Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving Poem

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving,
And while many braved stores.
Bry, Jackie, and Mo did not,
And in their beds they did snore.
A day spent with cooking, and cleaning,
and a kid up late,
Left the whole family exhausted
And Mo sleeping past eight.

Thanksgiving was fantastic,
We shared with family a feast,
Of stuffing, potatoes, corn,
and an organic roasted beast.
Bry chopped, and diced and worked hard,
And his menu was grand.
I roasted some sweet potatoes,
And on the day of, lent my hand.
Our new table was set
For fourteen, can you believe it?
Everyone had room at the table,
We made it, we fit!
We were thankful for family,
The young and the old.
For the food on the table,
and the vodka- kept cold!
Everyone seemed happy,
They liked the food.
Mo sat and amused them,
And stayed in a good mood.

It's easy to complain,
When things don't go your way,
But I'm so glad we have the respite
Each year of Thanksgiving Day.
It's a time where we truly can think,
About all we treasure.
How we made it another year,
Survived all we've weathered.

I am lucky this year,
So much to be thankful for.
A husband that cooks, works hard,
and I adore.
A daughter who is happy,
and healthy, and crazy.
That keeps me on my toes,
I can never be lazy!
For my family and friends,
Who have helped in so many ways,
From emails, and phone calls,
To babysitting on crazy days.
For this new baby
Due in less then nine weeks,
Stay in there and get healthy,
Though I can't wait to take a peek.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you,
Whomever you are,
May your days be surrounded
With love near or far.

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  1. omg too much!
    love and miss you guys
    hope to see you soon


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