Monday, November 16, 2009

29 wks. 4 days

I had an appointment this morning with the MFM- Maternal Fetal Medicine- doctor to assess my pregnancy thus far and more excitingly, to get another ultrasound of the kid.
Things are looking good! He/she appears to be following the footsteps of his/her older sister. Already weighing in close to 4 lbs, baby is kicking up a storm and based on the measurements, growing about a week ahead of schedule.
As I was walking out I had to schedule a final appointment for 7 weeks. As I flipped my planner to January I almost lost my breath! Besides the date reading 2010, I looked again to January 28 which I had circled and realized how close we are to that day. The holidays are just around the corner, first we're tackling Thanksgiving, then St. Nicholas day (I want Mo to put out her shoes this year!), Christmas, then New Years then....BABY!!
I'd share the ultrasound pic, but honestly he/she wasn't cooperating too much today. His/her hand spent most of the time covering his/her face. I guess he or she is already over the attention!

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