Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music to my Ears!

Since I'm staying home with Mo, it's important we have something that resembles a schedule. I need a reason to get out of the house every day, and more importantly, she needs to get out of the house everyday and interact with more people then just Bry and I.
We visit our local library on Mondays for story hour. Okay, it's more like story 20 minutes, but there are usually three or four other kids around her age and I just like the idea of frequenting our local library to get her exposed to all the books. I think she likes to go mainly to say "hi" to the bust of Abraham Lincoln in the Children's section.
Tuesday is usually shopping day! Having a new house, there's always a trip that needs to be made to Home Depot or Lowes or Target, and Tuesdays seem to be the perfect day for that.
Wednesdays and Thursdays are music days. I may have mentioned before that we attend Kids Music Round class and our teacher, Ms. Marcia extended unlimited class attendance policy this session. On Wednesdays we get to sing and dance at the Pop Shop, while Thursday Mo and I get our groove on at temple.
Fridays have been play dates or just chill days.
Today, being a Wednesday, meant that we were due to attend music at the Pop Shop. As usual we were running a little late. Library and Music at the temple both are at 10:30, while music at the Pop Shop runs a half hour earlier. You would think that half hour would not make too much of a difference, but really it does!! Bryan does not leave until 9:30 every morning, so on Wednesdays we kind of butt into his morning routine and if you know Bry, he is not a guy you want to mess with in the morning, let alone rush. It's always a race out the door with my hair in a ponytail and Mo's shoes barely velcroed.
Today, as usual we were delayed as Bry was moving a bit slower then usual. Lucky for us there was a space open close to the entrance. We walked in to find....
no other kids, just the co-teacher Ms. Jen & her own two daughters.
We were about 5 minutes late, and the only people there.
We chatted for a bit, and then guess what?
No one else showed up!
Usually there are between 5-8 kids and their parents/nannies/grandparents who attend this class, but today it was just Mo, myself, the teacher and her two school-aged daughters.
I found it to be a little weird, frankly at the beginning. Imagine singing a welcome song to only one kid, but after a few minutes class basically went on as usual. The two girls were really good with Mo, singing along, and trying to get her to do it too. At this age, sometimes she will, but most of the time she stares from person to person with her thumb in her mouth and her brow furrowed. She did warm up quicker then usual and I know Mo loved all the attention. I think her favorite part may have been the fact she had ALL the instruments during play time to her self. She was banging the drums and shaking the maracas like I've never seen her before.
In the end, while I won't say weekly private music lessons are appropriate for a nineteen month old, one day of it was actually kind of fun!

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