Thursday, October 29, 2009


From the moment Moira was born, she has adored my father. I know the feeling is mutual because the moment he first saw her, I know he fell in love too.
They love being together. He is teaching her all about his favorite things: The Phillies, baseball, The Eagles, and loves to teach her new tricks- how to throw acorns, run with her arms moving, and answer the question "How old are you?" by raising one finger. Meanwvile, her smile seems to extend ear to ear whenever he is around and if heaven forbid, my mom comes alone, she looks longingly out the front door for Pop, which has become her most recent new word.
Yesterday my dad came over to babysit for the night. Before we left, I asked him a favor. For as long as I can remember my dad has taken great pleasure in carving pumpkins for Halloween. When in Halloween mode, it becomes serious business. He has all his tools lined up- paper towel, different size spoons, knives, garbage bag, newspaper, cup of water all ready to go. I asked my dad to carve Mo's pumpkin. After approximately 45 minutes and with the aid of my little lady, he finished his masterpiece.

We still have two pumpkins left to be carved- mine & Bry's, but seriously after the art my dad created, they may just stay pumpkins.

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