Saturday, October 17, 2009


Do you hear that?
Of course you don't, because there's nothing there. (or it could be because you aren't in my house right now!)
I am home alone and loving it!
For my birthday Bryan asked what I wanted, and like every suburban mommy out there I asked for a spa day.
Today was that day! One hour prenatal massage, one hour facial, and one hour pedicure- HEAVEN! My face and feet are beau-teee-fulll and I have no place to go, but honestly would I want to go anywhere right now? The weather in the northeast is horrible. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that fall comes before winter. It's freezing and raining here.
Since Bry had Mo all day he decided to go visit his parents down the shore and so as of now, it's just me and the laptop enjoying the last minutes of peace and quiet before my two crazies come home.
I am smart though. Initially, Bry got a gift certificate to this spa with enough money for me to get the above services and a haircut. My sister gave me a gift certificate for a haircut at her friend, Joey's salon - Rinse in Philly. Being the ever resourceful person, I booked the massage, facial, and pedicure and then booked the haircut using the gift certificate from my sister. By doing that I still have a balance left on my gift card for the spa!
Hmmm....what should I use it for?
Ta-Dah! We've got a winner!
I'm thinking right before the holidays I'm going to be ridiculously big and round and dying for another massage. Luckily I'll have the gift certificate for that!

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