Thursday, November 18, 2010

Story Time

I don't remember if it was Bryan or I that started making up stories for Mo before she goes to sleep, but now it has become a ritual. The teacher in me is saying "Self- you know how important it is to read books aloud to your child. Phonemic awareness can begin this early!" The mom in me squashes that voice when I hear Mo say "Pretil Please! Pretil Please! Story?"
Just like any kid (or adult for that matter) Mo is egocentric. She thinks the world revolves around her and so she loves her bedtime stories because she is the main character. I have found myself telling her stories about playing soccer with the kids in the neighborhood. She really likes that one, especially as she scores the GOOOOOAAALLLL at the end! There have been stories about finding one blue flower after walking in the forest with Maeve for days and days and days. I have made hot air balloons land in our backyard and then fly off taking the whole family to the Phillies game, and have made Mo fly down to see Mickey Mouse in Disneyworld by herself and return home the same day in time for dinner. Mo sometimes will stop me and say "No, no, no Mom. I want a soccer story today." or she'll say "I think a Princess one." I keep hoping that these stories are sending her off to a happy and blissful slumber.
I also am now able to threaten losing "the story" if she doesn't go for her nap or starts misbehaving. I have taken it away once..kind of, when she refused to lay down for her nap. As I closed the door immediately I heard sobs of "No mommy. I sorry. I want my story please! I sorry. I sorry. I sorry." broke my heart. I did go back in and she apologized immediately. Now the act of me walking to the door during those nap time feuds is enough motivation. She loves these stories enough to climb into bed when "I not tired mom" just to listen to them.
Two has been a difficult year. She refuses to use the potty and sometimes her temper tantrums leave me wondering if I should laugh or cry. These bedtime moments, however are completely the best parenting moments I have had thus far. Watching her face as I make up the details and the smile when I say "And they lived happily ever after, the end!"
Who would have thought that the moments before nap time and bedtime could be so magical?

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