Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Pics Say It All!

I know I am officially an adult when the following things make me happy:

1. New Heater and Hot Water Heater
The great state of New Jersey is taking part in this energy star program where basically if you can show that your energy costs can be lessened by 25% by upgrading your old home, the government will cover 50% of the costs. In essence, we are getting a shitload of work done to our (old, dated, energy sucking monster of a) house for half-price, and better yet, if you qualify you can get it financed for a sweet 0% over 10 years. With that being said rather poorly, we've used an approved HVAC/Energy company to get a new hot water heater/gas heater. It's AWESOME to have heat, since the recent chill that spilled over NJ caused us to discover a few leaky radiators and one geyser of a radiator which prevented us from using the tad bit of oil we had left in the tank.
Check out the before and after pics:
Before: The Monster Boiler and Hot water heater that took up a quarter of the basement, not to mention the oil tank that took up another fifth.

After: Our gas boiler/hot water is so small and petite and weighs less then me!

2. Sheer Pleasure
We have finally found window sheers for our living room. I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but this was a royal pain in the ass to accomplish.
I used my points from our once paid off and now not so much credit card to get gift cards for Potterybarn. Hell, Bry and I figured our plan is to be in the this house forever, so we might as well get good window treatments. Since I had never redeemed points before, we were able to get $450 worth of gift cards.
Before being a home owner, I never realized how expensive window coverings and hardware can be, plus those stores get you because they don't sell the curtains in pairs, so you're stuck buying four panels! GENIUSES!
Anyway, I bought adorable green polka dot curtains from Potterybarn Kids for the nursery. Just putting those curtains up has made the room so cozy! I plan to post pics once we get things hung up on the walls. I then used the remaining gift cards to purchase silk shantung curtains for our master bedroom, and 6 panels of sheers for the living room at the Potterybarn store.
Let's just say our living room windows are NOT common size so to find the appropriate size curtains it took me three separate trips to the store, two returns, one Internet order, and then a trip to a seamstress to cut off close to 12 inches. In the end, the windows are now dressed and the people on the street can't just look into our window.

Eventually we plan to get fabric drapes to frame the windows, but on the list of things to do that's pretty low down there.

3. Grass!
I posted a few weeks ago about the royal pain in the ass our yard has been and how Bry has been the ever warrior sacrificing his weekends to kill, cut, rake, and remove the evil that is ivy. He then spent another week-end shoveling dirt, spreading grass seed, and pounding it all down, only to have the first frost of the season come in October, of course the weekend after he finished it. Bry was seriously downtrodden. He had spent SO MUCH TIME and ENERGY on the yard, and for the frost to come, he thought it was for nothing.
Well, guess who's laughing now!

Sure, they're only sprouts and you can still see the dirt, BUT there is grass growing and from afar, it looks green.

4.Mo's Nap
I had to include these pics. I thought she was asleep, and then I heard some noise and this is what I found. I should mention, she was in her crib for about 45 minutes when I found her. Yet again, she figured out how to remove her pants!

What a week!

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