dirty diaper, or spilled sippy of milk or grass stained jean. When we go to the park, it's "Mommy" that Mo calls out and my eyes she looks to meet.
By taking me for granted, I know Mo feels safe and secure. She has her own little world where I am always available for her and only her, (okay, she has to share me with her sister.) Right now, this is my role in our family. I'm the one who stays home and is with the kids all the time.
She expects me to always be around. I guess you could say, she takes me for granted.
Do you know what?
That's okay with me.


  1. It's like they say, it's all about perspective. :-)

  2. I needed this today! This whole week has been hard as I'm dealing with all of the whining and Daddy gets all the fun when he comes home. You made me think about it differently, thanks!


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