Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MANual Labor!

Weekends have been non-existent in our house recently. Bry has been tackling our forest...I mean yard the past few weekends from sun-up until sun-down. I cannot believe how much he has done by himself. Being in my current state, nearly 25 weeks pregnant, I have not be able to do more then nod in agreement and bring out the occasional iced tea. He has shoveled and raked and stomped after ripping and digging and cutting the much despised ivy. While working through the ivy on the side of the house he has found the following items: 12 pieces of slate similar to the pieces used for our back patio, three empty caulking containers, a soccer ball, a deflated purple kickball, a bird house made by the former owners daughter in Girl Scouts in 2002, and a size 6 black lace up shoe. Seriously, one black shoe!
It has been an amazing transformation and I really hope and pray that after spending all that time on the front yard the 10 bags of grass seed and 9 cubic yards of dirt yield us a bed of lush green grass come spring!
Mo helping Daddy "rake" the front porch.

Actual action photo of Bryan raking the mound of dirt over the seed.

The side of the house, site of the bulk of ivy-hell!

One side of the front yard

Other side of the front yard

The House now free of ivy! Besides successfully destroying the much hated and despised ivy, Bryan tore out all the overgrown bushes and added red mulch to the front flowerbeds. In the spring we plan to add smaller bushes and some actual flowers. Now the porch is much more visible and one can actually sit on the porch and see without bushes obstructing the view.
Way to go Bry!
He's done with the manual labor....for now at least. I haven't posted pics of the backyard yet for a reason.
That's his job in the spring.
Rest up Bry!

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